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I threw a Superb Owl party on Sunday and it was awesome. I had a packed house (seriously, there were like 25 people in my house eep) the game was good, there was sooooo much food and all of it was great, and it was just... yeah. It was just a damn good party, and I feel damned accomplished that everyone had such a good time. Of course all of yesterday and a bit of today I've had party drop, which has only partially been fixed by eagerly planning the next one (Storytime II!) or at least just setting the date for it.

Noodling around before the party I found a terrifying clip art drawing of a seriously jacked to the point of severe disproportion football player with an owl head and had people color it during the party. We chose a winner to give a copy of A Gronking to Remember* to at the end of the party, but they were all pretty great/hilarious:

Not too much else going on, really. We got a foot of snow dumped on us over the course of yesterday, so everything in the region shut down and I got to stay home and work. It amuses me to no end to work from home dressed in a Totoro kigurumi, let me tell you. I am clearly casting about for some kind of creative project as lately I've been drawing up schematics for handmade notebooks, being pestered by characters from a long shelved webcomic idea, being pestered by other characters in several stories relegated to other corners of my brain, thinking rather wistfully about the furniture building plan I was working on this time last year, drooling over 3D printers and their doll stuff/craft accessory potential, and feeling reasonably guilty for not working on Sqwrrl or beadwork or something. I am still minecrafting but I'm in the middle of two large builds right now and I've hit the wall on both of them. Argh. So really I just need to pick a direction and focus on it, but I don't know which direction to pick. Its all very frustrating.

On top of that I'm in jangly headspace. Not sad, just... unsettled, I guess. I'm thinking the creative idea geyser is me trying to unconsciously cope with that. I'm not super worried about it, it will settle out, I will work on things, and all will be well. Some variant of this happens every winter. Maybe it's just cabin fever.

Next weekend we have the kids and then the weekend after that is Burlesque on Valentine's Day. I keep fucking up and thinking it's this weekend but it's not, it's actually the latest in the month it ever is, seeing as it's always the second saturday of the month and this month started on a Sunday (meaning there will be a Friday the 13 this month and next.) I was toying a bit with attending FFF the day after. I haven't been since that fateful trip six years ago and even though I'm a little wibbly about running into a certain blue fox there, I do actually want to see [livejournal.com profile] 11th_letter, so that's a thing. But really I just want to go and shop and drool over expensive toys and corsets I can't afford and soak up kinky atmosphere because I miss it. (Also hanging in legit kinky space that weekend seems like an appropriate protest against the scads of FSoG fans on parade this weekend. Ugh!) I don't know. We'll see if I make it down. If not... there's always the summer Flea as well. Not the end of the world.

In media consumption news I apparently need to catch up on Sleepy Hollow; I haven't seen it since the winter premiere and it's apparently finally returning to form. I've been really bad about TV watching lately - I still have the latter half of Galavant to get around to, I haven't arsed myself to check out the last season of Parks and Recreation yet, I completely forgot about Archer which is six episodes in already, I've still got half of last season of Lost Girl to watch, let alone any of the current one, and fuck picking up anything new at this point - I'd been meaning to check out Empire, Black Sails, and Marco Polo, among other things. About the only thing airing right now that I am managing to keep up with is Agent Carter, and I think that's just because the husbeast and I watch it together. (I am utterly in love with it BTW. Human Jarvis may be my new surprise favorite character in the MCU. And a love of Peggy just goes without saying.) What I have been watching, much to my own surprise, is Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I started it because I've been playing [livejournal.com profile] verbena76's Trek game set roughly around the same time and since my general handle on the pre-reboot Trek universe is rather deficient,** I started watching it for "research." I was familiar with the characters from sitting through a few binge-watch sessions with J back in the day, but that was only a few eps here or there. I'm about to finish up season 1 and even though it hasn't quite grown the beard yet and they're still essentially throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, I'm enjoying it so far. I've been assured that it gets amazingly good in later seasons, so I'm looking forward to that. I don't think I have the patience to do an episode by episode recap, but I might do entries offering my thoughts on overall seasons as I finish them.

* I shit you not this is an actual thing. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

** I was more of a Star Wars/Babylon 5 girl growing up.
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