Jan. 11th, 2015

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I've been singing that at Kidzilla all day. It's kinda fund watching her instantly run out of can with me.

Another sort of Quick Notes post, I think.

I seem to have recovered from the Great Steroid Mishap okay. Had another day of headache followed by yesterday being extremely irritable, but today I seem to be pretty much okay.

Yesterday was a bad day to be irritable as it was a busy and socially taxing day - we got up super early to head up to Athol and visit with Drew's mom (who seems to be doing much better than she had been) and then later the rest of the Chiassons for collective birthday/anniversary things. On top of that, Wee Beastie was sick, so he was also irritable and whiny about having to go places but once there he tended to curl up in a couch corner and nap. After we got home from that I had the run about, slap makeup on my face and run down to N'Hamp for Bon Appetit Burlesque, which was a huge busy but GOOD show and even though I do stress about making sure everything's running smoothly it almost always does because my stable of competent stage kittens remains awesome, and I must be doing something right because I keep getting complimented on the tight ship I run those nights. Plus come on, it's a burlesque show... I think you have to be precisely my kind of weird to participate in that sort of thing. :) Anyway. Life has been given, lets hope that can sustain me for the month.

Today was much easier, as I think I've leveled out on the hormone front and also it was just a quiet day at home for us and the kidlets, although now Drew is sick with KidPlague to the point where I messaged their mom and G to ask if they'd mind sparing us the drive out. Drew could have made it, I suppose, but it would have been a bad scene and I powerfussed at him when he objected to me going around him to ask. I don't usually get all LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOU DAMN IT but when I feel like I need to, man...

Tonight's plans'll be tying up Friday's work loose ends while watching the hollywood drunkfest that will be the Golden Globes. I AM ASHAMED OF NOTHING.


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