Jan. 27th, 2015

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So this is currently a thing:

projected snowfall was somewhere between 18-30 inches depending on which weather outlet you subscribed to, but we are still under a foot this morning. (The east side of the state, however, is getting spanked like a ginger stepchild.) Seeing as one of the perks of apartment living is blissful freedom from shoveling/plowing, I am free to be enjoy this. See also statewide travel bans and completely shut down public transport ensuring that I stay home. I still have to work, but I am doing it dressed in a Totoro kigger. Because I can and it's warm. :)

In other momentous news, this morning wass my last prednisone dose! A good thing too - I had my physical yesterday and discovered that there were 22lbs worth of Skippy and chex mix I packed on in the past seven weeks. (Cause it's powerful, yeah! PEANUT BUTTER!!) On one hand, yikes. On the other hand, aside from the annoyance of my brand new winter corduroy's now being tight (sigh) I don't exactly mind? For one thing, my face looks... normal for the first time in a long while. I've long been unhappy with the shape of my face in the wake of being skinnier. It's closer to the shape of my residual self-image now. And I am not going to argue being able to fill my bras again. I missed my boobs. So... mixed feelings regarding this.

Anyway, aside from broken gut and being a bit rounder than I was, I'm in pretty decent shape. Game plan right now is starting Humira again in a couple of months, and figuring out what parts of my diet I can tweak to keep the inflammation to a minimum and try to rein in the extreme munchies I've been having, because while I'm more or less okay with the uptick in poundage, I don't want to pack on any more. I've also decided that once the weather thaws out some I'm going to buy a new bike and start doing that again, since I miss it. (See also not being bound to the horrid bus schedule during the summer, lol.) I am overdue for eye and ladybits appointments and I really really need to actually take advantage of my dental coverage despite my phobias and find a damn dentist this year, but so far so good. Yay?

Anyways, back to work.


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