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So I said I was gonna do season overviews instead of individual episode reviews. I wrapped up season I last night.

I have been told that DS9 VASTLY improves in later seasons, but even bearing that in mind, the first season seemed to solidify reasonably quickly and more or less had a general idea of where this ensemble of characters was probably going to go by episode 12, and solidified pretty fully in the last two episodes. It still is tightening and tweaking, but from "Vortex" on out, it seemed much less as if the writers were experimenting willy nilly to see what would take and what wouldn't, something that was very apparent in the first half.

Main Character stuff:
From the few catch as catch can episodes I'd seen before I was already familiar with the crew enough to pick favorites, so I will admit to paying more attention to some characters than others, however I did gain some appreciation for characters I didn't otherwise pay attention to at all before, like Sisko, O'Brien, and Adventure Time with Nog and Jake. I'm still pretty solid in my Quark, Odo and Kira love though. Dax I'm paying attention to for RPG research reasons, but aside from Terry Farrell being holy mother of all gods gorgeous (and still is 20 years later), Dax hasn't quite come into her own as of yet, or displayed more of an emotional range beyond serene to mildly worried. (Didn't help that the early Dax focused episode was teeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrible.) And alas, I came in wanting to punch Bashir and I haven't yet been disabused of the desire, though I like Alexander Siddig as an actor. Looking forward to seeing him on Game of Thrones later.

Guest Character Stuff:
I recently watched That Guy... Who Was in That Thing, a documentary on character actors. (It's on netflix and worth the watch.) In that, someone mentions "well, everybody does Star Trek." Ain't that the truth! It was fun playing Spot the Familiar Face, though in all cases minus 20 years and change and under various degrees of makeup. You can put all the Ferengi makeup you like on Wallace Shawn, the second he opens his mouth he's instantly recognizable. Never go in against a Ferengi when gold-pressed latinum is on the line, lol. And even though "Battle Lines" was kind of a snoozefest, I did rather enjoy seeing Jonathan Banks with terrible Michael Bolton hair and roughtly the same attitude he has in both Breaking Bad and Community for a hot second.

And then there is not-Kai-yet Winn, whose character arc I'm familiar enough with to be all "oh crap it's HER" when she showed up in the season finale. Her face had always bothered me every time I'd seen her in the role, and reading the actress' blurb on, I finally realized why - she's Nurse Ratched. No fucking wonder. I have to wonder when casting that role they were all like "Hm, who can we find that the viewers are guaranteed to loathe on sight?" cause they nailed that shit.

I have been assured that Q's appearance in season 1 is the only one in the show's entire run. I love John de Lancie, but thank fuck. And I realize there aren't many roles out there for little actors, but Michael John Anderson following up his role in Twin Peaks with the worst Rumplestiltskin ever... eeesh.

I know I said I didn't have the patience to do in depth episode by episode breakdowns but I can do a couple of sentences on each I think.

"Emissary" - Eeesh. I see why literally everyone says to just skip this one. I get they needed to set up Sisko and the wormhole and shit, but this is a DIRE couple of hours.

"Past Prologue" - About the only memorable thing about this episode were the terrifyingly mesmerizing Klingon Boob Windows of the Duras sisters.

"A Man Alone" - A sorta interesting Odo episode, but probably would have worked better later in the season.

"Babel" - yeeesh. I liked the concept? but except for the one moment when Bashir looks up at his screen and realizes to his horror that he can't read it anymore, it was terribly executed all around. Seriously, the direction and acting were stab yourself in the head bad.

"Captive Pursuit" - I liked this one, but it felt more like an early Bab5 episode than a Star Trek one. That said, it was probably the point where I actually started paying attention to O'Brien aside from being fascinated with Colm Meaney's disproportionately tiny mouth.


"Dax" - This episode was so contrived and BORING. The main thing I remember about it was finishing the ceiling in the minecraft maze I was working on at the time.

"The Passenger" - Another one of those episodes where the concept was interesting but the execution was lacking, though thankfully it was nowhere near as over the top bad as Babel.

"Move Along Home" - Okay, completely cheesy silly as this one was I actually really enjoyed it. It wasn't a great episode, but I did enjoy the idea of our characters being trapped in an alien board game and I'll admit to giggling maniacally at poor Sisko and Kira having to put their dignity aside for a moment to essentially play hopscotch. That little "Allemaraine, count to four" rhyme was stuck in my head for a week afterward though.

"The Nagus" - Also pure cheese, but I enjoy the Ferengi so I didn't mind. Also Wallace Shawn. Also a Nagus sounds like a body part. Probably with something goopy coming into or out of it.

"Vortex" - I'm pretty sure I have a ways to go until this series grows the actual beard but I think this is the episode where things started to gel up more, and I liked this delve into Odo's character much more than the earlier attempt.

"Battle Lines" - Other than "oh hi, Jonathan Banks," and "Aw, crap, I liked Kai Alpaca" (yes I know that's not her name but damn if it doesn't sound like it), Meh.

"The Storyteller" - Another pure cheese one, but I liked the dynamic between O'Brien and Bashir. Also Bajoran earrings are really starting to make me think I might need a couple more ear piercings, which is a dangerous road for me to follow, lol. The B plot was actually more interesting though with Jake and Nog trying to impress Rivertribe Princess* the young Bajoran Tetrarch on her visit to the station. Hijinks Ensued. Someone seriously needs to find these boys a Call of Duty cartridge for the holosuite or something, come on.

Progress - This is an episode I very clearly remember seeing before. It's a pretty solid episode, even though I kinda wanted to rename it "Kira's Dinner With Bajoran Johnny Cash." Also Nog and Jake's "Steal Yamak Sauce... ??? ... PROFIT" B plot was amusing.

"If Wishes Were Horses" - Another "interesting concept, ehhh execution" one. I'm still fuzzy on what the bleeding fuck happened exactly to make the weird imagination manifestations possible, and then there were aliens? I don't actually quite care. Also yeeesh, Bashir and his imaginary Dax was both embarrassing and predictable. Odo exasperatedly chasing emus around the promenade though, lol.

"The Forsaken" - I love me some Lwaxana Troi, she's basically Space Mame. And she and Odo were adorable in this episode. B plot with the attention starved computer puppy something or other, meh.

"Dramatis Personae" - Okay this episode I admit to skipping the latter half of. I sort of figured out what was going on and developed so much secondhand embarrassment for the characters acting under the influence of telepathic fuckery that I noped on out.

"Duet" - Oh now this episode was solid. A little disappointed that the actor playing Marritza/Gul Dar'heel did not turn out to be Ed Asner. Sounded just like him.

"In the Hands of the Prophets" - Another solid one! Seems like the better episodes definitely deal with Bajoran religio-political fallout in the wake of the Cardassian (still can't say that without making the obvious leap and giggling) occupation and it's clear that this new game of Who Wants to Be Space Pope? is gonna be a big factor in upcoming episodes. I know Winn eventually gets it, but considering what lengths she was willing to go to in this episode, I wonder how she ultimately accomplished it. I can already tell she's going to be one of those love to hate you villains and Louise Fletcher's quiet, almost serene malice is soooooo good.

Well good, now I'm done with that, onward to season 2!

* There are going to be many Adventure Time jokes. Just... get used to them.

on 2015-02-05 11:35 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Nagus also sounds like negus, which is a drink.

The Bashir/O'Brien young officer/older enlisted man friendship develops further as the series progresses, and is awesome. (The fact that I am dearly fond of both characters doesn't hurt.)

Armin Shimerman was playing Quark at the same time he was being the principal on Buffy. Sometimes he would forget which version of his voice he should be doing, and have to reshoot a scene. :)

on 2015-02-05 03:35 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Omg that IS him, isnt it. I think I knew that before and forgot, and this run I'd been wondering where I knew the actor from.

on 2015-02-05 03:22 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I think you hit the nail on the head that the writers were just sort of messing around to see what sticks. I remember at the time the show came out, there was a lot of backlash because this show didn't "boldly go," it just stayed in one place. So the writers were trying all sort of different ideas, some trying to mimic the original show, some not... yeah, it was pretty crazy.

on 2015-02-05 03:37 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
haha yeah. Its a very typical series first year phase. I look forward to it settling in more.


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