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So Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time is in my top five for books I would read and reread and reread growing up. I still have my Bantam paperback edition somewhere, but it's so old and decrepit that I'm pretty sure the scotch tape holding it together in some places has aged to the point of giving up. It's funny because someone gave me the book when I was seven or eight and I distinctly remember failing to get into it at all the first couple of attempts, and then for some reason the third time I finally made it past Mrs Which (chapter 3) and stayed up all night to finish it, cursing myself for an idiot the whole way. After which I snatched up A Wind In the Door and loved the hell out of that one too. (Interestingly enough I did not care for A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and even though I was excited when it came out Many Waters disappointed me as well. (Mostly because I just didn't care about Sandy and Dennys nearly as much as I did Meg and Charles Wallace... which I still pronounce in my head as "Wallance" even though I realized I'd been misreading it years ago.)

That said... I tend to be very forgiving of adaptations to the point where I look at people that are all like "yes but the movie failed to match the pictures in my head so I wish it didn't have the same title because ITS NOT THE SAME STORY" like they sprouted third noses. I mean... OF COURSE it doesn't match what you imagined, you didn't make the movie or TV show, chill out.

I kinda groaned when I heard Disney was taking another stab at AWiT, because hoo boy, the miniseries they did about 15 years ago was pretty dire. While I thought casting the weird creepy kid from The Ring as Charles was inspired, the rest of it was a waste of Alfre Woodard. (To be fair, it was only distributed by Disney... but still.) And then I heard Ava DuVerney was directing and I was like OOOHHHH OKAY lets see how this goes. And then I shook my head as the Greater Racist Internet lost their shit that they cast a black girl as Meg which... OMG I have feels about that, namely that I am 100% okay with one of my fictional childhood heroes LOOKING LIKE ME, I would have killed for that as a kid. (White people, get a goddamn grip, you can stand to let us have a few of your characters out of the bazillion that represent you.) And then I kinda completely forgot about it until there were some production photos released this week ahead of D23, and I was like "wait, Oprah, Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon as the Mrs Ws? Okay..." And then the teaser dropped this afternoon and HOLY SHIT.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I literally started hyperventilating with excitement the first time I watched it.

Cutting for book spoilers and gifs )
So I would say A+++ super hyped here, with a note of caution cause... I've been burnt by trailers before. But I think Ava DuVerney's got this one.

March can't get here fast enough.

EDIT: The omission of the period after "Mrs" for Whatsit, Who and Which was a stylistic choice by the author. Meg's mother, when referred to as Mrs. Murray, has the period. Just in case anyone was feeling like grammar checking me here.
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Yeah yeah I should probably post about the Vineyard Week, but eh. It was a week on an island in a big house with both my families - by that I mean the Brownes and Team Tatro. I'll probably do a picture post a bit later.

BUT! We got back yesterday and we went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy with [ profile] verbena76 and [ profile] aersi, which, for a movie that seemed incredibly stupid when announced, turned out to be really really fun and squeeworthy and quite worth the ticket price. I'll cut some of the spoilery things.

don't ever call me a thesaurus )
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So [ profile] cell23 and I went to see Cap this afternoon, and...

That's about the closest approximation to what I'm doing with my arms about it right now.


Okay I'm done now. But yeah, whee. It was really good. I'm hoping the MCU movies can maintain this level of quality, it would really suck if they started, well, sucking.

Since I'm on about stuff, might as well natter on a bit about TV too, since I've been watching a bit. Cautiously excited about Tits & Horses Game of Thrones this Sunday, and The Boondocks at the end of the month. Caution for the first since they're heading into the parts of the story that bored me and also because I'd heard things that didn't make me super happy about several characters plotlines (not to mention the whitewashing). Boondocks because Aaron McGruder isn't involved in the new series and it seems a little... trying to remember how I put it to J the other day.... like they're going more for the hip-hop hijinks rather than the political commentary part of the show. IDK. seems to have lost some of its heart.

In terms of current TV I'm behind on my Thursday nights (Parks & Rec and Community - thank fuck for Hulu), but have been keeping up with a couple of things. COSMOS for one, because

[pretend I found a picture or a gif of Neil deGrasse Tyson holding a baby and whispering sweet sweet science]

My massive ladyboner for a certain astrophysicist aside, Cosmos is not only interesting it is BEAUTIFUL AS FUCK. Seriously this is the only thing I've seen ever that made me feel like my TV was too small for it (and Monstervision is a nice respectable 42" thank you). TBF, I think an IMAX screen would be too small for it. but yeah. I think fifteen minutes into episode one was when I started idly looking to see if blu-ray preorders were available. Y'all, science is PRETTEH.

The other weekly I've been keeping up with more or less aside from SHIELD (which I covered) has been Archer, which has been funny, but a little all over the place this season. Spoilery, mostly complaining )

Last on the TV front, husbeast and I sat down and marathoned through half of True Detective last night. I am kinda floored by how much I liked it, considering I normally can stand neither Woody Harrellson nor Matthew McConnoheyhowdoyouspellthisohwaitidontcare. But yeah... there are a lot of little things that make watching this worth it and a lot of other little things I could complain about, but the 6 minute sequence done with one single tracking shot at the end of episode 4 is worth the price of admission by itself.
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Goddamn it where is that RDJ "MY BODY IS READY" gif when I need it. Angelina is SLAYING this.
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Out of many reasons I'm sorry to see the Eleventh Doctor go,* one of the main ones is that I hardcore love his "GERONIMO LETS GO ADVENTURING BECAUSE I'M AWESOME" theme - Murray Gold's "I Am The Doctor."

There are several reasons I love this piece. One, it's really fun to drive to. For similar reasons, it's also just... impossible to sit still listening to it. It's one of those pieces that kinda picks you up and runs away with you giggling.

The other reason? [music nerd time] Other than some transitional sections, it's in 7/8. Murray Gold, you have my attention and quite possibly my undying affection, I'm not sure yet. I do love me a weird time signature though, and septuple meter is a fun one.

A weird thing about it though, especially when hearing it by itself (not underscoring a Who episode in other words) I always had the nagging sense that it was reminding me of something else. Worse, it was something that I knew I'd also liked a lot that maybe I'd heard a loooooong time ago? Never quite got a handle on what it was though.

Of course tonight, at total random, what it was that it reminded me of popped into my head unbidden and fully formed, like damned Athene in reverse. Which is actually sort of appropriate because what had been dancing on the edge of my memory was the opening to Yanni: Live at the Acropolis.

...see what I mean? Those two pieces could be siblings. Not to mention "Santorini" is also written in 7/8.

It makes sense that both pieces are twigging the same region of my brain. Or rather that "I Am The Doctor" is poking me in the deeply buried place where "Santorini" became lodged after a couple of years of Live At the Acropolis being the PBS go-to pledge drive staple back when I was about 13, and my mother subsequently playing the CD around the house A LOT. Not that I minded too much, I actually rather liked that album. Pretty sure I have a copy somewhere (or did I steal Mom's?), though I haven't listened to it in decades.

In related news, I've actually found myself enjoying the retooled iTunes radio quite a bit (and enjoyed it quite a bit more after figuring out how to stop the annoying THWIP! noise from happening before every track). What sort of led to this post was that I found a "station" called Soundtrack and Theme Orchestra Radio and goodness knows if there's one thing I love, its movie scores. Been rather surprised by what that station is coughing up between the obligatory selections from Williams, Elfman, Zimmer, Shore, and Goldsmith: The first Transformers movie might not have been the greatest thing in the world, but the score was apparently quite underrated to the point where I'm considering picking it up. I also have to wonder if there's a handbook to scoring movies, as the same tropes crop up over and over - soaring strings, low brass and bass for menacing evil, snares for anything military, high brass fanfare followed by timpani for big dramatic finishes, to name a few. I could write an entire dissertation on John Williams' work all by itself - that man has a French horn fetish so hardcore he can't be near a brass section unsupervised. And I think we've all heard the joke about Danny Elfman's scores for Tim Burton movies essentially summarized by "lala lala lala lala diddly diddly diddly diddly bwomp bwomp bwomp bwomp." (It's not that bad... okay, yeah it is, lol. But I love his stuff anyway.)

...I'm sure I was going somewhere with that, lol. But it's late, so of course I've lost my point. Ehh, bedtime.

* other than the fact that he's essentially "my" Doctor - I came into Doctor Who at the beginning of his run, backtracked to 9 after the first series of 11 and have been jumping around the classic episodes at [ profile] cell23's whim.
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so you know that horrid sick feeling you get on Nov 1st because you've eaten ALL the Halloween candy the night before?

SO MUCH DAMN MAN-CANDY IN THOR: THE DARK WORLD OMG *swoon* And it don't matter that Chris Hemsworth was only shirtless for a hot second. All the costumes are so damn form-fitting that it really leaves nothing to the imagination anyway.

Like seriously, though. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston obviously, but AAA, Christopher Eccleston, Idris Elba AND Ray Stevenson? mild spoiler )? Be still my loins.

Also lesson learned: it don't matter which Skarsgard male it is, sooner or later his pants are coming off. I swear that family and nudity...

but yeah. Man Candy Hangover.

The movie itself was pretty good too.


Mar. 5th, 2013 05:29 pm
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I know I know, there'll be a real update a little but for right now...


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I can't talk about Newton, CT, really - I have a jumble of layered feelings in relation to it, but I will say that I find it a little... disturbing...? that I found myself trying very hard to hide my sniffles and leaking eyeballs at Paperman/Wreck-it Ralph tonight, while earlier when [ profile] htl_1126 informed me of the death toll as of then (up to 27 dead, most of them children) I felt almost nothing other than "...again?"

I may well have turned the corner into complete sociopathy, y'all. Not okay about this level of numbness.

But positive things. Not just because I'm selfish, but because good news on a dark day is a good thing right? [ profile] cell23 took me out for a date tonight, which did all sorts of squirrely blushy things to my face and bad things to my head and other bits, seeing as he'd had to dress up for work today and left the suit on purely because he knew I'd like it. We did indeed see Wreck-It Ralph tonight and much as I expected, I loved the shit out of it. Yeah, about a month late but it meant that we sat in an empty theater while everyone else went to The Hobbit. I wouldn't know where to begin squeeing about everything I loved in that movie, all the little details and nods and winks that Disney snuck in that you'd miss if you blinked, because there were many of them, but the main thing I actually take my hat off to Disney for is that other than the gender stereotyping inherent in the licensed characters appearing in the movie, the movies was pretty refreshingly light on the gender bias. (Hell, now that I think about it, it even passes the Bechdel test.) Mainly the thing I appreciated regarding this was that the audiences' window into the player experience of the movie's world was a girl - She never gets a name, but you see her roaming the arcade trying to play everything regardless of genre, and her game of Hero's Duty leads to some... amusing commentary of game violence. But the thing that really got me was when she tried to go on to play Sugar Rush, which I swear, all the scenes set in the that game gave me diabeetus of the eyeballs, wow, she was barred by two older boys monopolizing the entire cabinet.

Seriously, in a world where I get annoyed by having to remind my MIL that her granddaughter likes LEGOs just as much as her grandsons, that consideration makes me happy.

The main consequence of this is a burning desire to shotgun all four seasons of ReBoot! the last year and a half I've actually never seen even, which is crazy to me because there was a time when that show and its awesomeness (well for 1994 - that animation, while groundbreaking at the time, didn't age well... would not say no to Mainframe Entertainment redoing the first few seasons to look more like the last one) was My Major Fannish Thing. Case in point:

BTW, greasepaint is balls.

I think one of the things that annoyed me in all the conversations, blogs and reddit posts about Wreck it Ralph is the mistaken assumption that it's the first example of something attempting to portray the video game experience "from the inside." I'm not saying ReBoot! did it better - some aspects of that show were made of laughable fail (cough, Enzo, cough). But it did present some interesting concepts that worked within its internal continuity, like games being contained in cubes that would drop on the city randomly and if the citizens trapped within couldn't defeat The User (or Player One, if you will) that section of the city contained within the game would be destroyed.

Hilariously, Disney was the cause of ReBoot! pretty much ending its run in the US, seeing as they bought ABC while it was airing and wiped out their preexisting Saturday Morning Cartoons block to make room for its own programming. Seasons 3 and 4 eventually aired on Cartoon Network, but it never got the same amount of exposure its early episodes did, which is a pity, as once they were no longer so rigidly constrained by Standards and Practices, the show went from being okay/reasonably good to OMGWTFAWESOME. Alas, no one saw it. :/

Wellp, I have a working DVD player now, and the box set at last check, was only $47. Maybe it's finally time to drop some cash on getting it. I'll save some space for Wreck It Ralph on the shelf next to it, as it deserves.
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Oh man, I hate visitng Dad when the interballs is broken. Hence the no posting - while I had Squeee with me, there isn't any point in using him with no connectivity and it's annoying enough keeping up with FB and Twitter on Dad's iThings. I hate borrowing other people's computer type devices.

But yeah, it was a Thanksgiving weekend. Had it's ups, had its downs, had its surprises and moments of pure rage.


  • Rode down with esotericscribe early in the morning, and took the train down from his neighborhood in Queens to The House (had about $25 worth of metrocards with me that had been sitting on my desk all year - glad I remembered them!). Dad didn't bother saying hello upon my arrival, but began fussing at me for breakfast and wedding pictures. Sigh. I made him breakfast after scolding him for being chauvinistic and lazy. I also managed to catch the last half hour of the parade so I didn't have to go into full on twitch mode, but I may well torrent it tonight and watch the whole thing tomorrow morning. Traditions must be kept however they can.

  • Dinner with the family was small (half of us were missing) and by contrast quiet and civilized. It was good though. And the FOOD. Dad's housekeeper did 90% of the cooking for us, and wow. That woman can seriously make some collard greens. And turkey. And Ham. And them heathens ate an entire loaf of the pumpkin bread BEFORE we said grace.

  • We set the table really pretty too:


  • Spent an hour on the phone with Verizon about the internet. Hopefully they send a new router this week, because that situation in there is untenable. To me anyway. Dad has cellular service on his iPad and an iPhone so honey badger don't have to care. Bah.

  • Ruthy and I had to run some financy type errands for Dad in downtown Brooklyn. In the process I got to briefly reacquant myself with Mom's actual jewelry collection (I have a fair amount of her vintage costume jewelry). Damn Mom. That lady loved herself some jewelry. Ruthy offered to let me pick out one or two things, but honestly, I have no place to really wear any of that stuff, though if I had to pick she did have some rather gorgeous Iranian filigree pieces. Or her charm bracelet - I have pretty strong memories of playing with that as a small child.

  • Ruthy also hooked me up with this holiday deliciousness:

    Sweet delicious pepparkakor nom nom nom.

  • After dealing with that pain in the ass, we went to BAM to see Lincoln. I did enjoy the movie, but I have Opinions about it. They may have to wait until a long overdue Media Consumption Post.

  • In the spirit of AAAAGH QUIT BORROWING MY PHONE Dad straight up offered to frog march me to AT&T to buy me an iPhone5. After being utterly floored by this offer, I asked him to delay it until January when I have a regular paycheck and can support a data plan. So that's gonna be my Christmas present, which means soon The Precious can finally go quietly into her retirement. I may wipe and jailbreak it and give it to Kidzilla as a music/game player. Also, I CAN GET ME ONE OF THESE SEXY SEXY CASES. Because my wallet is my ipod case and that very badly needs to be retired as well.

  • Went to sleep aggressively snuggled by Dad's cat.


  • Got up early, went to the store, and got eggs and potatoes for Dad's breakfast. There was one spoiled West Indian afterward.

  • Was considering going up to AMNH to visit Alejandra's spider exhibit, but couldn't get a hold of either her nor her mother in time, so instead I went up to the Garment District.

    So glad Tohoshoji is still there!Amanda (who got me into beading) and I used to go up here and get bulk bead stuff all the time. They still have decent prices too - not as much markup for a 20g box of delicas either. So now I have all five of my main colors plus a few others in good supply for now.

  • Watched Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) on Spike. It had been long enough since I'd seen it that watching it again was actually fun. Kinda striking how different Mark Hamill looked between Star Wars and Empire, but car accidents'll jack your face up, alas.

  • More kitty sleeps. She snores. And kicks.


  • I'm usually tired of being back home after two days, let alone three, so you can imagine I was rearing to get back to MA. Except that didn't happen - I showed up at Port Authority two hours before my bus was to leave expecting some holiday craziness, but not the magnitude of crazy that greeted me there yesterday wherein no tickets were being sold or printed "until further notice" police were trying to control fourteen lines of very annoyed people and apparently none of the buses were leaving on time. I later found out that all carriers had massively oversold almost all of the departures out of new york. I waited for about four or five hours, gave up and went back to brooklyn in a state of massively thwarted anxiety. Note to self - always buy my tickets ahead of time from now on. Seriously I've travelled through Port Authority for many a Thanksgiving weekend for almost 20 years now, I had never seen or experienced anything like the zoo that was yesterday.

  • Least dad and the cat were glad to have me around for an extra evening.

  • Did laundry and watched horrifyingly bad TV while doing so, including three minutes of Liz and Dick than made me run screaming like I'd seen a moldy sandwich.


  • Took NO chances and bought a Megabus ticket this morning. Mostly becuase they only require a confirmation number to board and you can wave an iDevice at them with it showing on the screen even. Wasn't risking having to buy OR print a ticket at Port Authority. Fuck all that noise.

  • Spoiled Dad with breakfast. Again.

  • Rather more successful in making it home this time, and while Manbeast was quite effusively glad to see me, the cats are still being hard to get little fiends. They'll forgive me eventually. I was, after all, cavorting with GASP another cat all weekend without their permission.

  • Left my iPad charger in Brooklyn. Dang it.

In beading news:
No internet in the house == I BEAD LIKE A FIEND. It's also an excellent thing to do while waiting in line for a bus ticket line that's never going to move, but hey.

It's starting to actually look like something now. And you can almost read the badge on the right.

Still got a loooooong ass way to go though. And there was a copious amount of swearing this morning when I dropped a container of beads on the dining room floor this morning. Le sigh.

2550 / 25500

And that's my weekend.
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740 / 25500
I wanted to get row five done today but lost a couple hours of beading time due to a misplaced needle and no spares, since I'd forgotten to bring them with me to cell23's parents' this afternoon. The misplaced needle turned up right before we left, in my nephew's sock. D: To his credit, he didn't freak out, just went "ow," plucked the needle from his foot, asked whose it was, and when I sheepishly admitted it was mine, sternly lectured me about how I should be more careful with my things.

Shame is being admonished by an 11 year old.

Eh, it was counterbalanced by me making casserole, feeding it to the kids, and having them declare it to me their new third favorite food. So, there's that. Of course, Kidzilla then made us both sit through The Adventures of Food Boy as her Saturday Night movie. Some day, when she is a teenager, I will PUNISH her for that. >_< And for Young Hercules in 3D. Then again maybe this is the universe paying me back for dragging my sister to see Masters of the Universe when I was about her age. That movie is amazing when you're eight years old and terrible just about anytime else.

I put on Toys as brain bleach after the kids had gone to bed. That is a strange ass movie. Very pretty, but super weird.

To bed with me, I have a bell performance and I have to be at church at ass o'clock tomorrow morning. >_<
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Cookie for knowing what I'm referencing with the last three words. Obviously my name is not Elizabeth.

Been a pretty packed 24 hours, all told. Yesterday evening we got invited to [ profile] deliriumdeva's for what began as a crafting and wine night ([ profile] avalon616 and [ profile] deliriumdeva were constructing bits of their Halloween costumes) but expanded to include watching The Fifth Element with [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] renegadethumper. Much later in the evening, after the boys had excused themselves, I don't even remember how it even came up, but I broke into a snatch of "On This Night of A Thousand Stars" from Evita for SOME reason, and [ profile] deliriumdeva was all OMG I KNOW THAT SONG. It turns out that we both had serious childhood obsessions with cassettes of the 1979 Broadway cast. The one with Patti LuPone. And Inigo Montoya. And that ridiculous guy playing Peron with a terrible accent. (Rolling all your Rs and singing/talking through your nose =/= authentic Argentinean accent. It is, however, hilarious and would make a good drinking game.) Anyway after this discovery [ profile] deliriumdeva found the entire album on grooveshark and we had ourselves a bit of a singalong/nostalgiafest over our boozy crafting. Made it through the entire album too. I don't think I ended up going home until almost 3am.

Today I had a FUCK IT PAJAMA SATURDAY moment. It began with witnessing the dramatic and sticky end to [ profile] cell23's attempt at making rum inside a pumpkin - the pumpkin kind of imploded and got a hole in it, so we had this thick, sticky yet delightful tasting pumpkin spice syrup with raisins that needed disposal. While [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] deliriumdeva absconded with the remains of the disaster to find something to bake with it (they ended up with a not at all bad tasting bread pudding) I plunked myself on the couch to watch The Sound of Music, as it was due back at Captain Video later on in the evening. However it's already a bazillion hour long movie, and watching it was made slower because I would back up the musical numbers and watch them again with commentary. (Yes, I'm the movie dweeb that watches every single special feature/documentary/making of thing/horde of horrifying trivia about the movie included in DVD box sets. That stuff is like crack to me, and now that we have a blu-ray player it's only going to get worse.) On top of this, I had to keep pausing first because our neighbors were being DRAMATIC in the cul de sac, then [ profile] esotericscribe came over looking for costume fixings, then [ profile] avalon616 came over to be all Sexy Darth Vader at me (I'm not kidding, that's what she was dressed as.) So I got almost to the part where the movie explodes into an orgasm of OMGNAZIS and [ profile] cell23 came back with an invite to dinner and froyo with [ profile] oneforellis and [ profile] bloodandsmoke, so we all trucked down to Taco Bell (le sigh, the places I will go for my husband and friends), then to FroyoWorld, who have an amazing blood orange sorbet and a pomagranate tart flavor on tap this month. Nom.

After we got back I dashed out to Captain Video, as I was mistakenly under the impression that they closed at 9 and it was about 8:40 when I left, and I needed to return last week's DVDs. (They actually close at 11 on Saturday, good to know.) I ended up renting The Sound of Music again so I could finish it, and since it cost less to rent 5 movies than to rent 3, I also picked up Persepolis, Evita (last night's sing-along put the HUNGER in me) and blu-rays of Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin, neither of which I've managed to see yet. So, providing the electricity holds out this week, I'll be quite entertained. I've missed the experience of going to an actual video store to get movies. Its an experience not long for this world thanks to Netflix and other streaming media, but I'm rather happy to have one last holdout in which to wander through an endless forest of movie potential. It's not the same online. For one thing Netflix streaming doesn't have the bazillion hours of bonus material with their movies. ;)

Anyway, I came home and finished The Sound of Music. Man, the older I get the more douchenozzley Rolf becomes. I realize in all the bazillion times I've watched the movie it's been the same performance by Daniel Truhitte over and over again, but I swear, every single time I see it Rolf just gets worse to the point where I want to yell at Liesl for even wanting to sneak out in the rain to see him, let alone doing it. HE'S AN ASSHOLE, GIRL! HE'S GONNA TURN YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY OVER TO THE NAZIS IN ANOTHER TWO AND A HALF HOURS JUST YOU WATCH! HE'S NOT EVEN CUTE! HE'S GOT THAT KINDA HITLER YOUTH FACE YOU WANNA PUNCH! PUNCH IT GIRL PUNCH IT!

Yeah, um, come on, y'all know I'm not exactly sane.

During Ladies crafting wine and musical night and during the movie I actually got quite a bit accomplished. Apologies in advance for the crappy iPad pictures, my camera battery died and I have no earthy idea where I've put the charger for it. >_<

Bowser's hanger is all painted and mod podged finally! Instead of flat wood, he now has bright shiny 1up mushrooms. All that's left on him is installing a hook so he can actually, you know. Hang.

Well, look who made it off the loom in time for Halloween! I finally got her warp threads all woven in on one side today and so was able to finally free up the loom. About 1/3rd of the way through on her other side. I have zero idea what I'm going to do with her other than frame her, but man, its nice to see her this close to done after staring guiltily at her on her loom for over a year.

I've also begun Test #2.

This one's gonna take a bit longer than the last one because it's twice as wide, and I have other things on my plate that needed/still need to be attended to. Again, most of the point of this patch is to see if there's enough distinction between the yellow and pale lime - while I was eventually able to see the difference in the photograph from my last entry, I still can only barely see it in practice - which makes actually working with the two colors side by side a pain in the ass. We'll see how old Christopher here fares when I'm done with him.

And now it's almost 3am (again) bedtime. Tomorrow, and apparently the rest of the week, nothing but hey ho, wind and the rain. Damn you, Sandy.
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I have some... concerns... about Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, but aside from the racebending this looks leaps and bounds better than the second one.


Aug. 24th, 2012 09:36 pm
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I loved this trailer when it came out earlier this year (mostly for the A+ song choice) but wasn't all that interested in the movie. I'd been hearing really good things about it over the past week though. Should I go for the Tuesday $5 show or wait and take Kidzilla next weekend? Or is it gonna freak her out too much? LEND ME YOUR WISDOM, INTERNET.
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I forgot to mention that the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph got attached before Brave.

NEGL the early promotional material had me side-eyeing the whole thing like who. This trailer actually looks... charming. Though I may just be a sucker for apropos usage of the Talking Heads. But yeah... it looks suspiciously like they got this one right. I may actually check this one out.
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I'd heard in passing that Nora Ephron had died yesterday. It wasn't something that made a huge blip on my radar - I enjoyed the movies she'd done that I'd seen, but that was about it.

Someone posted this quote to Goodreads to mark her passing this morning. Needless to day I found it rather apropos.

I married him against all evidence. I married him believing that marriage doesn't work, that love dies, that passion fades, and in so doing I became the kind of romantic only a cynic is truly capable of being.

Yeah, that works.
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Why am I only hearing about this now?

Damn, but Anne Hathaway makes a heartbreaking Fantine. Still regarding this whole idea/thing?

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In a very "Very Long Engagement" sort of way, I told myself if both the shows listed on the Cinemark website were not sold out by the time I got to the mall after work, I'd get a ticket and go. Not only was show #2 not sold out, there was a Super! Seekrit! showing that wasn't on the website at all that started five minutes later, so I got a ticket to that one. That show wasn't even remotely full by the time the movie started, and almost completely devoid of screaming teenagers. WINWINWIN.

So the movie itself. TL;DR version: solid A-. I have one midgrade and several very minor complaints which I'll go into in a bit. That said... There are reasons why instead of retiring straight to bed with a warm snoring manbeast I'm up writing this. This is not a movie you leave going all "OMG YAY THAT WAS THE BEST THING EVAR." It's actually more along the lines of how I determine a "good" episode of Law and Order SVU, which is scoring highly on the scale of how many showers I feel I need to take afterward. I left the theater with this incredibly uncomfortable oogy feeling, which is exactly right and appropriate, if not exactly conducive to sleeping. I've pretty much resigned myself to either looping through tonight or getting about an hour's worth of semiconscious snuggle before work.

Blah blah blah spoilers )

I think I've come down enough from the disturbing to at least try to get a little bedtime in now. But it was definitely worth staying up for, even if it left me more full of gutpunch than squee.

And now... g'night.
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Mostly because I'm going to make a better OMGTWITTERPATED icon when I go home. Curse you, adobe, for ditching Imageready three versions of Photoshop ago.

So, um, date with the CuteGirl. *nervous giggle* *scuffshoes* Seems like the main obstacle to making progress here is both of us having a tendency to get swallowed by distraction and headnoise, 'cause when we do get together we have a lovely time. Though I think I need to start meeting her somewhere other than Captain Candy, if only for the sake of my teeth. I walk in there and I can just FEEL the cavities and diabeetus developing. Also blow-pops are sharp, mouth shredding cherry flavored crack.

Anyway I digress. We went to see The Artist* at Amherst Cinema, where we were two of four people in the entire theater. The movie is an adorable love letter to old Hollywood, told in a string of old movie cliches and knowing winks to the audience. Despite the fact that it never quite loses its own self-awareness, you do end up caring about the two distractingly beautiful leads even as they channel Valentino/Gable and/or the "it" girls of old, and even if their story is predictable. Sometimes it isn't the story being told, it's the way it's told.

This movie also features the most adorable dog EVER. Seriously this pooch deserved its own Oscar.

Afterward we went to Starbucks and talked for an hour and a half while getting wired on some seriously strong dark roast, and then she gave me a lift home, for which I exchanged a kiss I'm still thinking about with a big goofy grin. And then I went inside and thoroughly terrified [ profile] cell23 with my ability to vibrate through time fuelled by caffeine and squee.

I still have no idea where this is going, but it does seem to be leisurely meandering SOMEWHERE, and all signs point to both of us being okay with that.


* I still have problems where this title makes me think of Prince rather than retro styled black and white oscar winners.
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Little less exhausted now, lol.

I started yesterday morning by sending [ profile] cell23 off to his 24 hour D&D adventure with the usual suspects at the Fortress of Atramoria, then finished up both my hair and the second season of Luther. Mmmm, Idris Elba... *drool* I am no longer unkempt; my hair is now shot with threads of a glorious cherry cola fire type dye lot, though this time it was definitely a case of the color being pretty over the yarn being easy to work with. Lighter, softer yarn = smaller twists = more time. Ow, my hands. I really need to just stick to worsted weight, no matter how pretty the color.

Yes, I took a picture. I don't particularly like it, but hey it was taken at 2am after a fun but exhausting night, bite me. (The one on my facebook is better.)

Dear gods, I have a giant forehead. I think actually that qualifies as a sixhead, actually. Really need to stop yanking my hair back in between yarn stages I think. Also, my actual hair has gotten all kinds of long. I usually don't tie off the yarn until a half inch or so after my actual hair stops when doing this, and so now the twisty parts of my hair fall a bit past the shoulders now. I still can't wrap my mind around the idea of my hair actually growing without snapping off into split end hell around my chin, but I'll take it.

As an aside, if anyone out there (and this better be all of you) is a Muppet fan? Even if, like me, you hate Elmo with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, check out the Kevin Clash documentary on netflix, Being Elmo. It's great. You may even cry.

After hurr was done, I met up with [ profile] aersi for skirt shopping adventures, which were fairly short in the end because I found a perfectly fluttery, too-short skirt for burlesque at Goodwill, which was the first place we stopped. I found a more respectable work/interview skirt as well. I'm weirdly elated that from the waist down I'm still comfortably fitting into L sizes. There are limits as to how tiny I can get and still retain my sanity, plus I LIKE having a booty, thank you! After that we hit up Old Navy and then went to McD's to indulge a mutual mcnugget and shake craving and also so [ profile] aersi could get herself the My Little Pony happy meal toys. I swear, pony fandom has completely eaten my friends list, lol. (It is an adorable cartoon for the most part.) We also drove up into the wilds of Deerfield in search of the Bridal Barn*, since they also carry my dress brand and I wanted to comparison shop. Fleh, $200 more. Course, 200 more vs driving all the way ass down to CT. *whine* decisions. Oh well. It wasn't an entirely unfruitful trip - I now have a business card with swatches of my wedding colors stapled to it, and [ profile] aersi and I spent about half an hour alternately squeeing, giggling, and recoiling at various tuxedo styles. Man, I tell you what, Western tux styles. Yeah, I got nothin'.**

Caught a nap, overslept, then hauled somewhat scantily clad ass to Northampton to kitten/"whore" at Bon Appetit Burlesque, which was just as much if not more fun than just attending the show. Basically the MC, Hors D'oeuvres‡ has "Hors Whores" that set up props for each performer and clean up the stage between acts as well as occasionally help the performers out if they need it while they're on stage. Backstage? It's pretty much stage managing, which I haven't done since high school drama and wellp, I found out that I actually miss the backstage theater running around shit. (There are reasons why Noises Off is one of my favorite plays.)

While running around in extremely impractical boots (yes the same ones I posted earlier - dear gods, my feet today!) I got to fangirl squee all over my favorite performers, including Dot Mitzvah and Nikki LeVillain, help out with a couple of acts, buy drinks for Hors, and freak out all over the cue and stage setup books. At the same time, while most of the squirekids were either held up at home due to Sunday work commitments‡‡ or the 24 hour D&D session†, this was one of those shows where I saw a crapton of people I don't usually see, so there were drinks bought for me by [ profile] grinninfoole, squee and hugs from Hobiecat Kitzmiller, and best of all, a completely unexpected appearance by The Cute Girl. (leather jacket? fishnets? yes please!)†† I also made a little bit of money - didn't realize kittens got a cut of the tip buckets, so that was a bonus. I helped run around and clean up after the show and drove home, enjoying the now-rare luxury of a nearly deserted I91 and some good music on the radio.

I overslept a bit again this morning and had to rocket out the door to make bell rehearsal on time. We sounded good, even if I picked up the wrong bell right at the end of our piece (D'oh!) and then I came home and crawled back into bed with an unconscious [ profile] cell23, where we slept in until 3 instead of doing the running around we'd planned. *womp womp* Oh well. Sometimes decadently lazy Sundays are needed.

tl;dr, it's been something of an excellent weekend. And WTF 6:30 and still being daylight out? This better not mean it's pitch black at 6am again, damn it...

* which I unfortunately conflate in my head with the Bedding Barn. That makes interesting imagery, let me tell you.

** Also zoot suit styles. You know, in case your ideal wedding is a recreation of the Smooth Criminal video, in which case I say your wedding is invalid unless you can get your entire party to do this.

‡ Pronounced kind of like if you were saying "Whores Divorce" in a very snooty Park Avenue accent.

‡‡ Though consider, one of the guys from Sirlesque not only had to drive back to Boston after the show (and I know they didn't hit the road until a bit after midnight), he had to be at work at 5am the following morning. That is some dedication to the craft for you.

† I may have to sit down and compile a post of tweets from that - they were wheeze inducing, especially starting around hour 13.

†† *shifty eyes* we may have a date to see The Artist on Wednesday night. Eeeep! Also I need to find more footnote symbols. Or just number the damn things next time.


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