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We've been averaging a snowstorm a week since January up here in Ye Olde Newe Aengeland*, to the point where I think all the kids in the state of Massachusetts may have had school on one Monday since the semester began. D: Boston and the surrounding areas have been getting it really bad - I think they've had maybe a collective five feet of snow in the past few weeks and things out there are a complete disaster any kind of transportation-wise. New York MTA had to lend the Boston MBTA two giant rail snowblowers for track clearing, even. (Fun Fact: those machines are honestly called Snowzillas. Seriously, google it.) This has made kid weekends super challenging, and with the current snowstorm finally petering out this morning, Tuesday finds me with a day taken off from work and the kids still here because the roads have been utter shit for the past 48 hours. Thankfully school has been cancelled for the past couple of days, so that isn't a factor, but apparently Kidzilla's class now has Snow Day homework they have to do in case of school cancellation so she's been meeting the news of yet another snow day with alarmingly grown-up groans. On one hand, yeah, there's been a bit of scrambling with the change in schedule, but on the other hand having them here a couple of extra days has on many levels been really fun.

I've decided that Wee Beastie is, in fact, a Neverland fairy. I say that mostly because I often joke that he's too small to hold more than one emotion at a time, so as a result all of his emotions are all-encompassing forces of nature. When he's happy, he's a ball of zoomy radioactive joy. When he's sad, he is inconsolable and Everything Is Terrible. When he's angry it's like a storm descends in the room, he's all violently flailing appendages and screaming. It is certainly a Thing To Behold/worry about.

After he pitched a mega fit last night about having to go to bed which ended with him punching [ profile] cell23 square in the nose (not kidding about the violent flailing), I sat with him for a little bit after his time-out to calm him down and we had a long, surprisingly interesting chat about how he experiences big overwhelming emotions. He concluded independently that angry was his biggest feeling, and when he gets angry it's "too big for me" and that's why he has trouble controlling himself. I told him the quote from Peter Pan about how fairies are too small to be more than one thing at a time, and he got this solemn little expression on his face (hilarious, btw) and was all "Yeah. That sounds correct."

He is, indeed, a funny little bug.

Anyway, we agreed that we need to work on making more space for big emotions. I've been wanting to get him involved in some kind of directed physical activity/martial art so he can vent off some of the pent up physical energy for a while but owing to budget constraints on both sides of the state and the additional difficulty of only having every other weekend to work with on ours it hasn't really been practical. Still, this morning I'm taking another stab at looking at some options for him. The local Tae Kwon Do school seems pretty promising aside from the scheduling hurdle; I may stop by later in the week to take a closer look at it and see if the every/other schedule can be worked with/around. That is if it ever stops snowing long enough for anything to dig out and reopen around here. If anything, their summer camp seems tailor made for him with a week of martial arts, playing with horses and learning to swim, so that is something to sock away money for at the very least.

In other news, along with getting bitten with what seems like every creative idea ever (and thus being paralyzed with indecision about which to work on at any given time, since the Super Bowl I've been having intense needs to Color Things. This led to a rediscovery that I absolutely adore geometric patterns and mandalas, a ridiculous number of which are available free on the internet, so as of Sunday I've decided to try to color one per day, be it with actual markers/pencils/crayons or digitally. I've only done two so far and I'm not sure how the one-per-day bit is going to work out long term as I tend to gravitate towards the ones with intensely complex patterns, but I do indeed find the process very brain-unclenching.

Well, we'll see. I do need some sort of anxiety reduction type thing to do on the regular for a while, but previous attempts at meditation have already shown that I suck at it - in fact sitting still with nothing tangible to focus on tends to make my anxiety worse. (This is why I tend to not work well without music or some kind of background noise - silence freaks me the fuck out.) This is also sort of why I miss having a commute - driving tends to calm my brain down right quick as well. Maybe when the roads clear, considering the free fall gas prices have been in for the past little bit I'll do more of that too.

* I made that spelling up. don't have a historical accuracy cow at me please.


Sep. 7th, 2014 11:06 pm
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The way too rapidly becoming not-small blonde completed her first decade among the earthlings today. She was duly rewarded for her efforts with a butt-ton of Minecraft stuff and her dad doing goofy cute things with her breakfast this morning:

Both Drew and I are in a bit of a state of shock about this, much as most grownups are when confronted with the advancing age of a child they care about. I mean, he's been all like "didn't I JUST bring her home from the hospital?" all weekend. I joined her story a wee bit later - I'd been visiting Janra in the farmhouse while people were over for games and happened across a baby fussing on his bed and trying to soothe herself by sticking her even-then-giant feet into her mouth. So clearly I had to sit and tickle them until fussing became giggles because, baby feet are basically made of yes. (And drool, but lets skip that part.)

As always when confronted with a Milestone Moment I go hunting around in my archives for relevant stuff. As such, I present you with Kidzilla's first guest appearance in my journal:

"That baby is ridiculously cute. Especially when she grabs two big handfuls of my hair in her chubby little hands and very carefully and solemnly inspects it strand by strand before either letting go or yanking hard up and down on it while letting out this precious toothless gurgle of utter delight. Good thing black women don't have nerve sensors in their scalps after age 7."

Anyway. I'ma be over here frantically not freaking out about everything that needs to get done in the next five days and feeling ancient, lol. Like Drew said in July for Beastie, I never get older on my own birthday. I get older on theirs.

HOW. Fuck you, Time.
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So this afternoon, when I attempted to shake parmesan onto my lunch, the can made a rather alarming KACHUNK noise. Not something you expect out of your sprinky cheese. I set the can down, unscrewed the lid, and...

Apparently we have to talk to the kids about not leaving pencils in the parmesan now? O_o

A photo posted by ARBT (@anagramofbrat) on

...the HELL?

The pencil could not have gotten in there by accident - someone (we suspect Beastie) had to open the fridge, get out the cheese, unscrew the top, drop in the pencil, screw the top back on, put the cheese back, and close the fridge.

I ain't even mad, just incredibly confused. I'm thinking something like the following went down: Beastie wanted to annoy Kidzilla, so he took her pencil while she was doing homework, put it in the cheese, and probably gloated to her that he hid it where she would NEVER find it. But I don't think I'm ever going to find out for sure; chances are by the time I see them next they'll have forgotten it happened at all, let alone WHY.

*sigh* Kids, y'all.
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The meeting of the Tiny Nerdlings was accomplished today and other than one major meltdown where the bossy stubborn six year olds butted heads over how to play a game they made up about dragons in space* and about 20 minutes of "EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE" sulking, all three kids from that point got on like they'd known each other in previous lives. Yes, all three - Kidzilla to my surprise wanted to come out to the playground with us, and she and C got on quite well. And Drew and Matt got along as well. So mission accomplished there.

After getting an appropriate level of hot and sweaty at the park (My gods, the humid today Eeeeeeuuuuggggggh) we wandered over to Flayvors of Cook farm where ice cream and visiting the cows happened.

Apparently being sniffed by a calf tickles like whoa.

C gave both Kidzilla and Beastie hugs when it was time to part ways and all three of them seem enthusiastic about meeting up again.

Aaaagh they're all so damn cute I can't stand it.

Also can I just squee over Google+'s auto-awesome feature? take a bunch of photos in sequence, or that all look reasonably similar, and G+ will either animate them or arrange them contact sheet style. This has resulted in all sorts of unexpected animated hilarity when I upload pics. Also in this case, rampant cute.

* from what I can tell; they tried to explain it to me and it was just complicated kid word salad.


May. 26th, 2013 11:11 am
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I had planned to take a break from beading after I got done with the Tetris Dance, but this past week it became apparent my brain has other ideas regarding break taking and also other projects. >_< I may have to get froggy with myself to ensure the needle does indeed get put down for a while, because yow, my wrists. (Really need to invest in some squeeze balls and braces at this rate, ugh. I will not be defeated by tendinitis.)

But yeah there are now a couple of projects on the docket for the future. One is a tube necklace/torq/wrap based on the Fourth Doctor's scarf, along with figuring out a pattern for making the TARDIS out of beads. The other is, well. Between calling up the Lost Projects of The Beforetimes and Kidzilla suddenly discovering Actual Honest-To-Goodness Pokemon, something like this was bound to happen at some point:

Sorry about the fuzz, I committed the web developer sin of displaying them at 3x their actual size. :P The patterns resolve to a square just about coaster-sized. I have a feeling these won't be the last I'll see of these particular patterns. If I do go ahead and do this I'm probably going to start with Snorlax - something about that particular pokemon never fails to make me smile. Maybe it's because he looks so fat and happy, like a slumbering Totoro or a Budai figure.

I'm thinking maybe during the proposed and HAPPENING (she sternly told herself) break I might hunt down one of the Pokemon Chromatics and actually give them a try - I keep saying that it's exactly the sort of game I would have been rabidly into had it been released a couple of years before it actually had been (I was already in college by that point), but due to prejudice and Previous Associations I never really let myself explore it. Also since the plan at this point is to get Kidzilla a (3?)DS and whatever edition is currently out for it for her birthday at the end of the summer, I feel like I need to catch up a bit (LRN UR HSTRY) before I start playing with her. Also I seem to remember my sister promising to send me G's old DS... hmm. I should get on her about that.

I also find it funny that I'm still firmly stuck about 5-20 years behind w/r/t gaming. I have about zero interest in the new generation consoles - hell, we only use our Wii for Netflix, which will probably stop once I figure out how/get enough scratch to hook up our blu-ray player to our wireless network. But yeah, everything I've been reading about the Xbox One has been NOPE NOPE NOPE DNW and I've been really Meh on the Wii U. I rather doubt my opinion'll be much different on the PS4, especially since I'm still not really interested in the PS3 even. Oh well.

Overall it's been a reasonably low key weekend - both kids were a little stir crazy yesterday what with the cold and the rain, so we spent part of the day at the Jones (deliver me from laissez-faire hippydippy parents not actually parenting their children - ugh), and then drove into Northampton so I could grab some thread and show off a little to the staff (the appropriate ooing and ahhing was had) and then had dinner at Sam's pizza, which both kids seemed to enjoy. After which we came home and watched "The Name of the Doctor" with Kidzilla, which, surprisingly, improved a bit upon the second watching, despite Moffat clearly Moffatting down the Moffat in a few places. I'll never forgive him for ruining River Song, man - I loved that character (and the actress!) when she was first introduced, but her plotline later... *smh* Alex Kingston deserved so much better. Well, in my ideal world, she and John Barrowman get that spin-off where they adventure around the 51st century together. I'd watch the hell out of that, I won't lie.

Vaguely toying with the idea of forming a Pioneer Valley GOC (geeks of color) discussion/meetup group. Between listening rabidly to TWiB and Nerdgasm Noire podcasts for the better part of the month, I'm discovering the lack of that going on in my life and that it's something I'd like to have happen, especially since I can count the area black gamers I know of on one hand and the ones of other non-white ethnicities on two, and that's ridiculous, there's gotta be more of us around here. I'm a little twitchy about it because I know it's something J would love to join if he heard about it, but if he also hears I'm part of it, well... That's on him, yes, I know, but I still feel bad. Meh. Still might be worth reaching out to George and Neal about it and gauging their interest level, seeing as both of them are way more connected than i am at this point. (and by connected, i've referred to both of then as the Kevin Bacons of the Valley at varying points.) The summer is for projects, right?

seems like the rain let up some today. maybe Frosty later? Maybe?
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If a child asks you "What's photobombing?"

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I made the Boston Run* by myself this evening, as I had the flex time in my schedule and the kids needed to be picked up a day early.

I do and I don't mind the drive out. On one hand, it's a long drive and I love those. Just me, the road, whatever music I want on the radio and a lack of self-consciousness about singing along to it. I don't get too much road time anymore, and it's starting to show around the edges - I'm getting a lot of the same problems I used to have when I was first beginning to drive back, not to mention my eternal squirrelliness about left turns - I pretty much drive like Zoolander models. Part and parcel of not really driving much anymore I guess, but it bothers me that I've gotten visibly rusty at Actual Driving. But I digress. It was a chance to drive, yes. On the other hand, it's to a destination to which I only go because I have to, along a route that frankly makes me want to drink afterwards, and it is, when you come down to it, about five hours total in the car.

All that said, the end result is worth the aggravation, which is getting to hang out with my two favorite small people.

About two thirds through the trip back, we usually stop at the Wendy's off of Rt. 2 in Gardner for something vaguely snacky, either because the kids didn't get dinner before pickup or because the grownups in the car got hungry. It's just become sort of a thing now - we'll sometimes change it up and stop at Friendly's, but most times we end up here and the kids have come to expect it as our normal pit stop, to be skipped only if no one feels like eating or going potty. Tonight I had to wake them out of dead sleeps to go in and eat; their sleepy grumps over their food amused me enough to take a picture.

Photo by anagramofbrat

Of course once I looked at it, I realized I'd taken an almost identical one before. I looked it up when I got home just to prove I wasn't crazy.

Yep. Not the same booth, but pretty much the same picture, same car-weary grumpies, same kids, minus almost three years. Wow. I kinda want to take another picture of them three years from now at Wendy's. For science. Or something.

Every so often I'll get a picture of Kidzilla where she either seems older than her age, or there's some hint of what she's going to look like when she grows up, and I'll just kinda sit and look at it and just marvel at how damn quickly time flies, how fast they are growing up, and lastly, and maybe more poignantly, how long we've all been doing this. I mean, I've known them both since Kidzilla was small enough to still find her toes fascinating and possibly tasty, but that's sort of different from being an active part of their lives and doing my little bit to poke them here and there into being whatever people they end up being. I mean... this was about how big they were when [ profile] cell23 and I became A Thing:

Needless to say they're a wee bit bigger now, but my gods, where the hell did the time go, seriously.

The other thing all this reminded me of was my own childhood and how much of it was spent in the backseat of my mom's car. I was amusing Kidzilla over her chili** by telling her tales of driving to Ohio to visit my grandmother, and just what a desolate wasteland I-80 through Pennsylvania is, and how I always knew we were getting close to Grandma's by the change in gas stations (is SOHIO still a thing?) and more relevant to my interests, the sudden appearances of Bob Evans. Oh Bob Evans. I realize it's the midwest equivalent of Friendly's and therefore probably terrible, but 5-14 year old me still has a soft spot for their chicken soup with the fat noodles. Anyway, the thing that made her eyes get all big was the idea that we'd spend all day and almost all night in the car just getting there. Certainly put 3 hours into perspective, anyway. 'Course, they spend most of the trip asleep...

Anyway. They're tucked into bed finally. It feels weird having them here on a "school night" everything about today is telling me FRIDAY and it's not. Tomorrow morning I have to get all of us up and out the door - Me and [ profile] cell23 off to work as usual, but first I'm driving them to their Pepère's to hang for the day. But then, kid weekend, progress as usual.

Time to shower, sack out, and pray it'll be a bit warmer tomorrow morning. Least I don't have to be at work at ass forty five.

* I keep wanting to make Kessel Run jokes every time I say this. Problem is I haven't yet found a way to make River sound anywhere near as cool as the Millenium Falcon. I could say that I make it in less than 3/4ths of a tank of gas, but in the age of hybrid cars that's just not impressive. I suppose it's impressive that Teeny Weenie Blue Car of Nondescript Doom has racked up almost 160K worth of Boston runs over the past four years and change and not fallen apart yet.

** Holy crap! She's outgrown kids meals! That's a super new development. Does this mean we finally get to introduce her to the wonderful world of Beyond the Mac and Cheese option on menus???
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New glasses are new! And shiny! And dyeeeerrrrrgh! I'm still adjusting to them three days later. It was crazy, I put them on for the first time and WHOA NELLIE THE CLARITY IT BURNS US PRECIOUS! Which is all well and good, it was just a major adjustment. My old lenses were so scratched up and the coating was so dead that the having the new shinies on was... yeah. Whee.

The nice bit is that for the first time I have a workable sunglass type thing. The new hotnesses had a little clip on shade option so I ordered it. Sunglasses, man. I AM IMPERVIOUS TO THE EVIL DEATH RAYS OF THE DAY STAR WHILE DRIVING! Or something.

The last interesting thing about new glasses is that now that I have the new ones, all the dysfunctional patterns of behavior I'd unconsciously developed to accommodate the old busted ones are actually noticable now that I don't have to continue them. I used to hold my head at a weird angle when bending over or looking down to keep the old ones from falling off. Don't have to do that anymore, but noticed I still was last night when I was gathering up the laundry. Blerg. The other is that I hadn't noticed how close I was sitting to various computer screens or holding books and devices. Too close. It's kinda nice to be able to sit back and still see what I'm doing. Probably better for me too from an ergonomic standpoint. Plus they're cute. I'd camerawhore, but between allergies and having the Cold that Doesn't end, my nose has erupted into this special tantrum of cold sore mayhem. It's gross, and I hope it gets at least marginally presentable by Pax. But anyway. New glasses are awesome.

The weekend in general was a good one, mostly hanging with the short people doing quiet things. Lil'Beast was having a super hug and cuddle sort of weekend, which was a nice change. And Kidzilla continues to be her amusing self. I've been especially tickled by the fact that she's already developed a fantastic flounce - she now leaves the room in a hilariously indignant huff if either we tease her past a certain point or fail to behave like her interpretation of rational serious grown-ups. I always thought that was more of a teenager skill, but at seven, she's got it down and it is funny as hell.

One of the things I've been enjoying about their visits indirectly is that Kidzilla actually really likes Doctor Who and has been watching the newer series with her father on Netflix. Being the giant fanboy that he is, [ profile] cell23 is over the moon that she's enjoying it. Yesterday we all watched "A Good Man Goes to War" and it was really fun watching Kidzilla react to the various bits of the episodes, even if a lot of the humor went over her head. (The Sontoran's line about "superior lactic fluid" still cracks me the fuck up.) But that first moment when the Doctor makes his surprise appearance on Demon's Run? She bounced in her chair and clapped her hands; it was adorable. Makes me sort of wonder if the Sarah Jane adventures are on Netflix, though awww, Elizabeth Sladen... *still sad*

In addition to the glasses I also acquired a working printer/scanner thing on Friday, and seeing as I had things to print yesterday afternoon (more on that in a bit) I got it set up. This wouldn't warrant mentioning other than it's Fisher Price My First Wireless Printer (what the hell is this wifi witchcraft? THE FUTURE) and watching the cat warily trying to ascertain what sort of intruder this thing was was unexpectedly hilarious. She'd walk up and sniff it, then it would suddenly start printing and she'd be all AAAAGH IT MOVED HOLY SHIT RUN AWAY!

Why is cat trauma so fucking funny?

Anyway, the reason to print stuff is that [ profile] thedavin made an attempt to resurrect Drinktank, which from what I understand was a short-lived Squirekids writing workshop involving a nonzero amount of alcohol, and I decided what the hell, I'd go both to spite my socially anxious hermit tendencies and to jumpstart my writing some. Also get over that whole crippling fear of people reading my shit. It turned out to just be me, [ profile] thedavin and [ profile] bloodandsmoke in attendance, and none of us drank, but that said, we did join [ profile] thedavin's family dinner (which was quite with the tasty) and had an enjoyable evening critiquing each other's work. I got some good feedback on the story intro I'd brought with me, as well as some suggestions for where the story could go afterwards. Reminds me, I need to type up the notes I'd made on both of their contributions and send them out. But anyway afterward I went home and spent some time implementing the suggestions received and starting to scribble down ideas for the next step in the story. Clearly the exercise was good for me, as [ profile] cell23 did comment that it was nice to see me on a roll again. Anyway, we will definitely be doing it again next month. If anything, it will give me Things To Work On during my PAX downtime this weekend.

Holy shit, PAX is this weekend, eeeeeeeeeee. I don't really anticipate having all that much spending cash - when do I ever? - but the excitement of the rest of the Squirekids going is infectious and I am excited about the panels I want to attend and the list of exhibitors. I will probably spend some part of this week assembling my convention survival gear (ha). But yeah, I'm getting excited and looking forward to Friday.
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So I checked the forecast this morning to see if, much like yesterday, I could get away with wearing capris to work. cheerfully informed me it was going up to some ridiculous high seventies number. What. It's March. I can't. Well, hopefully the fog'll burn off and the air will dry out some. This morning's chilly damp did nothing for the cold takin' holt in my chest and head.

But speaking of freakishly warm weather, it was just as gorgeous yesterday, so after a little arm twisting we convinced both kids that an afternoon at Groff Park was necessary. It because readily apparent that no one needed coats out there, not even with me changing down to a significantly lighter (and frankly better fitting) raincoat; they all eventually got peeled off and flung in the car. After that it was mostly just hanging out and playing with/observing the kids, which was its own degree of fun. Kidzilla is shy and reserved and prefers to play pretend games in her own head or with us rather than engage with other kids. That said, those games are pretty brilliant - yesterday she proposed all of us pretending to be Greek God(desse)s, though my interpretation of Demeter left her in slightly disapproving giggle fits, seeing as I extrapolated Demeter's dominion over grain to being the Lady of the Breakfast Cereal and kept demanding offerings of oatmeal, Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Mini-wheats. Come on, how often do you get to run around a playground yelling "I AM THE LADY OF RAISIN BRAN?" It's fun, try it.

Lil'Beast on the other hand, is a charming, sociable trip. He will play pretty much with anyone (especially little girls his size and bigger - we caught him chatting up eight year old girls), but does get rather frustrated and tantrumy if they don't play whatever game he's on "correctly." That is, according to him. Other than that, the other thing I noticed is he's pretty fearless in terms of tackling playground equipment - he was climbing around on some of the higher equipment in a fashion that had both @cell23 and I having mild heart attacks, but didn't phase him any. (Kidzilla, by contrast, in the last couple of years has developed a touch of acrophobia and in general tends to approach new challenges with trepidation.)

I don't know, these kids constantly surprise me. It's fun watching them figure out how the world works, even if sometimes prompting them on how to do it properly and sometimes independently has challenges of its own. Mostly, I'm just constantly boggled at how big they're getting. It seems like they were infants yesterday, and suddenly they've become small people with their own personalities and opinions and challenges, and I am constantly all "wait, when did that happen?" and kind of terrified that I'll blink and suddenly Kidzilla'll be graduating with her medical degree and Lil'Beast'll be, well, not so little, but probably still something of a charming beast. (Insert quip about apples and trees and how his dad inspires the same amount of loving need to whap in the head with a rolled up newspaper.) Honestly I'm glad I get to come along for the ride, and I can't wait to see what sort of grown-ups these two make. Well, okay, I can wait. It's gonna be a sad day when they're both too big to pick up, flip upside down and tickle.
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He wasn't ACTUALLY pulling her hair. But with that AHM TOTLEE BUGGIN MAI SISTR expression he might as well have been.

Also new Team Tatro icon. Holy crap they grow up fast.
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So apparently at school Kidzilla gets assigned vocabulary words she needs to use in a sentence. Standard school stuff. One of the words she got this week was "cherish."

Her sentence? "I cherish going to my Dad's house."

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...when you realize how much of your fragile little psyche was shaped in childhood by commercials? Yep, had one of those this morning when I put The Preciousssss on random at work and Bobby Darin singing "Mack the Knife" came up near the top of the list.

"Mack the Knife" is a pretty awesome song. It's kind of a gateway drug into the messed up little world of Bertolt Brecht, if you're inclined towards interesting pockets of music geekery and not so much into pop/jazz standards of the early sixties. The problem is that if your brain was at a certain stage of malleability/development around 1989 (which mine was) and you watched probably too much TV than the experts deemed healthy at the time, this is probably the first thing you think of when you hear it:

A big scary moon face wearing sunglasses that's only slightly less creepy than the Burger King. Who can't lip synch to save his life. (RuPaul would be telling him to sashay away after three bars.)

I have similar problems with Beethoven's "Für Elise" because of yet another steller ad from Mickey D's.

I still know every single one of these words. There's a fleeting wish for a little brother included with that so I could spitefully deny him french fries. Hands off, they're mine, all mine ALL MINE!!!!!

Well, I suppose I have [ profile] cell23 now, but he buys his own goddamn fries.

You know what else I still know all the words to after all these damn years?

Man, the McDLT, talk about taking a person back. :P I remember having the little plastic record of this back in the day and thinking it was just CRAZINESS that they could etch things on a skinny strip of vinyl and your record player would totally PLAY THEM. CDs were still expensive space tech at the time.

I suppose a greater comment about the impact of advertising on children can be made here considering how far up into the delicate nooks and crannies of my brain the ads from one company in particular (and one pushing fast food at that) have lodged themselves and remain long after I've grown up, but I'm not making it right now. Instead I just amusedly shake my head (and my fist) at how McDonalds has warped my fragile little mind and to some extent my music taste.

I will note, however, that I now have a POWERFUL craving for McNuggets.


Jan. 17th, 2012 10:11 am
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So during Morgan Freeman's Cecil B. DeMille award montage on Sunday's Golden Globes, they sneaked in a clip from his stint on The Electric Company:

NEGL, I let out this sound that was somewhere between a scream, a giggle and a squee. I totally remembered this song, even though I was probably a little younger than I was in the icon the last time I saw it.

Okay, the awesome that is Morgan Freeman aside (and no, no one was tickled, damn it) what the hell was with children's educational programming in the 70s and the whole vampire thing? was there a study conducted that showed little kids learn better if the lesson is delivered in mock-Transylvanian? Or, like everything else, should we stick to blaming drugs?
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Last time the kids were here (somewhat before all the lights went out), Kidzilla was taking quite an interest in [ profile] cell23's D&D monster manuals. Generally a good sign your kids need to be talked to about the dangers of owlbears, as he put it on twitter. Very important conversation a parent needs to have with their children. Anyway, [ profile] cell23 downloaded RPGKids from DriveThruRPG and this evening he ran it for us.

Some parents take their kids to church. Others teach their kids how to beat up orcs. )

Lil'Beast tanked like a BOSS, by the way. Also rolled like, 3 12s in a row on 12 siders. What. He usually has trouble with game rules and when his turn is and what to do when it is his turn, but this he got into with a little practice and very little problem, so I'm impressed with both him and the game. Now if we could just get him to keep the dice ON the table, lol.

We played through the first adventure and defeated the evil wizard that was turning the townspeople into frogs, and there was much rejoicing (yay). Immediately afterward both kids declared they loved it and wanted to play the next adventure. We might do that tomorrow.

I've never seen [ profile] cell23 prouder.
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Home today. Woke up this morning and both my intestines and uterus were having a JOLLY time inventing two-part harmony for pain. Called out, went back to sleep and had a morning of fitful dreams that involved people I know and am reasonably close to deciding it would be really fun to say horrible things about me to my face, hanging out with Hors D'oevres and Captain Elastico at a burlesque rehearsal for a show that was on my birthday instead of a week later, the cat trying to talk out of the back door to what at first was a space alien but through the miracle of dream logic turned out to be Lil'Beast in an awesome Halloween costume, and having every single thing I made last weekend and then boxed up/froze turn into containers of interestingly colored and therefore terrifying molds.

Fun morning. My lower regions seem a little better for the rest, if not exactly my head.

Have Things To Do today so I'm spending the afternoon and hopefully (caffeine and general ick feeling willing) the bit of the evening after game dealing with them. We'll see how I do...
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  • I'm getting better. The whole forcing myself to eat until my body stops treating food with suspicion seems to be working. Balancing it with lots of fluids, which seems to help. Small snacks instead of actual meals also seems to be the right way to go, especially since my stomach still likes to be all like NO after ten bites of anything. Not exactly 3 meals a day friendly right there.

    Surprisingly so far what has been pretty well accepted right now is cheese. I would think it would be something that would make me feel horrible but apparently this is not my week to be dairy-sensitive. So the last few days one of my primary nibbles is chunks of hard sharp yummy. [ profile] grinninfoole treated me to a small brick of Gruyere on Thursday and today at the farmers' market the lady at the Chase Hill Dairy Farm stand gave me the remainder sample chunk of her sold out Queso Veijo, so for right now at least it's an easily indulged craving.

  • Speaking of which, I did indeed go out to lunch with [ profile] grinninfoole on Thursday, though considering my digestive issues I opted to have chicken noodle soup instead of Bueno y Sano. I do enjoy our lunch dates, it seems to be a nice check-in/how are we doing for both of us and have some frank discussion about depression, recovery, efforts at being more social/adult/goal oriented and how all that's going for us. Other than my health issues, we both seem to be on an upswing at the same time, which is excellent.

  • D&D went decently on Thursday night; after a group consensus that combat and general gameplay needed to be tightened, I think overall we all did better. Apparently putting a chart down on my combat cheat sheet listing all my dice roll values helped me a lot - a fair amount of what slows me down during game, believe it or not, is trying to figure out what 17+26-4 is. We seem to be approaching the end of our campaign, and while I like playing Mare and enjoy the band of characters we've got going, I think I'm in agreement with [ profile] avalon616 here - epic tier is kinda rough and aspects of it are starting to poke me in the "this is why you never liked endgame raiding in WoW either" place. Starting to. They haven't quite gotten there yet. We'll see how we progress.

  • Work is actually pretty good now that back to school rush is over and the work study minions are starting to know what they're doing. The bad part is that my layout's been accepted so now I'm on the profoundly unfun bit of website design where I have to translate pretty shit in photoshop into CSS. Eugh. And I still have Other job stuff to do so if I can find a bit of time to work on that this weekend, next week should be nice, money wise.

    Oh and yesterday (well actually today, but never mind) was my boss's birthday. Apparently most of a slice of red velvet cake doesn't disagree with me either, go figure. ITS does not scrimp on the baked goods, seeing as besides the red velvet there was this cake called "to die for" that looked too much like diabetes on a plate to even want to get near, but damn. Also ITS has a fair amount of Polish folks. There was a rousing chorus of "Sto Lat" as the cakes were getting cut.

  • Kiddos are here, and for the most part, behaving themselves. Kidzilla's missing front tooth is ridiculously cute when she giggles:

    See? Oh here, since Lil'Beast decided to butt into the picture taking have a bonus.

    We had a nice visit this morning from their grandparents ([ profile] chirping_monkey's side) who dropped off a kitchen playset for them. Lil'Beast kept coming down the stairs and serving us invisible cakes. These are the moments that keep me from eating him, I swear.

    Every so often I have an "AAAAH TOO FAST STOP GROWING" with them. Between Kidzilla's facial window, having to raise her bike seat this afternoon, and the fact that Lil'beast is now too big for his PJs, tricycle and almost his sandals... yeah. They've both changed so much in the two years I've been regularly part of their weekends on this end of MA. And yeah, I realize it's what kids do, lol, come on, I'm still having issues with my nephew being legal to drink and getting tattoos and macking on women cause he tall and cute. Somewhere in the back of my brain he stopped growing around 12 and his siblings and Alejandra all stopped accordingly as well, no matter what their facebook statuses say. One of those things, I guess.

  • We also managed to make it out to the farmers market, as I mentioned earlier. Came home with ingredients for some ghost pepper chili (which I will not be eating, thank you) and I've been bugging [ profile] cell23 for two weeks to make potato leek soup, so he got stuff for that too. Noms are afoot. And the kids got maple candy and cheese and cookies so they as usual made out like bandits. I didn't personally get too much this time around, but I'm thinking next week I'll stop by the astarte farms tent, buy up a whole big bag of their end of season tomatoes as well as any I get off Icky and Sticky in the next week or so, plus a few other bits and pieces and try my hand at making an army sized batch of tomato sauce in the crock pot.

  • New eggs in the cave today! I know I know "you still play that game? lolwut?" yeah yeah shut up.

    Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Yeah, that's kinda life as I know it right now. In a few hours it'll be time for me and some of the crew to head down to Northampton for burlesque, and then tomorrow I think there's apple picking happening since we didn't get to go for Kidzilla's birthday. Definitely creeping on up to Fall... cannot wait...


Sep. 5th, 2011 06:51 pm
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She's seriously growing up too fast for me to handle.

Twelve faces of Kidzilla. Weapons grade cute behind cut )

There are pictures of her party (including a few inadvertently hilarious ones of [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] head58), but really my favorites today are the 12 of her making faces at me. Maybe next year I'll take enough for a mood theme.
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Kids are both asleep, and [ profile] cell23 is across the yard socializing with people over 6 while I hold down the fort. The kiddos were both pretty exhausted after a very busy day visiting their grandparents and attending Athol's River Rat Race festivities (I'd comment on the wacky weirdness of small town annual traditions, but New York has its own annual wackiness like the Village Halloween parade and the No Pants Ride so I will wisely shut up) plus both of them are still getting over yet another "developing immune system ahoy!" bug, so they are so profoundly out cold it's not even funny. Kidzilla didn't even make it to dinner, much less Saturday movie, she came in from the car when we came home and has basically been asleep since. Which means she'll either be bouncing off the walls at 2am or hopefully she'll be able to sleep off the remains of the ick and the mysterious leg cramps she's been having since last night. Six year olds are too young for blood clots right? :/

Late this afternoon as I was recovering from a severe spoon crash from the events of the afternoon, I determined that three year old boys are much like cats: most of the time they're self-centered jerks that want you to do what they want you to do and act weird after they poop. And sometimes, when you feel kinda super crappy, they'll come up, curl up next to you and do something quiet and soothing, like purr/play iPod games with the volume down while you read, and occasionally make sure you're okay by either asking if you feel better or by curiously sniffing your nose and then headbutting you. (Not that I would put the latter expression of concern past Lovebug.) But yeah, it was a lovely calming way to spend the hour between coming home and dinnertime, and I rather deeply appreciated it, especially as there were a few minutes when [ profile] cell23 and later the cat briefly joined the snugglefest.

Off to check on snoring chilluns, then continue my spoon regen with pjs, a book, and a warm cozy bed.
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Kids are both asleep, and [ profile] cell23 is across the yard socializing with people over 6 while I hold down the fort. The kiddos were both pretty exhausted after a very busy day visiting their grandparents and attending Athol's River Rat Race festivities (I'd comment on the wacky weirdness of small town annual traditions, but New York has its own annual wackiness like the Village Halloween parade and the No Pants Ride so I will wisely shut up) plus both of them are still getting over yet another "developing immune system ahoy!" bug, so they are so profoundly out cold it's not even funny. Kidzilla didn't even make it to dinner, much less Saturday movie, she came in from the car when we came home and has basically been asleep since. Which means she'll either be bouncing off the walls at 2am or hopefully she'll be able to sleep off the remains of the ick and the mysterious leg cramps she's been having since last night. Six year olds are too young for blood clots right? :/

Late this afternoon as I was recovering from a severe spoon crash from the events of the afternoon, I determined that three year old boys are much like cats: most of the time they're self-centered jerks that want you to do what they want you to do and act weird after they poop. And sometimes, when you feel kinda super crappy, they'll come up, curl up next to you and do something quiet and soothing, like purr/play iPod games with the volume down while you read, and occasionally make sure you're okay by either asking if you feel better or by curiously sniffing your nose and then headbutting you. (Not that I would put the latter expression of concern past Lovebug.) But yeah, it was a lovely calming way to spend the hour between coming home and dinnertime, and I rather deeply appreciated it, especially as there were a few minutes when [ profile] cell23 and later the cat briefly joined the snugglefest.

Off to check on snoring chilluns, then continue my spoon regen with pjs, a book, and a warm cozy bed.
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We took the bus down to Umass today to feed the ducks at the pond. There were a LOT of ducks. As in we were completely mobbed by waterfowl.

I think I successfully dodged Kidzilla's question as to what the original lyrics of that song are, lol.


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