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It continues to be arctic around here. Not nearly as bad as the great lakes area, but still, frigid. I have got to nail down my wool sock and footwarmer game because my toes went numb and cold enough to terrify me earlier from standing on concrete for about 15 minutes waiting for the bus to bells. I've gotten a little freaked about my feet/toes lately - the only thing that's still wigging me out about Dad's stroke complications was him getting gangrene. I'm still kind of having nightmares about that actually. So half an hour of my own toes being numb and pale didn't do much for my state of mind this evening. Again, all the wool socks. All of them. Dyeeeesh.

Aside from it being colder than Satan's left ventricle lately, not much is newsworthy right now. The middle couple of weeks of January are always kind doldrumy and dull - all the Christmas stuff gets taken down (though I have yet to pull down the tree - lazy) so it's all dark and dismal at night, aside from moonlit snow. Everyone's still mentally and financially recovering from the holidays and if you're like me and consider the holidays to be essentially Halloween through New Years, January by comparison is... dreary. My days are consumed by work, my evenings by beads. (Not posting a count, but I did pass the 2/3rds mark.) About the only really new thing to report is that I decided for the sheer hell of it to take a serious crack at learning Elian script.

Considering years ago I taught myself and a few friends to read/write in runes so we could pass notes in class in relative safety*, this should really not be surprising. Plus I find the ease of words becoming these glyph-like things somewhere between alphabetical and ideographical writing rather fascinating. Writing in it isn't much of a challenge, though I can't quite get the hang of stacking the letters in appealing ways yet. Reading it, though - hoo boy. That's gonna take some work. The immersion thread on /r/elianscript is still a bit too much for me. Hmm, though now I wonder if there's tumblrs for it...

I keep looking at my icons and wanting to replace or delete most of them. They aren't representative of what's been up with me lately.

One good thing about all this winter is that it's toddy and tonic season. I got a pleasant surprise this morning while looking for local retail places to buy black currant cordial - essentially THE place that makes it around here posted the recipe I sent them years back for my boozy version of their Winter Tonic on their website. So that was cool.

I leave you with this gem from tumblr that cracked me the hell up when I saw it this morning:

Seriously though, it can warm up any damn time now, really.

* we had the sort of teacher that would read them out loud to the class if he caught you passing them. The first couple of times he caught us after we started writing them in runes were priceless in their hilarity, though after that he'd just send us to the principal so it was kind of a Pyhrric victory.
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I wanted to get row five done today but lost a couple hours of beading time due to a misplaced needle and no spares, since I'd forgotten to bring them with me to cell23's parents' this afternoon. The misplaced needle turned up right before we left, in my nephew's sock. D: To his credit, he didn't freak out, just went "ow," plucked the needle from his foot, asked whose it was, and when I sheepishly admitted it was mine, sternly lectured me about how I should be more careful with my things.

Shame is being admonished by an 11 year old.

Eh, it was counterbalanced by me making casserole, feeding it to the kids, and having them declare it to me their new third favorite food. So, there's that. Of course, Kidzilla then made us both sit through The Adventures of Food Boy as her Saturday Night movie. Some day, when she is a teenager, I will PUNISH her for that. >_< And for Young Hercules in 3D. Then again maybe this is the universe paying me back for dragging my sister to see Masters of the Universe when I was about her age. That movie is amazing when you're eight years old and terrible just about anytime else.

I put on Toys as brain bleach after the kids had gone to bed. That is a strange ass movie. Very pretty, but super weird.

To bed with me, I have a bell performance and I have to be at church at ass o'clock tomorrow morning. >_<
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Finally got enough tomatoes and the time/wherewithall/rest of ingredients to try out this tomato basil bisque recipe.

Before putting it the blender:

After blending it and adding cream and cheese:

Verdict: is pretty damn yummy, I won't lie.

One kinda funny note - I'd forgotten to gather the basil out of the back pots before it got dark* so I had to tromp outside to get some in the rain. Since the back yard is dark as fuck and our back outside light has never worked, I opted to clip some of the basil in the boxes outside of our front window as those plants were marginally easier to see.** Ya know, thank fuck for Squire Village, complex of weirdoes. Anywhere else, I'm pretty sure a black woman skulking around in the dark in front of someone's living room window brandishing sharp things would be grounds for a suspicious 911 call. But no, the only suspicious witness to my 9pm basil clipping was Ash, who kept meowing crabbily at me because I am SO MEAN and won't let him OUTSIDE and he thinks this is TERRIBLE and CAT ABUSE and such, never mind that he's already proven he's too dumb to remember which door is his own the one time he escaped for an extended period of time. Cats, y'all. smdh.

But I digress. Soup is a success, most of it is now either freezing or just chilling in the big white box of cold downstairs. Between [ profile] cell23 making colcannon earlier and me finding cherry slurpees at Sevs, not to mention yummy soup stuff, it's very much a comfort food night up in House Browne-Tatro.***

* this was a late night food experiment - we'd had dinner earlier.

** The cats love this, by the way - the plants have grown tall and bushy enough to allow them to observe the complex in stealth mode. When we come home [ profile] cell23 and I often jokingly ask each other if the basil has eyes. Very often it does - and ears.

*** possibly also a fart like a muthafuckin' BOSS night. Cabbage'll do that.


Mar. 14th, 2012 11:07 am
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Temperatures for the next little while are expected to stay between 60 and 70 F. There are peeper frogs out at night. The cat is going more apeshit than usual and spends hours either at the open back patio door or in the newly de-plasticked living room window. Or trying to make a break for it when we open doors. Expecting her to resume her rocket powered charge through the patio screen at any moment.

Met with Lesley Arak last night to talk wedding photography. Have some lists to make.

It's pi(e) day. I don't think I will get any tasty pie today, but it's only 10:30am, who knows what lovelies the day might bring.

I took a mental health day yesterday to rest up and deal with the brain weather, though that was quickly explained by the onset of ladytimes. Feh. Thankfully the cramp fairy has the month off, but her spot seems to be filled by the EAT EVERYTHING fairy. I tell you what, this whole having an appetite thing is awful. I just want to eat ALL THE THINGS all the time. I would appreciate a happy medium between pig out and nonconsensual fast.

I baked cheddar biscuits though. Nom nom nom.

Anyway, the brain weather seems to have settled a little bit, though I clearly still have some ex-related angries that need to be either put to bed once and for all (not likely) or cheerfully beaten back into their little boxes until later (probable). No real point to stressing myself about it until I find some way back onto my wellbutrin.

Somehow after swearing that I wouldn't freelance anymore I found myself helping one of the campus cops with his photography web site after work on Monday. Oh well. Extra money is never a bad thing.

I have a date tonight with CuteGirl - we are seeing The Artist. We'll see how I do w/r/t terrified lesbian sheep tendencies.

Still struggling with creative projects and the actual working on of them.

I have accidentally an aloe plant. One of the techs upstairs was putting this pot of aloe shoots out with a "TAKE ME HOME" so I was all what the hell, I used to be really good at growing aloes. Actually I have to get cracking on this year's gardening projects. Now that it's warming up I need to empty out and wash out last year's pots and decide what things I want to grow besides tomatoes. Also repot Spidey, he's looking a little sad.

[ profile] cell23 and I are into the fourth season of Breaking Bad now. OMG this show. I can't even.

I have also broken my resolution to only have three books out from the library at a time. I met Lesley at the Jones last night and the temptation was just too great. Right now I have parts 3 & 4 out from Bujold's Sharing Knife series, Justine Larbalestier's Liar, Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest*, and Justin Cronin's The Passage out right now. Also reading Stolen continents : the Americas through Indian eyes since 1492. Occasionally I have to break up all the YA and fantasy stuff, and this book so far is pretty good. *sigh* because I really have oodles of time to read. Feh.

I feel like I need to use the time between now and PAX hermited up until I get more stuff finished, or at least until I feel like I have. Except the damn weather's all COME OUTSIDE AND SPEND TIME IN ME. I suppose I ought to enjoy these precious few days of springtime before the trees all wake up and start filling the air with their abominable itchy fornications.

* intrigued, as this series seems to have the same cover artist as the first three Kushiel books.
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Cold has progressed southward. I now have a chokey, phlegm-y cough to contend with. Yay. At least it goes away if I'm warm, but the trip to work was miserable.

Mood seems to have broken for the time being. Not sure what changed, but not knocking it.

By request, I baked the cheese biscuits again last night for the monday night gamers, to much appreciation. Combat is funny when everyone including the GM has their mouths full. Again, the main pain in the butt with this recipe is grating the cheese. Also remembering to set our oven 25 degrees lower than directed. It runs hot.

Odd desire to pull out the sketchbook and start drawing again. Not that I was ever all that great at it, but sometimes I get this urge to sketch things and it's on me now. I kinda want to do a series of pictures of characters I've played in various games in the past year, especially since the last regular one I've been in seems to be going on indefinite hiatus. But yeah, I kinda want to sit and draw my favorites. Anita and Mare, definitely, and possibly also the De'ath girl (I forget her first name) I played in the steampunk adventure with Lori's gang. I liked her a lot. Hell, even Sara Morgan from the SODA Vampire run has been up and wandering through my head lately. I also want to draw out the characters for SQWRRL, since currently I've got other people's images up on the site and I want to fix that at some point.

Other things I want to draw if this mood stays with me - I need to find the original vector files for the chibi pirate and ninja in my icon and see if I can either update that picture or do another one in the series, possibly for use in save-the-date cards. ([ profile] cell23 requested shooping in a wee TARDIS in the background of whatever picture we use. His random attacks of fanboy are pretty cute, ngl.) I also have a sketch of [ profile] 11th_letter among my papers that I've meant to flesh out and finish up for a couple years going I should tend to.

Who am I kidding, between all the stuff that needs doing, when the hell am I gonna have time to fucking draw? lol. Why can't these things just manifest, fully finished, from my head?

Fehh speaking of creative imagery, I'm about a week behind on my 365. Need to get back on top of that.

Not much else going, in other news.
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all right, LJ, I know some of y'all are closet bakers. Talk to me about baking mix recipes, aka make-your-own-bisquick.


Jan. 6th, 2012 08:48 am
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NEGL, I would bake and eat the fuck out of all of these.

Man, between The Hunger Games, A Song of Ice and Fire and Sunshine (which I really want to read again) it's a wonder I haven't gained 200lbs just by the power of suggestion. Of course, since the new hip thing is to come out with (mostly online) cookbooks to go with one's fantasy/science fiction, I may just. I mean, you're talking to the girl who thought a WoW cookbook would be awesome. Mmm, Goretusk Liver Pie...

Speaking of all of which, I ought to check if Whole Foods is gonna offer Part 2 of the Game of Thrones cooking class...
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1) The last loaf of pumpkin bread for the season. Except this time I'm adding rum raisins to it. The raisins are currently soaking up the rum in the kitchen and will for the next 45 min or so.

2) I have achieved a rather large bottle of Licor 43, a surprising feat as I remember running around last New Years Eve looking for this stuff and failing to find it anywhere in the valley. I have also procured orange juice. There will be lovely creamsicle tasting things tonight.

3) It's cold outside, and rumors of snow abound for tonight. How about something hot? Making a big batch of "winter tonic": usually a tablespoon or so of black currant cordial, another tablespoon of lemon drop schnapps, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey, and two teaspoons of sugar in a large mug, top it up with boiling water and stir. Yeah. Making a gallon jug of that. Still toying with the idea of going to buy a thermos to hold it in to keep it hot - figure I've got a bit until Bed Bath and Beyond closes to make up my mind.

80 proof drinks and dessert aside, wow. I'm remembering what my mindset and overall state of life was like on New Years Eve last year and I'm kinda floored by how much better I am this year. Here's hoping the uptick continues straight on through to next. Again, I don't have resolutions so much as a few modest goals to work towards in the coming year... and at some point I gotta find time to go to PAX, code and deploy a game, hold down my jobs, go to more movies, and, um, get married. 2012 is going to be rawther busy year, but I believe it will also be a good one. I've got a feeling about it, and for once it's not utter dread.

But first, the celebrating of getting through this one, ya? Starting with boozy raisins...
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How to make fantastic stew:

  • Bring home stew beef and root/aromatic veggies from the farmers market.

  • Let [ profile] cell23 take it from there so he can actually do things like soak the beef overnight in Guinness and season/roux the damn thing up like a French Canadian cooking BAWWSE.

  • Profit

Jesus Christ. And this is straight out of the pot too - the notion that this is going to improve and taste even better tomorrow is blowing my damn mind right now.

In other delicious things shut up and get in my mouth news, while experimenting further with the cordial from last entry I think I accidentally created a toddy recipe. Will need to try it with some actual whiskey or vodka at some point, but even the non-alcohol version is fucking good.
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One of the things I have been introduced to by way of the farmers market is this stuff:

That stuff. Is. Delicious. Specifically, it's Bug Hill Farm's black currant cordial. Seriously, I put a splash of it into a glass of lemonade with honey last night? Holy God in Seven Thousand Blazing Heavens. It's apparently really good in cider as well and currants are apparently insanely good for you, so there you go.

Anyway, if you're local, they're at the Amherst Winter Market on Saturdays, and if not, this is their web site, or explore some options local to you. Me, my next stop for this stuff is researching using it in marinade - so far all I've found is it's apparently really good on lamb. Hmm.
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Home today. Woke up this morning and both my intestines and uterus were having a JOLLY time inventing two-part harmony for pain. Called out, went back to sleep and had a morning of fitful dreams that involved people I know and am reasonably close to deciding it would be really fun to say horrible things about me to my face, hanging out with Hors D'oevres and Captain Elastico at a burlesque rehearsal for a show that was on my birthday instead of a week later, the cat trying to talk out of the back door to what at first was a space alien but through the miracle of dream logic turned out to be Lil'Beast in an awesome Halloween costume, and having every single thing I made last weekend and then boxed up/froze turn into containers of interestingly colored and therefore terrifying molds.

Fun morning. My lower regions seem a little better for the rest, if not exactly my head.

Have Things To Do today so I'm spending the afternoon and hopefully (caffeine and general ick feeling willing) the bit of the evening after game dealing with them. We'll see how I do...
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It seems I only had spoons and brainspace for the cooking bits of my aspirations for this weekend, but that's okay. After the frenzy of chopping and cooking tornadodom early yesterday afternoon I seemed to need the downtime and rest while stuff was actually doing the whole cooking thing, so I have no real regrets other than the usual nagging "I have to work tomorrow and the house is a mess and I haven't gotten anything done!" litanies, and since the last item is blatantly untrue (WTF, brain, were you absent all weekend?) and the house is actually better looking than usual owing to [ profile] cell23 and I cleaning the kitchen, picking up around the living room and getting the bags of recycling out of the house yesterday, I'm cheerfully ignoring the little voices and resting on my laurels.

The tomato sauce came out the pot this morning after seventeen hours of cooking (!) and was quite yummy, though had more of a chili note than a pasta sauce underpinning to the taste. More wine, garlic and sugar needed I think. A jar of it is in the fridge in anticipation of a pasta night later this week (maybe) and several containers of it are in the freezer. I then cleaned out the pot and filled it with the split pea soup components I'd assembled yesterday, three large smoked pork neck bones (yeah yeah, insert your favorite southern black stereotype here) and a couple quarts of chicken stock; eight hours later there was some seriously delicious soup waiting to be boxed up and frozen for lunch. That came out perfect - other than swapping out turkey neck for pork, it tastes pretty much exactly like Ruthy's. (Maybe better, but don't tell her that! Or Dad for that matter!) Even dinner last night was damn tasty, being my usual OJ chicken fancy dinner standby, and I think I've finally solved the dilemma of getting the gravy for that to thicken up in a reasonable amount of time (how long have I been making that? five years? sheesh) and since I made a whole tray of breasts a couple of those are portioned out and boxed up for lunch too. My goal really is to quit nickel and diming money on food, be it lunches, dinners or snacks; it adds up alarmingly fast (I do like to eat when intestinal drama permits it) and when I do the math at least 3/4s of where my money disappears is down my throat. (shut up.) Need to cut that shit out if I'm ever going to a) save b) pay down anything. Hopefully between the split pea and the potato leek soup, the chicken and pasta, I'll get that in better control, at least for the next couple weeks.

Still need to figure out what I'm going to do with the last few tomatoes, cause I need to do something and no bites on anyone possibly taking them. I ended up freezing the carrot greens; maybe I'll just blanch, puree and freeze for later? I suddenly wish I'd paid attention when Carole was teaching herself to can vegetables. :/ A project for next summer maybe, depending on whether I decide to do the whole tomato vines in pots thing again. Also kinda wish I had a juicer.

I wasn't cooking QUITE the whole time this weekend - [ profile] cell23, [ profile] deliriumdeva and I did make a trip down to the diner late last night for coffee and light fare and shooting the shit with [ profile] lysscat, which there was plenty of because the diner was dead for a Saturday. You guys, there's this Greek coffee frappe on the menu that not only is delicious, but had so much caffeine that I was sorta seeing funny auras around stuff after drinking half of it. *chuckle* not that [ profile] lysscat didn't try to warn me that I'd probably start vibrating after drinking one, but at the time that seemed like more of a recommendation than a deterrent. Still is. Whee.

Speaking of interesting effects on brain chemistry, I am current buzzed nigh unto tipsy; in celebration of getting a prodigious amount of slow cooked stuff done, I cracked open one of the licor43 nips and had that celebratory cocktail I'd been craving since first having this stuff at Christmas. And oh.... dear fates, it's just as good as I remember. And as potent. I now know why two glasses at Stanley's had me more than a little wobbly for a while - this sweet sneaky shit is 62 proof, which is murder to a lightweight like me and yeah, I notice that my already miniscule tolerance to alcohol has vanished along with my weight so I'm being good and only having one tonight. I'll save the other nip for when I need a treat with a punch.

[ profile] cell23 seems to be on a "so many drugs were involved in the making of this movie" jag on Netflix - over the past few days I've sat through most of both Hunter S. Thompson movies (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Where the Buffalo Roam) and today, Cannibal; the Musical. (I don't necessarily blame drugs for that one - Trey Parker and Matt Stone kind of naturally excrete crack into their bloodstream from some gland or another.) Also rewatched Hot Tub Time Machine, since cell23 had never seen it and it's just amiably silly enough to survive a second watching a year or so later. Currently behind on all of my TV watching other than Doctor Who. Still need to make a media consumption post at some point. Argh.

I think right now I need to eat something to soak some of the Cuarenta y Tres out of my blood though.
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You know, there are some days where you couldn't pay me enough to cook anything, and then there are days like today where i am become cooking tornado. I'm reminded of a bit of a long ago story I didn't write but was nevertheless written about my gang of friends at the time, and the charachter analogous to me had a regular night where she was in charge of dinner. The writer kinda had me pegged: the comment was made that the rest of the gathered company didn't know whether they were getting peanut butter sandwiches or a six course gourmet meal made from scratch. Yep. That's me.

Anyway, I got up mad early today, borrowed the Manbeast's car, went to the Amherst farmer's market, stopped in a couple other places for ingredients and other supplies, came home, and spent the next few hours chopping up stuff/running the food processor/blanching and peeling tomatoes. End result is that there is a large crock pot of tomato sauce bubbling away on the counter, which it will do until at least midnightish, if not later. Which is completely unfair because it smells fucking FANTASTIC now. As well as that (because if I was chopping up/mincing shit, I was gonna do it all in one go) there's a large mixing bowl of the dry bits of the split pea soup waiting its turn in the crock pot. And the orange juice chicken I'm making for dinner is cheerfully marinating in the fridge - just needs to be popped out and cooked. Later there will also be lemon rice to go with it and some kind of veggie... thing. Maybe. Whatever, it will be dinner.

So all that plus cleaning the kitchen was a butt-ton of work, but I think the delicious that will ensue will be worth it.

I also learned something quite dangerous today: Liquors 44 may not sell the 11.95 bottle of Licor 43, sadly (and I still don't feel like I can indulge myself in buying a $25 big bottle of the stuff) however they DO sell it in $2.30 nips. CRAVING ASSUAGED, mama's having delicious creamsicle cocktail later.

Now I have to figure out what to do with several large leftover tomatoes, a small bowl of minced carrot greens, and most of a bottle of burgundy wine, if no one claims them....

And now for something completely different... WTF Doctor Who??? Brain... broken...
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  • I'm getting better. The whole forcing myself to eat until my body stops treating food with suspicion seems to be working. Balancing it with lots of fluids, which seems to help. Small snacks instead of actual meals also seems to be the right way to go, especially since my stomach still likes to be all like NO after ten bites of anything. Not exactly 3 meals a day friendly right there.

    Surprisingly so far what has been pretty well accepted right now is cheese. I would think it would be something that would make me feel horrible but apparently this is not my week to be dairy-sensitive. So the last few days one of my primary nibbles is chunks of hard sharp yummy. [ profile] grinninfoole treated me to a small brick of Gruyere on Thursday and today at the farmers' market the lady at the Chase Hill Dairy Farm stand gave me the remainder sample chunk of her sold out Queso Veijo, so for right now at least it's an easily indulged craving.

  • Speaking of which, I did indeed go out to lunch with [ profile] grinninfoole on Thursday, though considering my digestive issues I opted to have chicken noodle soup instead of Bueno y Sano. I do enjoy our lunch dates, it seems to be a nice check-in/how are we doing for both of us and have some frank discussion about depression, recovery, efforts at being more social/adult/goal oriented and how all that's going for us. Other than my health issues, we both seem to be on an upswing at the same time, which is excellent.

  • D&D went decently on Thursday night; after a group consensus that combat and general gameplay needed to be tightened, I think overall we all did better. Apparently putting a chart down on my combat cheat sheet listing all my dice roll values helped me a lot - a fair amount of what slows me down during game, believe it or not, is trying to figure out what 17+26-4 is. We seem to be approaching the end of our campaign, and while I like playing Mare and enjoy the band of characters we've got going, I think I'm in agreement with [ profile] avalon616 here - epic tier is kinda rough and aspects of it are starting to poke me in the "this is why you never liked endgame raiding in WoW either" place. Starting to. They haven't quite gotten there yet. We'll see how we progress.

  • Work is actually pretty good now that back to school rush is over and the work study minions are starting to know what they're doing. The bad part is that my layout's been accepted so now I'm on the profoundly unfun bit of website design where I have to translate pretty shit in photoshop into CSS. Eugh. And I still have Other job stuff to do so if I can find a bit of time to work on that this weekend, next week should be nice, money wise.

    Oh and yesterday (well actually today, but never mind) was my boss's birthday. Apparently most of a slice of red velvet cake doesn't disagree with me either, go figure. ITS does not scrimp on the baked goods, seeing as besides the red velvet there was this cake called "to die for" that looked too much like diabetes on a plate to even want to get near, but damn. Also ITS has a fair amount of Polish folks. There was a rousing chorus of "Sto Lat" as the cakes were getting cut.

  • Kiddos are here, and for the most part, behaving themselves. Kidzilla's missing front tooth is ridiculously cute when she giggles:

    See? Oh here, since Lil'Beast decided to butt into the picture taking have a bonus.

    We had a nice visit this morning from their grandparents ([ profile] chirping_monkey's side) who dropped off a kitchen playset for them. Lil'Beast kept coming down the stairs and serving us invisible cakes. These are the moments that keep me from eating him, I swear.

    Every so often I have an "AAAAH TOO FAST STOP GROWING" with them. Between Kidzilla's facial window, having to raise her bike seat this afternoon, and the fact that Lil'beast is now too big for his PJs, tricycle and almost his sandals... yeah. They've both changed so much in the two years I've been regularly part of their weekends on this end of MA. And yeah, I realize it's what kids do, lol, come on, I'm still having issues with my nephew being legal to drink and getting tattoos and macking on women cause he tall and cute. Somewhere in the back of my brain he stopped growing around 12 and his siblings and Alejandra all stopped accordingly as well, no matter what their facebook statuses say. One of those things, I guess.

  • We also managed to make it out to the farmers market, as I mentioned earlier. Came home with ingredients for some ghost pepper chili (which I will not be eating, thank you) and I've been bugging [ profile] cell23 for two weeks to make potato leek soup, so he got stuff for that too. Noms are afoot. And the kids got maple candy and cheese and cookies so they as usual made out like bandits. I didn't personally get too much this time around, but I'm thinking next week I'll stop by the astarte farms tent, buy up a whole big bag of their end of season tomatoes as well as any I get off Icky and Sticky in the next week or so, plus a few other bits and pieces and try my hand at making an army sized batch of tomato sauce in the crock pot.

  • New eggs in the cave today! I know I know "you still play that game? lolwut?" yeah yeah shut up.

    Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Yeah, that's kinda life as I know it right now. In a few hours it'll be time for me and some of the crew to head down to Northampton for burlesque, and then tomorrow I think there's apple picking happening since we didn't get to go for Kidzilla's birthday. Definitely creeping on up to Fall... cannot wait...
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Once again I made these with the intention of long term snackage but judging by all the drive-by grazing that's been happening in the half hour or so since these came out of the oven, I doubt they're going to last too long. XD

Anyway, they are wicked easy to make if you have a little time to babysit the oven. Small oblong tomatoes (grape or plum) tend to work best. Today was mostly grape tomatoes with one plum and a few sungold cherry ones thrown in for variety/pan filling purposes.

  • Set oven to lowest setting (200°F is fine).
  • Cut tomatoes lengthwise into quarters (or eighths if working with a rounder tomato) and space evenly on either a non-stick or a parchment papered cookie sheet.
  • Sprinkle with salt, basil, garlic powder and/or pepper to taste.
  • Pop into oven for at least two hours.
  • Check every hour, remove from oven when all tomatoes seem dry but not crispy. Bigger tomatoes will take longer, obviously, grape tomatoes will take about 2.5-3h.
  • Let cool. NOM VORACIOUSLY.

So anyway the crate of grape tomatoes went to a very good purpose. I still have sungolds leftover for drive-by nommage as well. Really it's been a weekend of eating delicious farmers market food - between cell23's experiment in margarita pizza (I thought it was delicious, he thinks he can do much better) last night, and the utterly tastegasmic queso veijo I picked up yesterday and nibbled on this morning... yeah, it's been something of an omnomnom kinda weekend.

In other news after three days of high humidity and ominous clouds, it's finally thunderstorming out there.

Despite the picture, it's been a very half-hearted storm so far - a couple of grumblings from the sky and the rain has only just now picked up from a drizzle. Storm needs to nut up, in my opinion, though preferably not later, since [ profile] cell23 and I found out this morning that we have to ferry the kidlets back to Boston today. Le sigh.
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Farmers Market + August = so many tomatoes. (And basil. And garlic. And basil. And local sharp fancy cheese. but mostly OMG tomatoes.)

Remind me next year when I'm shopping for things to grow that I need to get a couple of sungold cherry tomato vines. UNNNFFF those are fucking delicious.

Tonight [ profile] cell23 is making margarita pizza for dinner, then I'm roasting up most of the crate of grape tomatoes for tomorrow and hopefully the rest of the week (though judging how fast I ate them last time, probably not) and the sungolds are just for drive-by snacking for me and the kids. Considering little miss "I don't like tomatoes" Kidzilla has been scarfing them by the handful, I don't expect those to last too long.

Speaking of things Kidzilla will eat by the handful, Goo is kinda crazy happy with the strawberry production right now, which is funny because she's technically out of season, but now it's all FLOWERS! BERRIES! MOAR FLOWERS up in her pot. May have to toss her into a bigger pot soon, she's the only one that didn't get an upgrade.

I was a little worried about TV's Frank, as he kinda came up stunted with brown leaves, and I wasn't sure he was gonna make it after I repotted him, but no, both him and Dr. Forrester (who is in much better shape) both have proto-cukes starting. We may get something useful out of both of them after all.

Icky and Sticky continue to shoot upwards no matter how many suckers I pinch off of them, but as they are flowering like mad and still putting out tomatoes, I refuse to worry about them. Nothing ripe yet off of sticky. Beefs take a long ass while. But they are SO GOOD when they're done so it's worth the wait.

The coleus pinching I nicked from behind Packards a couple of weekends ago has been sitting happily in a shot glass full of water on the kitchen counter, and since he now has little roots I plan to put him in dirt sometime this weekend. I think I've identified him as a Black Widow variety, so he may end up with "Parker" for a name, since Spidey is taken by the spider plant, who also has babies I want to stick in dirt when I have a minute. Not that I have too many of those.

And now, time to make me a sammich out of some of them tomatoes, ham and maybe a bit of that there fancy spanish cheese I also got at the farmers market. Nom.
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Bad/Annoying: Our fridge shat the bed, probably on Sunday. Thinking the defrost timer either broke or iced over. Hopefully it'll get fixed today, but in the meantime I've been on a bit of a spree of throwing out, cooking, or attempting to save what was in there. You all probably can surmise why this isn't making me very happy, particularly the half inch or so of cheddar cheese that had already developed a nasty case of green fuzzy pox. On the upside, [ profile] cell23 and I haven't gone shopping in a while so the fridge is pretty bare. Mostly annoyed because we did just get a gallon of milk which I had to tip down the drain and about eight eggs left that I now can't use, but the rest of what was in there in all honesty probably was about at the "throw me out nau" stage anyway. So it's really nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Also in solidarity with the fridge, the kitchen overhead light is starting to die, which translates to crazy making florescent flicker. Growl.

Silver Lining: Had to quickly come up with a way to get rid of both the two tomatoes from the back and the handful of cherry tomatoes we got over the weekend at the farmstand. They have been cut up, salted, dusted with basil and stuck in the oven; hopefully later today I'll have some delicious "sun-dried" tomatoes to munch on. At least today it isn't nearly as hot and sticky as it has been so running the oven on low all day isn't as miserable of a prospect as it would have been yesterday.

ETA: Dear CHRIST. I just sampled a few of the little ones. They are so delicious I could cry.

Good: I had an interview up at the Smith computer store yesterday which seemed to go quite well.

Even better: I had the car and the time, so I nipped down to Westfield to dust and tidy my office, call a couple of clients, forward my office phone to google voice and say hello to the gang down there.

Better than that: also was treated to yummy dead cow and henbitching by [ profile] htl_1126, whom I haven't seen in forever.

Slightly annoying: Westfield omnipresent road construction seems to have gotten exponentially worse since the last time I was down.

Excellent: It apparently HAD gone quite well, since they offered the job to me this morning. :) I start tomorrow. Yay money. Even better, yay weekly check.

AAAAAAAAAGH: currently somewhat paralyzed by my to-do list between now and the asscrack of tomorrow's dawn, which is when I'm going to have to leave. Totally procrastinating by posting to LJ.

So you know. Things are mildly exciting around here. Mildly.
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You guys, it looks like an entire box of Crayola crayons just exploded onto my head, and yes I mean that in a very very good way. And yes, there will be pictures, I promise. Really my one problem is that there might not be ENOUGH color radiating out of my head what with the long skinny microbraids and since I intend on wearing it in two very high pigtails for pax, I may be up Thursday or Friday night snipping out additional yarn to make into falls for the day. Or I might just decide fuck it. Whatever it looks amazing... and thank heavens I have a neverending supply of black/dark clothing - anything brighter than maroon is gonna clash horribly with this, lol.

I finished rewatching season 1 of Buffy while yarning up last night. (Can we say all hail the Netflix gods?) This is only my second time through the series, so this is the go-round in which I get to appreciate how far in advance Joss Whedon set up some of the key events later on, cause damn, foreshadowing a go-go. Also I'm kind of impressed by how well the series has held up after 14 years, The effects are starting to show their age, but everything else is still really engaging and watchable. And as usual when watching an older series, I'm O_o by how young everyone (David Boreanaz in particular) looks. You kinda want to run up to all the Scoobies and pinch their cheeks. Thanks to the glory of Netflix, it should be much easier to watch Buffy and Angel concurrently this time around seeing as I won't have the issue of having to maneuver between DVD sets. Ah the wonders of modern technology.

[ profile] cell23 needs to leave stuff in the crock pot more. By 5pm the house smelled wonderful and dinner was rather horrendously delicious. Also I need to take a crack at making stew sometime soon.

Today: work, to-do list, cleaning, bells, not killing the cat for being a dickbutt. Not in that order.

What are people giving up/working on for Lent? I'm not doing it this year mostly cause I didn't think about it.
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You guys, it looks like an entire box of Crayola crayons just exploded onto my head, and yes I mean that in a very very good way. And yes, there will be pictures, I promise. Really my one problem is that there might not be ENOUGH color radiating out of my head what with the long skinny microbraids and since I intend on wearing it in two very high pigtails for pax, I may be up Thursday or Friday night snipping out additional yarn to make into falls for the day. Or I might just decide fuck it. Whatever it looks amazing... and thank heavens I have a neverending supply of black/dark clothing - anything brighter than maroon is gonna clash horribly with this, lol.

I finished rewatching season 1 of Buffy while yarning up last night. (Can we say all hail the Netflix gods?) This is only my second time through the series, so this is the go-round in which I get to appreciate how far in advance Joss Whedon set up some of the key events later on, cause damn, foreshadowing a go-go. Also I'm kind of impressed by how well the series has held up after 14 years, The effects are starting to show their age, but everything else is still really engaging and watchable. And as usual when watching an older series, I'm O_o by how young everyone (David Boreanaz in particular) looks. You kinda want to run up to all the Scoobies and pinch their cheeks. Thanks to the glory of Netflix, it should be much easier to watch Buffy and Angel concurrently this time around seeing as I won't have the issue of having to maneuver between DVD sets. Ah the wonders of modern technology.

[ profile] cell23 needs to leave stuff in the crock pot more. By 5pm the house smelled wonderful and dinner was rather horrendously delicious. Also I need to take a crack at making stew sometime soon.

Today: work, to-do list, cleaning, bells, not killing the cat for being a dickbutt. Not in that order.

What are people giving up/working on for Lent? I'm not doing it this year mostly cause I didn't think about it.
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*insert crabby whining about [ profile] cell23's flight home being cancelled due to snowstorm*

I know I know, it's fine, I'd rather have him safe in DC than trying to travel in this mess, and he'll be home tomorrow, but still, ugh, *WHINE* my house is too damn quiet without him, even with music/news radio on.

There, okay I'm done now, stop throwing up.

In other news, I bounced out of bed at 8:30, worked pretty much all day, handled a crisis, and conducted more interesting experiments in Asian cuisine. (ETA: I apparently make a pretty damn good egg drop soup.) Also got the kitchen cleaned up finally. I'm apparently doing something right this week. And apparently bell rehearsal is still on, which I'm mostly yay about except for the venturing out in the cold part, which I'm not a fan of doing right now.


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