Aug. 10th, 2016

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So I'm babysitting L's car for the week while she's out of town/her street's getting repaved. This is awesome! We have an extra car for the week, which is really helpful cause kids' swim lesson happens before Drew gets home from work so getting the kids there isn't a huge hassle. (It IS possible by bus, but...) Husbeast had some concerns about this, mainly of the "its not your car! What happens if there's a problem??" variety but considering 98% of my time as a licensed driver has been (carefully) operating Other People's Cars including his, I waved him off as being his usual level of worrywart.

And then of course, yesterday as the kids and I were getting home from pool and dinner, I noticed one of the local townie cops was tailing me into the turn lane, and the lights go on halfway into the Squire driveway.

Well, fuck.

Before anyone super freaks out, nothing happened. The officer was polite, professional, and just wanted to let me know I had a brake light out. (This is, I might add, only the second time I have ever been pulled over while behind the wheel.) But let me run down the various Why The Situation Was Way More Scary Than It Should Have Been:

  • Considering what the news has been like lately? Just that alone right there is enough to put the fear of God into anyone darker than printer paper.

  • I'm not driving my car. My name and address are so nowhere near L's it's hilarious. Also where she lives isn't exactly known for car security.

  • I've got two super white, blue eyed children in the car to whom I have pretty plainly not given birth to, at least one of which is freaking out more than a little (thankfully, quietly) due to previous Not Fun experiences with pull-overs.

Like I said nothing happened this time, but since then I've been running through ways that could have gone nightmarish. What if I hadn't had a spotless driving record? What if Wee Beast had been a little louder about how scared he was? What if they had been the same color as me? And then my brain really got on the panic hamster-wheel with the what-ifs, but I'll spare y'all that noise. I mean, honestly if that encounter was going to badly, lets be real, none of the above matters in the slightest.

Again, not a huge deal, we're all okay, but... fuck, the world sucks, and I shouldn't have to be this conscious of how lucky I am that my circumstances made this into a footnote rather than a hashtag.


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