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Yesterday was the Bon Appetit Burlesque Nerd Show V, and I was asked to reprise my Sad Minecraft Zombie act from the Tassel Tussle, so stressing over that pretty much ate me over the past couple weeks. Thankfully it went very well and I'm happy with the tweaks I managed to make to both act and costume, and once again people LOVED it. Apparently I manage to do sexy/funny/adorkable very very well and it works. So yay for that. The few amusing drawbacks is that the day after I am physically wrecked - I don't know how or what I did or what but I woke up and EVERYTHING hurt... maybe just a massive release of tension + my usual monthly burlesque drop? - and owing to setting my thoroughly caked on green cream makeup with green glitter hairspray, parts of me remain faintly green after a day, heavy duty makeup remover and a very scrubby shower. Luckily above the neck so I'm still work safe, but still. Also sharpie bleeds through tights so my butt still reads "Steve - call me!! XOXO" Or at least I assume it does, I haven't checked.

So yeah that's done, onwards to the next thing right?

Not too much else going on - looking forward to the premiere of Horses, Tits & Horses, Tits & Horses, Tits & Horses tonight*, have to do something about dealing with my taxes within the next few days (ugh!), clean my house, get my money in order, send in Mystery Application, and worry about Other Things I can't post publicly about and how on earth I'm going to resurrect EPEEN. Also should catch my minecraft blog up, haven't had much chance or brain to post there either.

OH! while doing last minute show stuff Friday night, Husbeast and I binged halfway through Daredevil. WOW. Marvel keeps amping their A game with every new piece of the MCU. I am thoroughly enjoying this latest installment.

Lastly it is lovely and warm today. No real green things going yet but I did see some hungry looking finches hanging out in the as yet bare maple tree outside so I bought birdseed this afternoon and hung up my feeder. It'll take a few days for them to discover it, but once they do the neighborhood cats'll have some food porn to watch before the leaves come in. Spring, y'all.

* sing this to the tune of the Game of Thrones theme.
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