Jan. 9th, 2015

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I normally have no complaint with CVS, I've been getting my scrips filled there since college, but man, when they fuck up, they fuck up big. Long story short I've been on this runaround cycle of calling one of three CVS pharmacies reasonably local to me, then my GI's office, then calling CVS again, rinse lather, repeat trying to get my steroids refilled this week, and each round of the cycle caused a bit more panic because as of yesterday I was literally out of prednisone and... well, it's not a good thing to miss doses on that, it can make you wicked sick.* Thankfully I've weaned down to 10mg by this point, but that's still enough to fuck you up if you skip it for long enough. Anyway after another round of calling the doc, asking if they'd faxed my scrip in and then calling CVS only to have them tell me they had no scrip order for me in the system, I asked to talk to the pharmacist at the U-Drive store and proceeded to melt down on the phone with him about the Merry-go-round of suck, whereupon he was all "oh gosh, yeah, you shouldn't be off that, here have a few days worth while we get this crap sorted." I realize that's kinda his job, but I think I'd best send him a thank you note anyway.

Alas, I think I cut it to the wire in terms of how long I could "safely" go without: I've had a screaming headache for about half the day, and I'm all twitchy and bleh feeling. Hopefully starting back up again'll fix it, but it was a near thing and I don't like it.

In other news:

Waiting for the bus to work is not cute this week. Especially not when the bus home is always running about 10 minutes late.

I have some feels about work this week too but that's not for an open post.

So much good TV this week that I consistently missed at air time, lol. Last night I did manage to sit down and shotgun Agent Carter and Galavant, both of which were very enjoyable despite being slightly problematic at points. Galavant is just silly charming Medieval Fun-Time World levels of fun, and Agent Carter is also fun but in different Marvel CU sort of ways. (Also see scratching my decopunk itch haaaaaaaaard.) I still have yet to see this week's Sleepy Hollow but I have it on good authority that it's at least going somewhat uphil after the crash and burn fails of various episodes before the hiatus.

Also! I saw Mockingjay pt I with MotherGrimm on Tuesday. I remember being meh on the third book but I feel like the movie extracted the important bits, fleshed them out, and then rearranged them into a fairly compelling couple of hours of intensely LOOK WE ARE AT WAR!" flavored narrative that worked.

Ooop, I want to write more about all kinds of stuff but the sleep train just full speed hit me so it will have to wait. Oh well.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I've got a fair bit of West Indian in me, so of course I love dancing. :) I don't remember concretely the last time I danced for real (bopping in my desk chair at work doesn't count) but it was probably to amuse the kids or something. Last time I went out dancing was to the local goth night a few months back - I need to do that again soon.


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