Feb. 15th, 2015 11:59 pm
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I didn't have much of a Valentine's Day but that's OK. Considering we had the memorial brunch for [ profile] cell23's father in the morning and then Burlesque in the evening, I wasn't expecting to really do anything this year aside from rolling my eyes at the folks that insist of complaining about the holiday's existence. Besides, Drew made me steak on Friday, which was delicious.

This has been a weekend of all over the place emo shit, but I'll just say between the depressed and cold, I spend a good portion of today doing nothing, and a fair amount of the nothing was spent in bed, with the mattress pad cranked up to high, pretty much reenacting any random strip of Robot Hugs. (Mostly this one.) Trying not to feel guilty for having wasted the day, but I think I needed to just sit and wallow for a little bit. *sigh* I think between the discovery of ex related fuckery on Friday, the sort of funeral but not exactly, burlesque drop and my impending monthly uterine tantrum today was just going to be doomed. I have tomorrow off from work, so hopefully I can make some of it up.

With the exception of Friday, I did indeed manage to get a mandala colored every day this week. It was a fun experiment but I don't think the one per day goal is sustainable. They are a lovely way to calm the brain down though, so I'm going to keep doing them, but on a less rigid schedule. I guess more of an "as needed" than a "daily."

I part with a picture of me with Hors at last night's show. Because everyone needs a fairy Dragmother this cute.

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