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So I mostly "wrote" this post with the Dragon Dictate app on my phone. I downloaded it at the recommendation of Ruthy, who apparently uses it for everything. Since she swears by it, I figured I'd give it a go. It'll be interesting because I speak very differently from how I write... I sense there will be a lot of editing in post. (ETA: Oh dear gods yes wow my spoken rambling makes NO sense written down, lol.)

So, what's been going on... Ferguson. *sigh* It's been really upsetting me, for reasons that should be pretty damned obvious. I don't really want to write too much about it, honestly, both because upsetting, and also because people out there and on the ground have already written, tweeted and livestreamed quite a bit about it in the past couple of weeks as everything unfolded. But yeah, it's... it's been bringing me down, so much that I can only take twitter in small doses now. It's also deeply affected Drew - the other night we had a talk about how he came to the realization I'd been kinda carrying since Trayvon Martin was killed - that if by some miracle (or if we accepted Nuke's still standing offer on paying for a vasectomy reversal) we had a kid, that one day it could be them dead in the street for little to no reason at all. Needless to say, it threw him for a loop, and he got further thrown realizing that I've lived with this constant threat all my life. It's funny, almost anyone else I'd be all *raised eyebrow* yeah, welcome to my life, have a T-shirt, it sucks. Not so much this time - I guess what I'm feeling regarding that discussion is less the usual racial schadenfreude and more of a "ohh, he actually really gets it." I mean, yes it sucks major balls carrying the knowledge of just how much the world sucks around. They're not kidding about ignorance being bliss. (And judging by some of the shit I've seen online, there are a lot of very blissful people out there.) At the same time, it's on some level a relief knowing he does think about it and understands some of it. Not going to lie, it's a nice change from several years ago and him being irritated by the very idea of privilege and how it applies to him.

In other life and adulthood suck news, lol... actually I have some reasonably good news on that front. Reasonably because money still sucks and is going to temporarily suck a bit more than usual, but the suckage will be in service to money ultimately NOT sucking in the reasonably near future. I know, that was clear as mud, and how about I say reasonably a few more times? I guess lets just say I'd been avoiding handling a particular chunk of financial stupid and it had been feeling like an anvil about to drop on my head, but I finally gathered my gonads and dealt with it this week. Again, the dealing with it is still gonna make life annoying for a little while, but at this point I will willingly take being slightly annoyed and inconvenienced over the weight I'd been dragging for the better part of two years. So go me? I guess? Ugh. After rolling around in the relief of finally getting that handled I fell into a sulk about the various little ways my life has been slowly spinning out of my control lately. In slightly less melodramatic turns, even before this week I've noticed there's been a gradual uptick in anxiety/avoidance/self-sabotaging behavior on my part this year. Well, really since about when Dad passed, but its lately gotten to the point where if it hasn't already, its gonna start marching up my pants leg to bite the inside of my ass. So I need to get a firm handle on the plates I already have spinning, safely remove a few, and then seriously sit down and start looking for therapists again. Because fuck this shit.

There has been Massive Monkeyspace Drama on Facebook this week too, which got to such a patently ridiculous level that it looped into hilarious. I'm sure modern incarnations of the purity tests we used to forward around in college have a question concerning "have you ever lost a friend in an online fight?" and I'm also sure I'm down that point as of Monday night, but honestly considering how things fell out I'm okay with that. While the actual drama itself was eyeroll-worthy at best the aftermath seems to be causing some old previous relationship scars to flare up again which just adds some delicious flavor to the mild suck soup that is my head right now. But, eh, it will pass and I will deal with it. I don't really want to get into it much further than that.

It's not been all suck either, but a lot of the not sucky things I can't put into a public post and I also have to go put the laundry in the dryer and return to the massive pile of work that still needs to get done tonight, boo. So I will just leave you with the high point of last weekend, which was cosplaying Carmen Sandiego for Bon Appetit Burlesque's "Around the World in 80 Twirls" show:

I can't remember the last time a costume made me so fucking happy. I've been a Carmen Sandiego fangirl since the game show used to air on PBS and I'd watch it with Roy Jr when he was wee tiny. Hell, I can still sing most of the theme song from memory, but that might have more to do with me also being a Rockapella fangirl. If the wig and the hat weren't so bloody hot I'd just be Carmen Sandiego all the damn time, though I am woefully incapable of pulling off national landmark level heists. I got a lot of compliments on the outfit. Desrvedly I think... I apparently can rock a red trench coat. :)

But back to life, back to reality. *sigh* *hatred*
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21590 / 25840 beads. 127 rows. 83.553% done!

It's certainly coming along! With any luck (and hopefully a minimum of wrist breakage) hopefully I can get this done by next weekend? Maybe? We'll see.

Life has been... well. Pretty much this, and podcasts and TV and will likely be that until I finish this. Hence the lack of postings. The two kind of major bits being dealing with Moonbeam's recovery, since he spent the better part of the week shut in our bathroom, to no one's enjoyment - the other two cats were freaked out by their comrade being trapped in there, Moonbeam HATES being shut up away from people, plus the inconvenience of not really being able to use the bathroom effectively. But thankfully Moonbeam is on the mend, is once again continent (thank fuck) and there is no longer kitty litter all over the bathroom (yay) so there was that. He's still on antibiotics for another week and on the urinary tract food at least until we finish the bag/cans, but at least that bit's not quite as gross. As an added perk, his general smellycatness seems to have gone away as well, so maybe the hideous breath was a sign of something else going on that the medicine is taking care of. Either way win.

Not much else to report other than attending a lovely party at [ profile] renegadethumper/[ profile] deliriumdeva's new place in CT. Those two do love themselves old converted factory spaces. Also I have various home improvement/cat amusement projects in the works for when this thing is finished... they mostly at this stage involve lots of measuring and discovering that I have pretty much forgotten all of my middle school trig except for the Pythagorean theorem. >_< Meanwhile I am terrifying the husbeast with murmurings on twitter about possibly needing 1500 feet of sisal rope and a whole lot of PVC pipe. Hey, I said they were projects. :P

But... first things first. Let's finish this one first.

Tomorrow, much to my surprise, I have off for MLK day. I will mostly be spending it going in for my annual as well as making a crock of stew for the week, and maybe not pissing myself off with tumblr: land of social injustice, to mark the holiday? :/ And of course, the beading. All the beading.


Nov. 27th, 2013 01:11 pm
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I dragged out the breadmaker last night and cranked out three loaves of bread - one for us, two to take with us to NY. And I'm not done - some whole wheat and pumpkin are also planned. There might have been cackling and repeated exclamations of BAKE ALL THE BREADS while I did so.

Drew and I are heading down to NY with [ profile] esotericscribe tomorrow. Prayer circle for us, lol.

9955 / 25840 beads. 58.56 rows. 38.526% done!

Can't see the forest for the trees. And the glare. Taking pictures of this thing is a right bitch.

Seeing as November ends on Sunday and this weekend is bound to be nuts I'm revising my goal count down a bit - from half done to 45%. I probably could bang out 18 more rows by Sunday, but I'd have time to do nothing else. 10 seems a bit more reasonable, though what will probably happen is I'll land somewhere in the middle. I'd be ok with that. Regardless, its still going MUCH faster than the Tetris one did - I didn't hit 39% on that until February. I mean I started it a couple weeks later in the year than this, but still I'm kinda boggled that I've managed to do in a wee bit under a month what took me twice as long last year. What a difference determination and a few improvements in technique make.

Anyway, time to fill my house with the smell of baking holiday stuff.
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Cookie for knowing what I'm referencing with the last three words. Obviously my name is not Elizabeth.

Been a pretty packed 24 hours, all told. Yesterday evening we got invited to [ profile] deliriumdeva's for what began as a crafting and wine night ([ profile] avalon616 and [ profile] deliriumdeva were constructing bits of their Halloween costumes) but expanded to include watching The Fifth Element with [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] renegadethumper. Much later in the evening, after the boys had excused themselves, I don't even remember how it even came up, but I broke into a snatch of "On This Night of A Thousand Stars" from Evita for SOME reason, and [ profile] deliriumdeva was all OMG I KNOW THAT SONG. It turns out that we both had serious childhood obsessions with cassettes of the 1979 Broadway cast. The one with Patti LuPone. And Inigo Montoya. And that ridiculous guy playing Peron with a terrible accent. (Rolling all your Rs and singing/talking through your nose =/= authentic Argentinean accent. It is, however, hilarious and would make a good drinking game.) Anyway after this discovery [ profile] deliriumdeva found the entire album on grooveshark and we had ourselves a bit of a singalong/nostalgiafest over our boozy crafting. Made it through the entire album too. I don't think I ended up going home until almost 3am.

Today I had a FUCK IT PAJAMA SATURDAY moment. It began with witnessing the dramatic and sticky end to [ profile] cell23's attempt at making rum inside a pumpkin - the pumpkin kind of imploded and got a hole in it, so we had this thick, sticky yet delightful tasting pumpkin spice syrup with raisins that needed disposal. While [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] deliriumdeva absconded with the remains of the disaster to find something to bake with it (they ended up with a not at all bad tasting bread pudding) I plunked myself on the couch to watch The Sound of Music, as it was due back at Captain Video later on in the evening. However it's already a bazillion hour long movie, and watching it was made slower because I would back up the musical numbers and watch them again with commentary. (Yes, I'm the movie dweeb that watches every single special feature/documentary/making of thing/horde of horrifying trivia about the movie included in DVD box sets. That stuff is like crack to me, and now that we have a blu-ray player it's only going to get worse.) On top of this, I had to keep pausing first because our neighbors were being DRAMATIC in the cul de sac, then [ profile] esotericscribe came over looking for costume fixings, then [ profile] avalon616 came over to be all Sexy Darth Vader at me (I'm not kidding, that's what she was dressed as.) So I got almost to the part where the movie explodes into an orgasm of OMGNAZIS and [ profile] cell23 came back with an invite to dinner and froyo with [ profile] oneforellis and [ profile] bloodandsmoke, so we all trucked down to Taco Bell (le sigh, the places I will go for my husband and friends), then to FroyoWorld, who have an amazing blood orange sorbet and a pomagranate tart flavor on tap this month. Nom.

After we got back I dashed out to Captain Video, as I was mistakenly under the impression that they closed at 9 and it was about 8:40 when I left, and I needed to return last week's DVDs. (They actually close at 11 on Saturday, good to know.) I ended up renting The Sound of Music again so I could finish it, and since it cost less to rent 5 movies than to rent 3, I also picked up Persepolis, Evita (last night's sing-along put the HUNGER in me) and blu-rays of Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin, neither of which I've managed to see yet. So, providing the electricity holds out this week, I'll be quite entertained. I've missed the experience of going to an actual video store to get movies. Its an experience not long for this world thanks to Netflix and other streaming media, but I'm rather happy to have one last holdout in which to wander through an endless forest of movie potential. It's not the same online. For one thing Netflix streaming doesn't have the bazillion hours of bonus material with their movies. ;)

Anyway, I came home and finished The Sound of Music. Man, the older I get the more douchenozzley Rolf becomes. I realize in all the bazillion times I've watched the movie it's been the same performance by Daniel Truhitte over and over again, but I swear, every single time I see it Rolf just gets worse to the point where I want to yell at Liesl for even wanting to sneak out in the rain to see him, let alone doing it. HE'S AN ASSHOLE, GIRL! HE'S GONNA TURN YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY OVER TO THE NAZIS IN ANOTHER TWO AND A HALF HOURS JUST YOU WATCH! HE'S NOT EVEN CUTE! HE'S GOT THAT KINDA HITLER YOUTH FACE YOU WANNA PUNCH! PUNCH IT GIRL PUNCH IT!

Yeah, um, come on, y'all know I'm not exactly sane.

During Ladies crafting wine and musical night and during the movie I actually got quite a bit accomplished. Apologies in advance for the crappy iPad pictures, my camera battery died and I have no earthy idea where I've put the charger for it. >_<

Bowser's hanger is all painted and mod podged finally! Instead of flat wood, he now has bright shiny 1up mushrooms. All that's left on him is installing a hook so he can actually, you know. Hang.

Well, look who made it off the loom in time for Halloween! I finally got her warp threads all woven in on one side today and so was able to finally free up the loom. About 1/3rd of the way through on her other side. I have zero idea what I'm going to do with her other than frame her, but man, its nice to see her this close to done after staring guiltily at her on her loom for over a year.

I've also begun Test #2.

This one's gonna take a bit longer than the last one because it's twice as wide, and I have other things on my plate that needed/still need to be attended to. Again, most of the point of this patch is to see if there's enough distinction between the yellow and pale lime - while I was eventually able to see the difference in the photograph from my last entry, I still can only barely see it in practice - which makes actually working with the two colors side by side a pain in the ass. We'll see how old Christopher here fares when I'm done with him.

And now it's almost 3am (again) bedtime. Tomorrow, and apparently the rest of the week, nothing but hey ho, wind and the rain. Damn you, Sandy.
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Yesterday was at times awesome, sad, uncomfortable, exciting and amusing. Overall, it was busy. Lots of running around to be done.

Anyway, gyn appointment was uneventful, and hopefully will remain so after the vaginapocalypse of 2010. (Okay it wasn't that bad. But colposcopies are a bitch and I do not want another one.) Other than the fact that he has to do uncomfortable things to my ladybits every so often I really like Dr. Patton. Also man, I tell you. You mention that your marital status has changed recently and you get entire offices of people in scrubs fawning all over your ass, if yesterday's and the day before's shenanigans were any indication. Wellp.

Aside though - I wonder what inspires a man to become a ladybits doctor this day and age? I'm not trying to be sexist here, though I'm aware there's a bit of bias coming through. I suppose there are lady urologists who get the same question. Really anyone, honestly - I just sorta want to walk up to folks and be all like "so, what was the moment you decided YES I WANT MY LIFE TO BE LOOKING AT PEOPLE'S JUNK ALL DAY EVERY DAY?"

For the record, I could never be a urologist. Don't get me wrong, I love your outdoor plumbing and what it does for me gentlemen (and a few ladies) but on the grand scale of all the beauty in the natural world, the male genitalia is maybe a notch or two above the duck billed platypus.

Also picked up my meds on my way home for the first time in... wow, almost a year now? Oh, medical insurance, you are wonderful. Hurray for being back in the land of $15 for a scrip instead of ten times that, and that's for a generic. We won't talk about my brand name gut pills.

Since I was super excited about getting my test beads yesterday I found a little change purse to slip the vials, needles and thread into and actually started/made a surprising amoount of progress on my test pattern while jumping various buses to and from the doctor. Between snatching beading time on the while, a bit during the opening acts at the concert (more on that later) and a little bit before bed, I got about four rows done.

I've gotten one more done since this morning and so far seeing the colors "in action" so to speak, I'm super in-love and excited.This is going to be an amazing project. It's also going to be a mind blowingly LONG project. At the rate I'm going, the fastest I can get a bead in is 50 seconds. Even if I get my pace up, once I get up to the full sized patterns, that's going to be 2.5 hours-ish per row. Yikes. Here's hoping my usual problems with attention don't kick in once I get started on the big project.

I haven't forgotten The Witch either. Been making myself work on casting her off this week during TV/movie watching tiem. It's slow, but it's happening. There will be pictures once I get one side off.

In supply news, I heard from Northampton Beadery yesterday. The Beadery prices are about in the neighborhood I'd expect after last week's online comparison shopping. A little on the high side, even, but you have to factor in a) no shipping b) local indie business. And I like them, so I'm okay with tossing them the occasional bead order instead of popping online to do it. (I'll keep delibeads bookmarked for emergencies - I was very impressed with their order turnaround.) However I apparently won't need to be placing any bulk orders for a bit because [ profile] harinezumi went to the fucking Miyuki FACTORY yesterday. O_o Yeah, you know what, I have awesome friends.

Midway through the day I got a text from my sister, apparently sent to all of us, reminding us all to celebrate and cherish Mom's memory. She passed away eight years ago yesterday. I had a rough few moments, but mostly of the "wow... it really has been that long" variety and not of the "I miss my Mommy" sort. I mostly shook it off and went on with my day, but it did drop my sails a little bit.

After bells, I went down to Northampton with [ profile] cell23 to see Electric Six at the Iron Horse with [ profile] omgwtfaninja and his Manzypants. I like Electric Six well enough - not enough to call myself a super fan or anything, but I've got ten or so of their songs on semi-heavy rotation on my iPod and most of the other stuff I've heard of theirs I like. Well. While the boys say it wasn't their best live show, I enjoyed them immensely and after experiencing Dick Valentine shenanigans in person, I can kinda see what is is on which [ profile] omgwtfaninja and [ profile] cell23 base their "stage personas." (Example, lol.) I was kind of expecting to not recognize most of their set seeing as I don't think I've heard any of their more recent stuff, but they decided they were going to play straight through their first album and meader around in Greatest Hits territory, so it turns out that they did seven out of ten of the songs I have of theirs and all of the ones I really like. Win. Bonus to getting to watch [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] omgwtfaninja (who really do have the most adorable bromance I've ever seen) rock out for the entire set ([ profile] cell23 has been complaining on twitter about how he isn't 20 anymore and Dick Valentine broke him) and getting to hang with the adorable Manzypants for a while. (oh, [ profile] head58, not that you read LJ anymore, but Neal says hi.) And as always I left the Iron Horse with the self-admonition that I really need to get out and see more concerts. Not only do I love that particular venue, but they have a knack for booking people I actually like. Alas, I never manage to go, for whatever reason - $$ and lazy mostly. Need to fix that. Not now, obv, but down the line. Kinda like I'm always saying I need to go to the movies more too.

Still a mindfuck to me being introduced to people as [ profile] cell23's wife. An enjoyable one, no mistake (public recognition, y'all know I love that shit), but I do wonder when and if that "Wait, what?? OH YEAH" reaction goes away.

Bah, why is it almost 1pm already? I HAVE THINGS TO DO and I haven't started any of them. >_< BAH. Oh, well, I don't need to sleep, right? :/
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Guys, all silliness and craft blather aside, something important to me. Listen up.

There's a group of people in NY very dear to me though I have not seen them in a while called Harmony House. I may have mentioned a while ago that one of their number ([ profile] purpura) has been having a rough time of it since the birth of her second child this past summer, and very very long story short, she's being prepped for a heart transplant as I post this.

If you're the praying sort or even just the think wonderful happy thoughts sort, send up one for [ profile] purpura, for the rest of Harmony House (they are a wonderfu, intelligent and fun bunch of people/kids), and lastly for the person lost whose heart [ profile] purpura is now receiving.

And if you haven't before, seriously consider becoming an organ donor.
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I have gotten sucked into the AAAGH MY CHILDHOOD trap of watching Sesame Street vids on Youtube due to a friend posting "my name is you" on FB and OH MAN did it go downhill from there. Captain Vegetable. The Haircut Song. The Ladybug Picnic. "One two three FOUR FIVE six seven eight NINE TEN eleven twelve." And then there are the Yip-yips.

I find it impressive that this has been making me laugh nigh unto peeing myself for more than 30 years at this point. Seriously, the blue one goes "OHHHH! Chicken!" and I just lose my ever loving shit. Jim Henson, man.

In other notable news, I had dinner with [ profile] htl_1126 tonight at the Hangar, which essentially is like us going to church to catch us some boneless chicken Jesus and we hadn't done it in a while. So much food, oh god. And endless "ha ha I'm drinking for 3" jokes. So glad to see her though - way too long!
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I do have Real Things to post about, but before I do that, a signal boost.

Help Support Fellow Curly Girl, Katie Morton and her family.

Katie ([ profile] purpura around these parts) and indeed all of Harmony House are amazing, creative, wonderful people. Please signal boost far and wide and if you're the praying sort, put one in for her speedy recovery so she can go home and be with her ridiculously adorable (and thankfully healthy) baby boy.
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Little less exhausted now, lol.

I started yesterday morning by sending [ profile] cell23 off to his 24 hour D&D adventure with the usual suspects at the Fortress of Atramoria, then finished up both my hair and the second season of Luther. Mmmm, Idris Elba... *drool* I am no longer unkempt; my hair is now shot with threads of a glorious cherry cola fire type dye lot, though this time it was definitely a case of the color being pretty over the yarn being easy to work with. Lighter, softer yarn = smaller twists = more time. Ow, my hands. I really need to just stick to worsted weight, no matter how pretty the color.

Yes, I took a picture. I don't particularly like it, but hey it was taken at 2am after a fun but exhausting night, bite me. (The one on my facebook is better.)

Dear gods, I have a giant forehead. I think actually that qualifies as a sixhead, actually. Really need to stop yanking my hair back in between yarn stages I think. Also, my actual hair has gotten all kinds of long. I usually don't tie off the yarn until a half inch or so after my actual hair stops when doing this, and so now the twisty parts of my hair fall a bit past the shoulders now. I still can't wrap my mind around the idea of my hair actually growing without snapping off into split end hell around my chin, but I'll take it.

As an aside, if anyone out there (and this better be all of you) is a Muppet fan? Even if, like me, you hate Elmo with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, check out the Kevin Clash documentary on netflix, Being Elmo. It's great. You may even cry.

After hurr was done, I met up with [ profile] aersi for skirt shopping adventures, which were fairly short in the end because I found a perfectly fluttery, too-short skirt for burlesque at Goodwill, which was the first place we stopped. I found a more respectable work/interview skirt as well. I'm weirdly elated that from the waist down I'm still comfortably fitting into L sizes. There are limits as to how tiny I can get and still retain my sanity, plus I LIKE having a booty, thank you! After that we hit up Old Navy and then went to McD's to indulge a mutual mcnugget and shake craving and also so [ profile] aersi could get herself the My Little Pony happy meal toys. I swear, pony fandom has completely eaten my friends list, lol. (It is an adorable cartoon for the most part.) We also drove up into the wilds of Deerfield in search of the Bridal Barn*, since they also carry my dress brand and I wanted to comparison shop. Fleh, $200 more. Course, 200 more vs driving all the way ass down to CT. *whine* decisions. Oh well. It wasn't an entirely unfruitful trip - I now have a business card with swatches of my wedding colors stapled to it, and [ profile] aersi and I spent about half an hour alternately squeeing, giggling, and recoiling at various tuxedo styles. Man, I tell you what, Western tux styles. Yeah, I got nothin'.**

Caught a nap, overslept, then hauled somewhat scantily clad ass to Northampton to kitten/"whore" at Bon Appetit Burlesque, which was just as much if not more fun than just attending the show. Basically the MC, Hors D'oeuvres‡ has "Hors Whores" that set up props for each performer and clean up the stage between acts as well as occasionally help the performers out if they need it while they're on stage. Backstage? It's pretty much stage managing, which I haven't done since high school drama and wellp, I found out that I actually miss the backstage theater running around shit. (There are reasons why Noises Off is one of my favorite plays.)

While running around in extremely impractical boots (yes the same ones I posted earlier - dear gods, my feet today!) I got to fangirl squee all over my favorite performers, including Dot Mitzvah and Nikki LeVillain, help out with a couple of acts, buy drinks for Hors, and freak out all over the cue and stage setup books. At the same time, while most of the squirekids were either held up at home due to Sunday work commitments‡‡ or the 24 hour D&D session†, this was one of those shows where I saw a crapton of people I don't usually see, so there were drinks bought for me by [ profile] grinninfoole, squee and hugs from Hobiecat Kitzmiller, and best of all, a completely unexpected appearance by The Cute Girl. (leather jacket? fishnets? yes please!)†† I also made a little bit of money - didn't realize kittens got a cut of the tip buckets, so that was a bonus. I helped run around and clean up after the show and drove home, enjoying the now-rare luxury of a nearly deserted I91 and some good music on the radio.

I overslept a bit again this morning and had to rocket out the door to make bell rehearsal on time. We sounded good, even if I picked up the wrong bell right at the end of our piece (D'oh!) and then I came home and crawled back into bed with an unconscious [ profile] cell23, where we slept in until 3 instead of doing the running around we'd planned. *womp womp* Oh well. Sometimes decadently lazy Sundays are needed.

tl;dr, it's been something of an excellent weekend. And WTF 6:30 and still being daylight out? This better not mean it's pitch black at 6am again, damn it...

* which I unfortunately conflate in my head with the Bedding Barn. That makes interesting imagery, let me tell you.

** Also zoot suit styles. You know, in case your ideal wedding is a recreation of the Smooth Criminal video, in which case I say your wedding is invalid unless you can get your entire party to do this.

‡ Pronounced kind of like if you were saying "Whores Divorce" in a very snooty Park Avenue accent.

‡‡ Though consider, one of the guys from Sirlesque not only had to drive back to Boston after the show (and I know they didn't hit the road until a bit after midnight), he had to be at work at 5am the following morning. That is some dedication to the craft for you.

† I may have to sit down and compile a post of tweets from that - they were wheeze inducing, especially starting around hour 13.

†† *shifty eyes* we may have a date to see The Artist on Wednesday night. Eeeep! Also I need to find more footnote symbols. Or just number the damn things next time.


Feb. 29th, 2012 02:53 pm
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It may be snowing a little bit in the Valley. Supposedly accumulation of up to 10 inches.

Well damn, Winter. Nice of you to finally show up. Shopping and getting home is going to be interesting...

In other news, amazing how a reasonably dull workday can be livened up by a friend dropping in. Especially when said friend just got contacts and so you mistake her for yet another random student looking for a MacBook charger or something. That said, eeee and yay for drop ins and subsequent lunchies by and with [ profile] deliriumdeva.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 01:49 pm
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When I was a kid, I used to read Webster's Nth Collegiate dictionary in the bathroom. Really. Today's word, I think is as follows.



As if smacked (“hit”) in the gob (“mouth (Irish / Scottish gaelic)”).

Attested since 1980s, from Northern English dialect, particularly Liverpool, popularized via television.


gobsmacked (comparative more gobsmackedsuperlative most gobsmacked)

  1. (chiefly UK, slang) Flabbergastedastoundedspeechlessoverawed.
    • 1989, Glenn Frankel, "Salman Rushdie's Life on the Run," Los Angeles Times, 7 Aug.,
      We were as appalled and stunned and confused and gobsmacked (punched on the mouth) as anyone else.
    • 2008, Caroline Mallan, "Linwood Barclay novel wins a plug on key UK book list," Toronto Star, 16 Jun., p. A2,
      "I guess the word would be gobsmacked," Barclay said, of his reaction. "I am stunned."

Man, life and the curveballs...
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Yeah I know it's ass o'clock am, what am I doing up. I woke up two hours-ish ago and its a good thing I did as my iPod was out of juice and none of my alarms were set for the day. At this rate, seeing as they're gonna go off in half an hour I might as well loop through for my work day and nap when I get home.

Yesterday (it still feels like today) was pretty awesome - productive shit was accomplished around the house in terms of cleaning, although in the process I encountered Horrendous Colonies of Green Fuzz. Note to self - I need to be more vigilant about rinsing out my plastic lunch containers when I get home. But I'm perversely proud of myself - apparently it takes three instances of stealth mold attacks now to freak me out as opposed to one, so I suppose I'm getting better with that whole green fuzzy phobia. Still. Need to stay on top of the kitchen a little more cause ewwww.

We has bookshelves in our bedroom now! Lol the cat is so confused right now. She seriously doesn't know what to make of there suddenly being these odd structures she can climb into. Considering I haven't had a chance to really unpack books to fill them with yet, she's been jumping in and out of the shelves in an investigative manner for most of the afternoon. Even caught her curled up on the top shelf of one next to my manga, which was all kinds of both cute and WTF.

Midway through my morning I got pinged by [ profile] htl_1126, who was all like O HAI I'M IN TOWN AND IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY I'M TREATING BOTH OF US TO HANGAR WINGS AND BEER. Talk about offers I cannot refuse! So out we went and indeed Wings were had. Oh God. Hangar wings. There is something about having them in the actual restaurant fresh out the kitchen that notches them up from delicious chicken crack to a near religious experience. Nothing like the 2 pound $45 ribeye steak [ profile] cell23 had apparently, but I'm not super picky about my indulgences. Dead thing is dead thing.

I'd been facebook chatting with CuteGirl this past week since we keep being all non-proactive about getting together. Accursed lesbian sheep syndrome. Anyway she works in Amherst so I decided to wander by and say hello at the end of her shift. Ended up staying until she closed and then afterward we went to Barts for ice cream and sweet stuff and shit shooting. I had a lovely time and came home on a cloud of squee. I don't know where that's going but I'm enjoying it. Now hopefully it won't be another three months before we connect up again, but I doubt it will since we now know each other's work/game schedules. Muuuuhahahaha

It dawned on me that I've been on a meat and sugar bender since early Friday. Sheesh, no wonder I'm getting sick. Thankfully it remains a minor cold and once I quit dusting today my nose stopped running like a faucet so hopefully it'll be a short lived one as well. Can I be amused by how every time I'd go to New York for a week earlier this year [ profile] cell23 would usually come straight down with something a couple of days later and now that he's the one gone, I'm the one all sniffly and ew? Oy.

I'm a little mad I volunteered to work today seeing as I'm nowhere near done with the housecleaning I wanted to get done and don't really feel like going in, but I like getting paid, so off I'll go in an hour. I have errands to run anyway. Still, no complaints about the weekend. None at all. :)


Oct. 8th, 2011 12:51 am
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Reasons why today was awesome:

2am [censored] last night. Tee Hee.

My boss and several of the minions snuck up on me earlier this morning and were all LOLSURPRISEHAPPYBIRTHDAYHAVESOMEDIABEETUS. No really, I turned around and my boss was holding a box of six bits of baked and frosted decadence from Gregory's bakery in Hadley. In the center was this red velvet... THING. So much buttercream oh gods.

Lunch hour I went downtown on errand. Lets just say I spent about sixty bucks at Oh My and came out a very happy woman and leave it at that. Thanks for the birthday money, sis. XD Managed to also snag a black dragon coleus clipping - lets see if I can keep it alive.

Stopped at Walmart on my way home (yes yes shut up) and bought two low bookcases for our bedroom. Thank fucking god, places to put books and shit that aren't the same cardboard boxes I've been staring at since we moved in. Assembling those will be my project this weekend.

got taken out to the ABC for a lovely steak dinner by [ profile] cell23, who turns out to be a devious and sneaky fuck indeed, seeing as after we finished up he convinced me he wanted to take a look around the new restaurant for a bit, so we went past the bar and into the pool and dart space they used to have at "the Upstairs" to find that a a good chunk of the Squirefolk were there and were all HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I was like EEEOMG because APPARENTLY [ profile] cell23 set this up all sneaky-like and I totally didn't suspect a thing and was actually surprised to see everyone. I got plied with alcohol (can you tell I'm still a little tipsy?) and got to play pool and throw sharp things at round things and EEEEEEOMG there was totally surprizorz for me and it was awesome. Thanks for coming everyone.

So yeah, as far as birthdays go, I wasn't expecting much special out of this one and yet it ended up being the best birthday I've had in at least five years. Clearly I win everything tonight.

So, happy birthday to me. Now on with this being 33 nonsense.
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It seems I only had spoons and brainspace for the cooking bits of my aspirations for this weekend, but that's okay. After the frenzy of chopping and cooking tornadodom early yesterday afternoon I seemed to need the downtime and rest while stuff was actually doing the whole cooking thing, so I have no real regrets other than the usual nagging "I have to work tomorrow and the house is a mess and I haven't gotten anything done!" litanies, and since the last item is blatantly untrue (WTF, brain, were you absent all weekend?) and the house is actually better looking than usual owing to [ profile] cell23 and I cleaning the kitchen, picking up around the living room and getting the bags of recycling out of the house yesterday, I'm cheerfully ignoring the little voices and resting on my laurels.

The tomato sauce came out the pot this morning after seventeen hours of cooking (!) and was quite yummy, though had more of a chili note than a pasta sauce underpinning to the taste. More wine, garlic and sugar needed I think. A jar of it is in the fridge in anticipation of a pasta night later this week (maybe) and several containers of it are in the freezer. I then cleaned out the pot and filled it with the split pea soup components I'd assembled yesterday, three large smoked pork neck bones (yeah yeah, insert your favorite southern black stereotype here) and a couple quarts of chicken stock; eight hours later there was some seriously delicious soup waiting to be boxed up and frozen for lunch. That came out perfect - other than swapping out turkey neck for pork, it tastes pretty much exactly like Ruthy's. (Maybe better, but don't tell her that! Or Dad for that matter!) Even dinner last night was damn tasty, being my usual OJ chicken fancy dinner standby, and I think I've finally solved the dilemma of getting the gravy for that to thicken up in a reasonable amount of time (how long have I been making that? five years? sheesh) and since I made a whole tray of breasts a couple of those are portioned out and boxed up for lunch too. My goal really is to quit nickel and diming money on food, be it lunches, dinners or snacks; it adds up alarmingly fast (I do like to eat when intestinal drama permits it) and when I do the math at least 3/4s of where my money disappears is down my throat. (shut up.) Need to cut that shit out if I'm ever going to a) save b) pay down anything. Hopefully between the split pea and the potato leek soup, the chicken and pasta, I'll get that in better control, at least for the next couple weeks.

Still need to figure out what I'm going to do with the last few tomatoes, cause I need to do something and no bites on anyone possibly taking them. I ended up freezing the carrot greens; maybe I'll just blanch, puree and freeze for later? I suddenly wish I'd paid attention when Carole was teaching herself to can vegetables. :/ A project for next summer maybe, depending on whether I decide to do the whole tomato vines in pots thing again. Also kinda wish I had a juicer.

I wasn't cooking QUITE the whole time this weekend - [ profile] cell23, [ profile] deliriumdeva and I did make a trip down to the diner late last night for coffee and light fare and shooting the shit with [ profile] lysscat, which there was plenty of because the diner was dead for a Saturday. You guys, there's this Greek coffee frappe on the menu that not only is delicious, but had so much caffeine that I was sorta seeing funny auras around stuff after drinking half of it. *chuckle* not that [ profile] lysscat didn't try to warn me that I'd probably start vibrating after drinking one, but at the time that seemed like more of a recommendation than a deterrent. Still is. Whee.

Speaking of interesting effects on brain chemistry, I am current buzzed nigh unto tipsy; in celebration of getting a prodigious amount of slow cooked stuff done, I cracked open one of the licor43 nips and had that celebratory cocktail I'd been craving since first having this stuff at Christmas. And oh.... dear fates, it's just as good as I remember. And as potent. I now know why two glasses at Stanley's had me more than a little wobbly for a while - this sweet sneaky shit is 62 proof, which is murder to a lightweight like me and yeah, I notice that my already miniscule tolerance to alcohol has vanished along with my weight so I'm being good and only having one tonight. I'll save the other nip for when I need a treat with a punch.

[ profile] cell23 seems to be on a "so many drugs were involved in the making of this movie" jag on Netflix - over the past few days I've sat through most of both Hunter S. Thompson movies (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Where the Buffalo Roam) and today, Cannibal; the Musical. (I don't necessarily blame drugs for that one - Trey Parker and Matt Stone kind of naturally excrete crack into their bloodstream from some gland or another.) Also rewatched Hot Tub Time Machine, since cell23 had never seen it and it's just amiably silly enough to survive a second watching a year or so later. Currently behind on all of my TV watching other than Doctor Who. Still need to make a media consumption post at some point. Argh.

I think right now I need to eat something to soak some of the Cuarenta y Tres out of my blood though.
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  • I'm getting better. The whole forcing myself to eat until my body stops treating food with suspicion seems to be working. Balancing it with lots of fluids, which seems to help. Small snacks instead of actual meals also seems to be the right way to go, especially since my stomach still likes to be all like NO after ten bites of anything. Not exactly 3 meals a day friendly right there.

    Surprisingly so far what has been pretty well accepted right now is cheese. I would think it would be something that would make me feel horrible but apparently this is not my week to be dairy-sensitive. So the last few days one of my primary nibbles is chunks of hard sharp yummy. [ profile] grinninfoole treated me to a small brick of Gruyere on Thursday and today at the farmers' market the lady at the Chase Hill Dairy Farm stand gave me the remainder sample chunk of her sold out Queso Veijo, so for right now at least it's an easily indulged craving.

  • Speaking of which, I did indeed go out to lunch with [ profile] grinninfoole on Thursday, though considering my digestive issues I opted to have chicken noodle soup instead of Bueno y Sano. I do enjoy our lunch dates, it seems to be a nice check-in/how are we doing for both of us and have some frank discussion about depression, recovery, efforts at being more social/adult/goal oriented and how all that's going for us. Other than my health issues, we both seem to be on an upswing at the same time, which is excellent.

  • D&D went decently on Thursday night; after a group consensus that combat and general gameplay needed to be tightened, I think overall we all did better. Apparently putting a chart down on my combat cheat sheet listing all my dice roll values helped me a lot - a fair amount of what slows me down during game, believe it or not, is trying to figure out what 17+26-4 is. We seem to be approaching the end of our campaign, and while I like playing Mare and enjoy the band of characters we've got going, I think I'm in agreement with [ profile] avalon616 here - epic tier is kinda rough and aspects of it are starting to poke me in the "this is why you never liked endgame raiding in WoW either" place. Starting to. They haven't quite gotten there yet. We'll see how we progress.

  • Work is actually pretty good now that back to school rush is over and the work study minions are starting to know what they're doing. The bad part is that my layout's been accepted so now I'm on the profoundly unfun bit of website design where I have to translate pretty shit in photoshop into CSS. Eugh. And I still have Other job stuff to do so if I can find a bit of time to work on that this weekend, next week should be nice, money wise.

    Oh and yesterday (well actually today, but never mind) was my boss's birthday. Apparently most of a slice of red velvet cake doesn't disagree with me either, go figure. ITS does not scrimp on the baked goods, seeing as besides the red velvet there was this cake called "to die for" that looked too much like diabetes on a plate to even want to get near, but damn. Also ITS has a fair amount of Polish folks. There was a rousing chorus of "Sto Lat" as the cakes were getting cut.

  • Kiddos are here, and for the most part, behaving themselves. Kidzilla's missing front tooth is ridiculously cute when she giggles:

    See? Oh here, since Lil'Beast decided to butt into the picture taking have a bonus.

    We had a nice visit this morning from their grandparents ([ profile] chirping_monkey's side) who dropped off a kitchen playset for them. Lil'Beast kept coming down the stairs and serving us invisible cakes. These are the moments that keep me from eating him, I swear.

    Every so often I have an "AAAAH TOO FAST STOP GROWING" with them. Between Kidzilla's facial window, having to raise her bike seat this afternoon, and the fact that Lil'beast is now too big for his PJs, tricycle and almost his sandals... yeah. They've both changed so much in the two years I've been regularly part of their weekends on this end of MA. And yeah, I realize it's what kids do, lol, come on, I'm still having issues with my nephew being legal to drink and getting tattoos and macking on women cause he tall and cute. Somewhere in the back of my brain he stopped growing around 12 and his siblings and Alejandra all stopped accordingly as well, no matter what their facebook statuses say. One of those things, I guess.

  • We also managed to make it out to the farmers market, as I mentioned earlier. Came home with ingredients for some ghost pepper chili (which I will not be eating, thank you) and I've been bugging [ profile] cell23 for two weeks to make potato leek soup, so he got stuff for that too. Noms are afoot. And the kids got maple candy and cheese and cookies so they as usual made out like bandits. I didn't personally get too much this time around, but I'm thinking next week I'll stop by the astarte farms tent, buy up a whole big bag of their end of season tomatoes as well as any I get off Icky and Sticky in the next week or so, plus a few other bits and pieces and try my hand at making an army sized batch of tomato sauce in the crock pot.

  • New eggs in the cave today! I know I know "you still play that game? lolwut?" yeah yeah shut up.

    Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Yeah, that's kinda life as I know it right now. In a few hours it'll be time for me and some of the crew to head down to Northampton for burlesque, and then tomorrow I think there's apple picking happening since we didn't get to go for Kidzilla's birthday. Definitely creeping on up to Fall... cannot wait...
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Bad/Annoying: Our fridge shat the bed, probably on Sunday. Thinking the defrost timer either broke or iced over. Hopefully it'll get fixed today, but in the meantime I've been on a bit of a spree of throwing out, cooking, or attempting to save what was in there. You all probably can surmise why this isn't making me very happy, particularly the half inch or so of cheddar cheese that had already developed a nasty case of green fuzzy pox. On the upside, [ profile] cell23 and I haven't gone shopping in a while so the fridge is pretty bare. Mostly annoyed because we did just get a gallon of milk which I had to tip down the drain and about eight eggs left that I now can't use, but the rest of what was in there in all honesty probably was about at the "throw me out nau" stage anyway. So it's really nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Also in solidarity with the fridge, the kitchen overhead light is starting to die, which translates to crazy making florescent flicker. Growl.

Silver Lining: Had to quickly come up with a way to get rid of both the two tomatoes from the back and the handful of cherry tomatoes we got over the weekend at the farmstand. They have been cut up, salted, dusted with basil and stuck in the oven; hopefully later today I'll have some delicious "sun-dried" tomatoes to munch on. At least today it isn't nearly as hot and sticky as it has been so running the oven on low all day isn't as miserable of a prospect as it would have been yesterday.

ETA: Dear CHRIST. I just sampled a few of the little ones. They are so delicious I could cry.

Good: I had an interview up at the Smith computer store yesterday which seemed to go quite well.

Even better: I had the car and the time, so I nipped down to Westfield to dust and tidy my office, call a couple of clients, forward my office phone to google voice and say hello to the gang down there.

Better than that: also was treated to yummy dead cow and henbitching by [ profile] htl_1126, whom I haven't seen in forever.

Slightly annoying: Westfield omnipresent road construction seems to have gotten exponentially worse since the last time I was down.

Excellent: It apparently HAD gone quite well, since they offered the job to me this morning. :) I start tomorrow. Yay money. Even better, yay weekly check.

AAAAAAAAAGH: currently somewhat paralyzed by my to-do list between now and the asscrack of tomorrow's dawn, which is when I'm going to have to leave. Totally procrastinating by posting to LJ.

So you know. Things are mildly exciting around here. Mildly.
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The problem with summertime + not having a regular 9-5 gig is that my bedtime starts drifting later and later until suddenly it's early and less early. I suppose it's just nature taking over - I'm kind of naturally nocturnal. Having a parent working second shift for most of your childhood will do that to you - you start treasuring the opportunities to stay up late so you can hang out with them. I just never got out of the habit.

Last night I went with [ profile] avalon616 down to Tower Theater in South Hadley to attend the last (for a while) Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast. I generally don't like shadowcasts and callback type shows (no, not a big Rocky person either, though I like the movie itself), but I ended up having a good time at this one. Though I will note with a shake of my head that my Henchgirl outfit was insanely better than the stage henchgirl... considering I put that outfit together in 20 minutes in a cave with a box of scraps? yeah.* And I'll give the gal playing Giles Nathan props - she had the Repo Man coat and mask and everything down. Also the chickie doing Blind Mag? Hawt.

Okay, we might have gone for the express purpose of enjoying cute girls in gothy outfits. Maybe.

Got home at 3am and slept in until 1. Ooops. Guess I needed the sleep.

Despite the late start, I've had quite the productive day. Went swimming, went shopping, watched Torchwood and Thundercats, played furniture tetris with [ profile] avalon616 and [ profile] cell23 and a very pretty but large/unweildy desk, and even got a bit of stargazing in, so it's not like I lost the day or anything. Oh and I finished beading The Witch:

She kinda came out looking a bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones this time. I'm okay with this. Alas, fun part is over - now comes the tedious icky bit where I cast her off the loom and weave all the warp threads in. In case you couldn't tell, "finishing" a piece is my least favorite bit. I also haven't figured out quite how to "finish" her either. Some experiments with mats and frames might be in order.

I bought new pots today. At some point tomorrow morning I have to nip down to Annies for more dirt and repot the tomato plants one last time, since they're getting a bit out of hand. After that I have to split up the cukes into the tomatoes' old pots so they have some breathing room. Goo (the strawberry) is very happy where she is, flowering like crazy and putting out fruit right and left. Still rather boggled that not only did I manage to keep six plants alive this summer, five of them put out edible stuff. Kinda psyched that one of the tomatoes is just about ready to slice up and nom, in a "HEY I GREW THAT" sort of way. Still on the lookout for a black coleus I can take a pinch off of, though. May have to make a field trip to Amherst or Smith and scour their landscaping for some one day. Either that or wait until the next time I go to NY - there was a planter not too far from the Megabus pickup point that had the EXACT type of coleus I want, but I didn't have a bottle of water on me last time I was there. Next time, Gadget. Not gonna post the plant pictures, but if you want to admire my tommy-toes, here's my OMG! PLANTS picasa album.'s late. I should stop nattering about plants and other inanities and think about going to bed... or something.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ~~ Adopt one today!

* The scales are tipped in my favor to begin with since at the last minute I opted to forgo the practical but still cute ankle boots for patent leather knee hi platform heels. Half the compliments I got for the cosplay were for the boots alone. My feet and calves were KILLING me when I got home and everything below the waist was sore from being in them all evening, but it was so worth it for the compliment whoring factor.
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So I now have this combination printer/scanner/copier thing sitting on top of my tower courtesy of [ profile] stormslegacy. I spent a little bit of time tonight first weeding though a Diamond Comics box full of pictures I have been meaning to put into albums for at least five or more years and scanning some for the MSFC facebook group I mentioned earlier. I've also thrown out quite a few - some I don't want to see ever again for obvious reasons, some were simply bad shots, most... I know ostensibly there was some reason I had doubles made of every goddamn picture I took in college but as I winnow through these stacks of pictures and weed out the dupes, I've concluded that whatever it was, it wasn't a good reason. (It was probably honestly because it was free.)

But yeah, um. Wow. If anything this box is all the evidence needed to prove that my friends have always been utterly wacky creative types and none of them (especially not [ profile] harinezumi - yes, I still have the pics of you in seriously bad drag) should ever run for political office. Also wow. We were all so goddamn... young... fifteenish years ago.

Speaking of young, there's also this.

Like [ profile] bellarisa couldn't resist pointing out, yes, I have one of those faces that hasn't really changed since the Carter administration (Which I was alive for, thank you, this picture was taken during it). Just less baby fat these days. And more hair/yarn.

Bedtime now.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ~~ Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So I now have this combination printer/scanner/copier thing sitting on top of my tower courtesy of [ profile] stormslegacy. I spent a little bit of time tonight first weeding though a Diamond Comics box full of pictures I have been meaning to put into albums for at least five or more years and scanning some for the MSFC facebook group I mentioned earlier. I've also thrown out quite a few - some I don't want to see ever again for obvious reasons, some were simply bad shots, most... I know ostensibly there was some reason I had doubles made of every goddamn picture I took in college but as I winnow through these stacks of pictures and weed out the dupes, I've concluded that whatever it was, it wasn't a good reason. (It was probably honestly because it was free.)

But yeah, um. Wow. If anything this box is all the evidence needed to prove that my friends have always been utterly wacky creative types and none of them (especially not [ profile] harinezumi - yes, I still have the pics of you in seriously bad drag) should ever run for political office. Also wow. We were all so goddamn... young... fifteenish years ago.

Speaking of young, there's also this.

Like [ profile] bellarisa couldn't resist pointing out, yes, I have one of those faces that hasn't really changed since the Carter administration (Which I was alive for, thank you, this picture was taken during it). Just less baby fat these days. And more hair/yarn.

Bedtime now.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ~~ Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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This has become a kid weekend favorite around here - if the kids need cheering up or a reward for good behavior we'll sit in front of my computer and watch OK Go videos. Especially this one. I'm still agog at how they managed to train up that many shelter dogs for it. But the best moment of the morning was sitting here watching the video for "Here it Goes Again" and singing along with both kids. There is nothing cuter than three and six year old singing. Well okay, maybe momonga:

Those are some precious little fuckers, you have to admit.

Not much on the agenda other than attending a Geoffroy gathering later with the kids and picking/hooking up a scanner from [ profile] stormslegacy so I can put up some pictures on the MSFC facebook group. Also planning out my week. There is Stuff To Be Done, as always.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ~~ Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Hmm. Need a new icon for them, lol.


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