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This winter has got all of my sense of temperature upside-down and backwards, but I suppose if you had just been through a February where the temperatures refused to crack 20 and oftentimes hung out in the negatives, 35 degrees WOULD seem positively tropical. It's supposedly going up to 50 later today at which point I'ma probably bust out the maxi dresses. New England has officially broken me.

Alas, I'm suffering from Vague Plague as well as the usual intestinal fuckery, so I'm home sick today. Which means I'm working from home but due to a network snafu I don't have to log in for another hour. Considering my start time is 7:45, that means a luxurious morning off, made all the better because I didn't ask for it. Somehow surprise time off is the best, especially if you're still getting paid for it. But yeah, I've been achy and fatigued and just generally feeling like a sack of malaise so a day in which I can stay home and occasionally be harassed by cats'll do me some good.

What all's been up in the Life Of Andee aside from that... not too much. Slowly beating back my demons and trying to break out of this wall of anxious depression I've been stuck in with varying success. Moonbeam's latest UTI has mostly cleared although we still have to contend with him peeing in places that are Not The Litterbox. Sigh. I've been trying to work a bit on Sqwrrl here and there, and have started talking to [ profile] stormslegacy about game art and have signed up for the local game developer meetup group. Interestingly enough while poking about on Meetup I ran across the profile of an old friend I'd lost touch with ages ago. Am debating whether to re-initiate contact. It wasn't as if we'd ended on a bad note, we just kind of drifted out of touch and from what I can tell from some quick googlesnooping, he hasn't really changed all that much aside from a "yeah we knew that was gonna happen" loss of hair. Meh. We'll see.

What else... Oh, I finished this:

I started one of Simone from Shining Force but I badly miscounted in one section so I'm either gonna white out the part I fucked up or start her over, I haven't decided which. Probably start her over. All things considered I hadn't gotten that far with her.

In other news, Wee Beastie has joined the Malevolent Order of the Bespectacled, and oh my lord, I thought it was impossible for that boy to get cuter but glasses amp the factor by >9000. (So does a well placed kitty hat.)

I mean, Jesus Christ, kid, staaaaaaaahp.

Oop, just got a text from work, we're back up. Darn it, lol. Ah well. Andee out.

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Your first paragraph? My sentiments exactly, except in Indiana instead of New England. It's as if today's 55 degree temperature has turned me into a new person!


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