Mar. 18th, 2015


Mar. 18th, 2015 09:39 pm
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Ain't dead, though my guts are acting up something fierce.

Work stress hoo ha ha.

Everything is melty and muddy but there's more sunshine and it's definitely improved from AAAAGH FREEZING to Eeegh, chilly. Unfortunately it is now MASSIVE CAR-DEVOURING POTHOLES season, and with all the snow we've had and the massive banks all over the place, the potholes and frost heaves are an epic level of terrible to the point where it has robbed me of my usual rabid love of driving.

I started an MCPE blog over here. Still tweaking the layout and throwing in content. Wordpress has become quite the beast in the past few years, huh? I also finally figured out how to make my game accessible from the outside world, so if anyone else plays Pocket Edition holler and I will give you the Super Secret Address. More reasons to be all CMON about the new update with mode switch - if people are gonna be running around up in my builds I need it to be Survivor mode.

Cute loving husbeast remains cute and loving and holy damn two and a half months of steady gym visits are making a difference there. He's slowly morphing into a dense wall of muscle, which I won't lie is preeeeeeeetty sexy.

In the market for a bike, for once pothole season ends. I need to get on this sexy muscle gravy train.


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