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"The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master."

I have Burlesque tonight. It's gonna be a rough show, as it is fetish/mess themed. (for the record, messy acts are the only thing I'm not a huge fan of in terms of backstage.) I have two new stage kittens debuting tonight that I have to train up (talk about throwing them into the deep end!) but two of my regulars have graciously offered to come help with their crash course. So tonight I have a show in which I am in charge of essentially four kittens.

I have truly gone from learner to Master.

My life, y'all.


Feb. 25th, 2014 11:37 pm
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Oh god I'm starting to become one of those people that never posts here anymore. Not good. Especially given my state of mind lately (not bloody good) you would think I'd be translating the mental ick into words. But I haven't been, which may be a little bit of the reason I've been pretty fucked up lately.

It's only a little bit of the reason though. This winter has just been... dark for me, for various reasons. I mean, I've survived worse, but I'm wearying of this ongoing depressive cycle, especially as it looks like it's just going to wear itself on into month #3. Hooray. But seriously, my silence online almost directly corresponds to my silence in other aspects as well - I've hermited up good. Hanging out and watching Movie 43 (which was TERRIBLE btw, don't waste your time) with folks Saturday evening was probably the most social I've been since... yeah. *sigh* Oh there have been good bits of course, but they're quite quickly absorbed into the ick.

I know a good part of this is me still working through Dad's passing. I went through about a month of being numb, even relieved. Now the hurt is setting in hard. I never expected to miss his monthly or so nagging to call him so much. Really his fussing in general. That old black man snicker he'd do after he'd ask after Drew and I'd reply with "eh, I haven't murdered him yet..." And I've been... afraid? I guess to return to New York and confront the true emptiness of the house. Last time didn't count, it was jam packed with relatives. Now it's just my cousin there with occasional stopovers from Ruthy to make sure things haven't exploded. Hell, even Roy and the dog are gone, since he's moved in with his mom in Indy. I keep saying I'm going to go down and then end up not having the money or the spoons or whatever. But a lot of it is just... dread. And not wanting to deal with New York in winter especially since it's been snowpocalypsing more there than here (and we've been getting hammered) but mostly just dread.

One of the big stressors this month is Moonbeam and the UTI that will not die. He's been on special food for a month and a half now and two courses of antibiotics and this damn thing just will not quit. Much like last time, five days after he finished his antibiotics course he started showing symptoms again and now I'm just at my wits end. I know on some level this is just what happens with an old cat, especially one that hasn't been cared for barely at all and has been eating the worst bargain basement kitty kibble Dad could find on sale. I could go on an extended rant on my family's attitude and treatment of animals, especially cats, but that's just going to work me into a pissed off lather and I don't have the spoons for that. But this has been a drain on my ability to can, and also on my already strapped wallet. I honestly don't know what we're going to do if it turns out we can't lick this thing, or if he ends up needing surgery or something. It breaks my heart because other than this, he's a joy - affectionate and snuggly, purrs like an idling truck and just has these big old green eyes full of all the love ever and the idea of losing him is just... not doing good things for my psyche right now. Its like, no. Not right now. Not so soon after Dad. But it's like what do we do? I was not ready to have to revisit this feeling of complete and utter helplessness in the face of possibly fatal illness again, not this soon. And then there's just this overarching sense of failure - I'm already carrying a buttload of guilt over not being there enough for Dad last year, but now I can't even do right by his damn cat.

So yeah... my state of mind is not so great right now.

Well in ways-to-escape-dealing-with-it news, Boo is progressing despite having to rip him out and start over four or so rows in. I have this bulk spool of black nylon thread that I keep attempting to use lying around and the attempts just end up frustrating failures because it's too thick for the kind of thing I'm doing, since it involves multiple passes through a weensy bead with a thickish needle. (for the craft - it's actually much thinner than a sewing needle). I can't quite bring myself to chuck it though, so I think I'm going to save it for loom stringing, if I ever go back to doing things that way. Hand weaving takes a lot longer but the resupt comes out so much better looking... anyway. Nothing majorly exciting yet - I'll take more pictures when I get down to his actual eyebrows cause right now all I got is the top of his... head? Can Mario ghosts be said to have heads?

So that's me right now. This too will pass, I know it will. I just want it to pass a little sooner rather than later.
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George Washington would like an explanation for this bullshit.

Putting down the needle tonight though. My hands are sore, I broke a bead in the second mushroom I was woring on, and the jump rings I bought today are too fat to fit through these damn beads, so I have to go exchange them. :P I think even the Universe is telling me to take a goddamn break for real.

In real life news, Kidzilla's birthday present (a bright shiny purple 3DS) arrived yesterday! I don't know what I was expecting but I was rather taken aback by how small the box ended up being... of course, packaging has gotten more efficient and components for portable game systems are a lot smaller these days - hell I remember the box my original Game Boy came in, and that thing was kaiju sized in comparison. We're gonna get Pokemon and Animal Crossing at least for her next week as well as other birthday stuff.

I spent today at a family reunion. (Pretty much, all of Drew's grandmother's family, so his mom's cousins and stuff.) I ended up having a slightly better time than I expected considering how well I do in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere among people I don't really know, but if anything it was a quiet afternoon spent in a lawn chair eating pulled pork, beading and listening to yet another embarrassing story about my husband, lol. (Nope, not sharing.) And having people impressed by both my cheddar biscuits and my beading are always a bonus.

Tomorrow I have Real Life stuff to do. Blerg. But aside from all the above, it's been a lovely quiet weekend so far. Yay?


Jun. 30th, 2013 11:46 pm
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220 yellow beads. Or 2 hours, 45 minutes. That's all I've got left, and then the Giant Bead Thing is DONE. Hell I'd stay up and do it tonight, but I got work in the morning and my hands are screaming as it is. Still, a little time tomorrow and my life is mine again, at least until the next bead project shows up, but at least the next few planned are a lot smaller. I may do another fuckoff huge one at some point, but I'ma wait until maybe New Years to start it.

Holy crap... its been so long since I've taken on any kind of project like this and followed it through until completion. I kinda forgot what it felt like.

Yes yes, pictures upon completion (so, tomorrow), and possibly waving it like a victory banner everywhere as promised.

23845 / 25500 beads. 99.15% done!
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1655 beads left to go.

Or, if placing a bead takes, on average, 45 seconds: 20 hours, 41 minutes and fifteen seconds remain.

if I do about 2 rows a day (which is about my feasible limit) this could be done by Friday.

...holy crap.

Wellp, better get back to work then.

23845 / 25500 beads. 93.5% done!

I had a very busy and fun day out with Team Tatro West yesterday; there will be a picture post in a little bit, as well as some general "Life is skittles and life is beer" news. Andeeland is a nice place for the most part.
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My lord, what a week. I need to make a bigger catchup post at some point and I promised to elaborate on why the red and white = signs all over facebook and twitter a few days back made me hulk out with rage instead of being all happy YAY SOLIDARITY WHEE like it supposedly should have, but things have been kinda accelerating in the fucked up department all week and so... behind on posting. But I will say the following:

  • A happy and blessed Easter, Passover, full moon, Spring, whatever y'all observe.

  • I passed the halfway mark on the Tetris dance on Friday. Pictures and more elaborate yay bead post to follow.

  • Hospitals remain dull and nervewracking places. (I'm fine, I was visiting.)

  • Love and squee is amidst life suddenly going chaotic, your mother-in-law makes sure to tell you that the Easter bunny brought you a carrot cake. Damn.

  • In TV news...
    • Doctor Who was pleasantly devoid of suck. Oh sure, it had to Moffat a little here and there, but thankfully it was merely an eye-rolling amount of Moffatting, not a "FUCK THIS SHOW" amount.
    • GAMMATRONS TONIGHT NNNNNNNNNNGGGGFFFFFFF WINTER IS HERE. No seriously, it is. New England is in some strong denial about the officialness of Spring. But still, ridiculously excited for the new season.
    • Almost caught completely up with Lost Girl and it still fills me with delightfully frothy silly squee even if it stretches my suspension of disbelief to snapping point.

  • The plastics are down and there are cats in our windowsills again. Also [ profile] cell23 has been walking Ash. Yes, he's been walking the cat. Think about this. Ash's transition into a small overly fluffy dog continues.

  • [ profile] head58 has lent me the complete scores for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Awyiss, I have something new to amuse me during data entry. I've been meaning to musically go through the original Star Wars trilogy (and maybe the score to The Phantom Menace, one of the few redeeming qualities of that film) because the scores are practically beasts unto themselves, and I am always kind of blown away by John Williams' work, his fetishistic worship for French horn and low brass aside. Plus I need to amass things to listen to at work when my entire music collection bores me to tears. May take up an audiobook habit. (Taking recommendations for that, btw.)

That's honestly about all I've got in the life of Andee. At least the public/nonpolitical post bits.
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If a child asks you "What's photobombing?"

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  • While I'm glad to have an explanation for the bad crop of brain weather I've had for the past few days by way of rather dramatic UTERINESPLODE yesterday, there's always a part of me that's always viciously annoyed by how my hormones affect my mental state. I hate comforming to stereotype. Probably don't help none that I crave fried greasy chicken like hell while I'm PMSsing. Pretty much all I need is some damn birkenstocks to complete the stereotype trifecta. Growl.

  • It's been a Studio Ghibli heavy weekend. Saturday night's movie with Kidzilla was My Neighbor Totoro, which Kidzilla didn't remember watching as a very small child (but nevertheless loved anyway). Yesterday we went to see The Secret World of Arietty, which we both enjoyed, probably for very different reasons, mine having more to do with taking in the lush, painterly quality of the animation and backgrounds and bursting into giggling at the commentary being whispered by [ profile] extrajoker and friends, into whom we ran at the same showing. But seriously, I think it was [ profile] cell23 that observed how after seeing trailers for all the current animated offerings trying to outdo each other in terms of style and cleverness and then you see one for a Miyazaki movie which instantly makes everything else look, well, amateurish. Not just that. Cartoony. Bah. Well, while I have no interest in seeing the bastardization of The Lorax, I'll probably go see the Aardman pirate movie. It looks just silly enough to appeal to me, and well. It's about pirates. I'm kinda required.

  • I'm not sure what I'm doing right, but things seem to have taken a turn for the better with regard to my everyday gut complaints. Things still hurt, but not like as often or as bad, and I'm a little bemused to note my appetite seems to have rebounded, so I'm eating slightly more than normal sized portions of things again as opposed to my tiny little bites of meals I'd been confined to before. I also seem to have put on weight, but that could well be ladytime bloat, so I'm not going to put that much store by it. Really the only change I've made diet-wise is trying not to eat too much in the way of candy (the only thing I can definitely say sets things off) and just basically eating more in general. I think just having more of everything - calories, nutrients, what have you - available for self-repair is probably the key.

  • We have the kids a couple extra days owing to school vacation this week. Pros are yay kids, and getting more time to hang out with them. Cons are Lil'Beast being four and actually having to deal with that. He had a DAY yesterday that made both [ profile] cell23 and I want to curl up with a bottle of Mr. Jameson's finest offerings at varying points of the day, though this was contrasted with him curling up in my lap and telling me how he wasn't actually angry when he threw tantrums, just sad, and didn't know why. Also with his periods of being a little gigglemonster. Poor kid. It's rough being four. Once again I'm reminded of a passage from Peter Pan when it's remarked upon that fairies are so small they only have room for one emotion at a time. I think the same could be said for very small children.

  • We're having a spate of gorgeous early-spring weather these past few days. Warm (by which I mean high forties/low fifties) and, well, that sort of not-quite cold that's fresh and clean feeling, not merely freezing. Crisp. Like an apple. It's delightful AND incredibly strange, it being not even March yet. I mean, we had a picnic on Saturday. Outside and stuff. In February. What is this madness?

  • Also been doing a LOT of reading lately to the point where Goodreads says I'm on track again for my 75 book challenge. I have five books out from the library plus I finally got past the initial hurdle of the first few chapters of Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife series and subsequently demolished my way through the first couple of volumes. Nothing like as good/fun as the Vorkosigan saga, but readable nonetheless. I enjoy authors that can create believable character interactions despite or even because of their circumstances/setting, goodness knows internal character bickering have kept me reading some series long after they jumped the shark into soap opera-y dreck (*cough* Black Jewels, Kushiel Legacy *cough*). Aside from that, I'm also enjoying Laura Gilman's Paranormal Scene Investigations series and The Child Thief, Brom's cracked take on Peter Pan, though I did have to get over my initial disappointment that it wasn't a graphic novel. Somewhat less engaging was the second volume of Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths, which had way too many passages that bored me silly between the actually interesting bits. I'll probably pick up the last two volumes at some later point, but I don't quite have the give-a-fuck to push through them right now, especially as most of the conflicts set up by the first novel have pretty much been dealt with.

Wellp, that's pretty much me.
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The weathermen have said to expect 1-4 inches of snow for the last three days. Other than a sprinkle that was gone by 10am? no snow. Temperatures dropped and errthang, but nothing fell from the sky. At least it sorta feels like winter out there - other than the freak snowstorm around Halloween we haven't really had any winter weather of note this year.... which of course means we're going to get five feet around beginning to mid-April. I'd not be surprised if we got snowed into PAX.

Anyway. So life, not much really to report at the moment. I've been fighting off a chest cold for a little over a week; today I'm ready to declare the battle lost. Mostly because I can; I'm done with today's bell performance (which went much better than previous ones) and I've got nothing planned for the rest of the day. I did want to get productive things done with the time, but considering how I feel right now, I'm declaring fuck it and reserve the right to hide in my nice warm bed with library books and the iPad relentlessly consuming media and occasionally whining pathetically at [ profile] cell23 to get me things so I don't have to move. Considering what the last couple of days have been like with regard to social, family and wedding stuff commitments, I'm not too surprised my body is all "No, seriously, bitch, lay down and rest a spell."

Course, I can't complain, other than being punctuated by coughing the past couple days had their really good moments. Friday I spent running around doing wedding shit (more about that in a separate entry because there is a LOT of blathering to be done about that) and yesterday I spent first up in Athol at [ profile] cell23's uncle's birthday brunch, and then later we went to Moti's for dinner and all I can say is oooooooh, Persian lamb stew nom nom. After that there was the Bon Appetit Burlesque's Love/Hate Show and, well, boobies. Also there is something incredibly happy about ending your day by being sassed (and then hugged) by an adorable drag queen in a wedding dress. I seriously have more than a little bit of a crush on Hors D'Oeuvres, I'm not even going to lie.

It was during the second half of the show that I (and indeed, everyone else in the audience) heard about Whitney Houston. this got long. )

Anyway. About that lying down, resting a spell and feeling miserable... Waiting to Exhale has been on my Netflix queue forever, maybe today's a good day to actually watch it.
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Back at work today after leaving early on Wednesday and calling out yesterday. I still don't feel exactly 100% (more like 60 at generous best) but money has to be made and it's not like I get sick time on this gig. Not that the time home was entirely a wash. The great thing about the 21st century and having a tech oriented job is that there all kinds of devices you can crawl into bed with and continue to be productive on, even if you feel like leftover poop. Which is good. I'm still playing a horrifying amount of post-holiday catchup, money-wise.

Every morning I agonize over whether to bring the Hatemonger out with me. Usually when I decide to leave him home is the day when there's something FANTASTIC to photograph, of course. Goddamn Murphy's law. This morning someone had stuck a manniquin painted and dressed to resemble to jolly green giant in the Haigis Mall bus shelter. It was so fantastically WTF that I'm going to be kicking myself for leaving the camera all day.

I've put off rereading The Hunger Games for a long ass while, despite [ profile] head58 treating me to the hardcover box set for my birthday. I guess I was terrified that it would lose something in the reread; its immediacy maybe, or my initial engagement with the characters, I don't know, I figured something would jump out at me that would make me not like it as much this time around. Since I'm falling behind on my 75 book challenge and needed something to do that wasn't staring at a screen last night (and since I haven't paid my library fines yet) I finally pulled out the first book and have been happy to find that a year and a half was about the right length of time between readings. Even though I know how it ends, it still has me quite firmly by the gonads.

People have spent so much of my life telling me I would grow to hate snow as I grew up, learned to drive, got older. I'm pleased to report that at 33.5 that has yet to become the truth. A good part of my morning indignance at being awake and moving at such an early hour was erased by the weirdly fun sensation of fresh snow creaking as it packed down under my boots.

No plans for the weekend other than finishing the recovery from this last round of uck, housecleaning, making some OJ chicken, and doing some work for job #1. Also working on Sqwrrl, as I've been neglecting that a bit this month in favor of Real Work (heh) and shoring up some gaps in my PHP knowledge. It may necessitate rewriting a fair bit of code but I think the game will be better for it. I also need to bite the bullet and start looking at books/tutorials/classes for smartphone app creation. Speaking of which, thank you for all the suggestions for Boston books.

I guess, TGIF, eh?
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It occurs to me that most normal people don't spend two weeks working on getting a PHP script to turn a boring black and white QRCode into something that looks like a painted wood carving (while still having it scan correctly), but I've never laid any sorts of claims to normalcy.

At any rate...


...I think I succeeded. And yes, they all work... though if you scan them, all you're gonna get to is an "OHAI U TOUCHED MAI NUTS" message.

Not gonna lie, two weeks of looking at 15, 30, 60 and 120 pixel squares in various states of filled might have adversely affected my brain; I'll be glad to work on some other aspect of this project for a while.


Nov. 11th, 2011 09:08 am
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One of the few dates where it don't matter which side of the pond you're on, it's still right, lol. Anyone who makes wishes at 11:11 in general should make a couple of big ones today, I think.

I'd like to say something big and important about Veterans' Day, but [ profile] elf_fu not only beat me to it, she said it far more eloquently than my caffeine deprived brain is capable of doing so I'ma just link over with a resounding Hell Yeah and a reminder to self that I need to call Dad. I need to check whether he's finished those Carnagie Deli sandwiches yet anyway.

I do not have the day off, which I'm okay with. The buses, however, are on No School Schedule, which I'm somewhat less fine with seeing as getting back across the river on Fridays is challenging enough with traffic. Tonight is the Boston run; we shall return with two short stacks to entertain for the weekend (and hopefully one Hess Truck). The only thing really on my agenda is reading to Kidzilla - during the blackout I started reading her The Graveyard Book and I'd like to at least finish that, not to mention make some progress reading Eragon as well. Also I want to find her a copy of So You Want to Be A Wizard - it's an older kid book, but if she can handle Graveyard, she should be fine with evil man-eating taxicabs prowling the streets of New York. Which they pretty much do anyway.

The Secret Sqwrrl project is getting a bit big to contain within my head at this point. I may need to go through my stacks of blank notebooks and three ring binders for one to dedicate to the project. Either than or take the excuse to make a trip to Staples - I have Things to Find Out there anyway.

Other than kiddos, I'm gonna do my best to Get Things Done this weekend - between blackouts, trips to New York, lingering sick and constant tired/lazy I've kinda fallen behind on Life and Everything. Course, playing catch up when Lil'Beast is chasing the cat trying to get her to eat handfuls of kitty treats never works out well, but I'm gonna take a shot at it nonetheless. :)
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  • I'm getting better. The whole forcing myself to eat until my body stops treating food with suspicion seems to be working. Balancing it with lots of fluids, which seems to help. Small snacks instead of actual meals also seems to be the right way to go, especially since my stomach still likes to be all like NO after ten bites of anything. Not exactly 3 meals a day friendly right there.

    Surprisingly so far what has been pretty well accepted right now is cheese. I would think it would be something that would make me feel horrible but apparently this is not my week to be dairy-sensitive. So the last few days one of my primary nibbles is chunks of hard sharp yummy. [ profile] grinninfoole treated me to a small brick of Gruyere on Thursday and today at the farmers' market the lady at the Chase Hill Dairy Farm stand gave me the remainder sample chunk of her sold out Queso Veijo, so for right now at least it's an easily indulged craving.

  • Speaking of which, I did indeed go out to lunch with [ profile] grinninfoole on Thursday, though considering my digestive issues I opted to have chicken noodle soup instead of Bueno y Sano. I do enjoy our lunch dates, it seems to be a nice check-in/how are we doing for both of us and have some frank discussion about depression, recovery, efforts at being more social/adult/goal oriented and how all that's going for us. Other than my health issues, we both seem to be on an upswing at the same time, which is excellent.

  • D&D went decently on Thursday night; after a group consensus that combat and general gameplay needed to be tightened, I think overall we all did better. Apparently putting a chart down on my combat cheat sheet listing all my dice roll values helped me a lot - a fair amount of what slows me down during game, believe it or not, is trying to figure out what 17+26-4 is. We seem to be approaching the end of our campaign, and while I like playing Mare and enjoy the band of characters we've got going, I think I'm in agreement with [ profile] avalon616 here - epic tier is kinda rough and aspects of it are starting to poke me in the "this is why you never liked endgame raiding in WoW either" place. Starting to. They haven't quite gotten there yet. We'll see how we progress.

  • Work is actually pretty good now that back to school rush is over and the work study minions are starting to know what they're doing. The bad part is that my layout's been accepted so now I'm on the profoundly unfun bit of website design where I have to translate pretty shit in photoshop into CSS. Eugh. And I still have Other job stuff to do so if I can find a bit of time to work on that this weekend, next week should be nice, money wise.

    Oh and yesterday (well actually today, but never mind) was my boss's birthday. Apparently most of a slice of red velvet cake doesn't disagree with me either, go figure. ITS does not scrimp on the baked goods, seeing as besides the red velvet there was this cake called "to die for" that looked too much like diabetes on a plate to even want to get near, but damn. Also ITS has a fair amount of Polish folks. There was a rousing chorus of "Sto Lat" as the cakes were getting cut.

  • Kiddos are here, and for the most part, behaving themselves. Kidzilla's missing front tooth is ridiculously cute when she giggles:

    See? Oh here, since Lil'Beast decided to butt into the picture taking have a bonus.

    We had a nice visit this morning from their grandparents ([ profile] chirping_monkey's side) who dropped off a kitchen playset for them. Lil'Beast kept coming down the stairs and serving us invisible cakes. These are the moments that keep me from eating him, I swear.

    Every so often I have an "AAAAH TOO FAST STOP GROWING" with them. Between Kidzilla's facial window, having to raise her bike seat this afternoon, and the fact that Lil'beast is now too big for his PJs, tricycle and almost his sandals... yeah. They've both changed so much in the two years I've been regularly part of their weekends on this end of MA. And yeah, I realize it's what kids do, lol, come on, I'm still having issues with my nephew being legal to drink and getting tattoos and macking on women cause he tall and cute. Somewhere in the back of my brain he stopped growing around 12 and his siblings and Alejandra all stopped accordingly as well, no matter what their facebook statuses say. One of those things, I guess.

  • We also managed to make it out to the farmers market, as I mentioned earlier. Came home with ingredients for some ghost pepper chili (which I will not be eating, thank you) and I've been bugging [ profile] cell23 for two weeks to make potato leek soup, so he got stuff for that too. Noms are afoot. And the kids got maple candy and cheese and cookies so they as usual made out like bandits. I didn't personally get too much this time around, but I'm thinking next week I'll stop by the astarte farms tent, buy up a whole big bag of their end of season tomatoes as well as any I get off Icky and Sticky in the next week or so, plus a few other bits and pieces and try my hand at making an army sized batch of tomato sauce in the crock pot.

  • New eggs in the cave today! I know I know "you still play that game? lolwut?" yeah yeah shut up.

    Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Yeah, that's kinda life as I know it right now. In a few hours it'll be time for me and some of the crew to head down to Northampton for burlesque, and then tomorrow I think there's apple picking happening since we didn't get to go for Kidzilla's birthday. Definitely creeping on up to Fall... cannot wait...
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It's September and we're going frakking apple picking tomorrow. Fuck it, I'ma start using this icon.

moar icon stuff )

Shaping up to be a very lazy Sunday, seeing as we don't have any big plans or anywhere to go today as opposed to yesterday (Fair! Farmers Market! Shopping!) and tomorrow (Kidzilla's birthday party! AAAA!) [ profile] cell23 and I stayed up late last night watching the latest Torchwood and Doctor Who (hmm, I'm overdue for a "What's Andee Watching? post... later maybe) while I oven-dried the tomatoes I bought at the farmer's market. I finished those up this morning and I think I overdid them this time around, as some of them taste a little burnt, but they're still good. They also have a bit of a bite to them since I sprinkled pepper on them this time as well. Thinking of looking up a recipe for bread that incorporates them into it - I still have very fond memories of the sun-dried tomato bagels at Brueggers and am still mad they were only available that one summer years ago. But really all that's on tap for today is sticking close to home, making sure the kids don't kill each other, and chilling. I may try to get some work done or my hair yarned up today as well. Also we have some party prep to do later, mostly in the way of baking Kidzilla's cake and wrapping up her presents. Also figuring out what the hell we're going to do with the bajillion apples we're going to come home with tomorrow, considering she's having her party at the orchard for at least the third year running. I say at least because I've only been attending them regularly since she turned five - she very well may have had previous birthdays there as well and I'm kinda too lazy to ask [ profile] cell23 about it right now. Oh, that reminds me, I'd better charge up the camera.

By the way, those of you with iThings and an overdeveloped sense of voyeurism or a liking for anonymous confessions? The PostSecret app just dropped and it is addictive as FUCK. Buyer beware, you will do nothing else for an hour after downloading it.

But yeah. The Andee abides. Pretty much it.
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On the one hand, it's lunchtime and this is the first time I've gotten to sit down since getting off the bus. My feet are already screaming. On the other hand, if the traffic remains steady through the day rather than dead dead dead dead HOLY CRAP 15 PEOPLE RIGHT AT CLOSING TIME maybe I'll get out of here on time today. So it's not entirely a bad thing. Plus busy days go faster.

In completely else news, this morning was much more together than yesterday in terms of getting out of bed on time and getting morning stuff done so that's a win, even though I woke up from a strange but interesting dream wherein I was having a heart to heart conversation with someone I no longer speak to (no, not either of Them). It was weird because the conversation happened while we were trapped in a large rambling antique mansion trying to solve a murder mystery so we were wandering through all sorts of rooms and staircases that folded in on each other in Escher-esque ways (oh, dream logic) and having this intense conversation at the same time. It ended well, which was nice. Normally when real people i have beef with show up in my dreams it always devolves into screaming and waking up angsty.

Also? My brain suddenly developed an infestation of plotbunnies. We'll see whether they get exterminated by Life per usual or if the ideas actually go somewhere. If they stick around long enough, maybe I'll make another laughable crack at NaNoWriMo this year. Or as it usually works out in my case, NaNoWri48h.

I think tonight [ profile] cell23 and I are going birthday shopping for Kidzilla, since D&D is canceled. I have some plans for what I want to get her, and something I wanted to make but I got sidetracked, so it's gonna wait until Christmas. (Considering it was going to be a calendar/journal like object, it makes sense to give it to her at the turn of the new year anyway.) I'm kinda psyched about it, honestly. I remember seven being a pretty awesome year. At the same time whaaaaaaaaaaat? She's seven already? Man, the old. I has it.

Ugh, I really don't want to put my shoes back on and head back up into the computer trenches. :P No rest for the wicked, and since wicked is tattooed on my shoulder, that includes me.
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"Last week, LJ came under attack and was down for three days. I missed it horribly; I went over to Dreamwidth, but it just wasn't the same. When LJ came up, several of my good friends posted to say how much they missed LJ, but several also posted to wonder whether this wasn't really the end for LJ, whether they wouldn't just move wholesale to DW or Twitter or Google+, for so few people post now and so few comment.

Let's make this week Show LJ Some Love Week! If a friend posts to LJ, and you've read that post, comment. Even if it's just a silly three-word comment going 'that's really hilarious!', 'your boss sucks' or 'get a divorce', show that the community's still here. I know I have many friends on my list whom I do read every day, whose lives I do know about and care about, but whom I never comment on, because it doesn't occur to me, or because I don't think I have the time, or because I'm on my iPhone and typing is a pain. This week, that's going to change. Are you in?"

hattip to [ profile] firinel who got it from a friend who got it from someone else.

Today is full of T-storms (yay!), housecleaning (boo, but necessary), much anticipated doorstops waiting to be read (yay!), work (not objecting, it means $$), Witch finishing (ugh, but also necessary), and the squee that comes of happy tomato plants (yay!). Sticky's second tomato came off while we were repotting him; 1 day later, suddenly he has 5 itty bitty tomatoes on him. Icky still has two big 'uns but they are now turning yellow/orange and looking happy. I'm guessing in a couple of weeks I'm suddenly going to have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.

Wellp, that's enough of a break - off to finish scrubbing the kitchen and cook up some dinner.
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The problem with summertime + not having a regular 9-5 gig is that my bedtime starts drifting later and later until suddenly it's early and less early. I suppose it's just nature taking over - I'm kind of naturally nocturnal. Having a parent working second shift for most of your childhood will do that to you - you start treasuring the opportunities to stay up late so you can hang out with them. I just never got out of the habit.

Last night I went with [ profile] avalon616 down to Tower Theater in South Hadley to attend the last (for a while) Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast. I generally don't like shadowcasts and callback type shows (no, not a big Rocky person either, though I like the movie itself), but I ended up having a good time at this one. Though I will note with a shake of my head that my Henchgirl outfit was insanely better than the stage henchgirl... considering I put that outfit together in 20 minutes in a cave with a box of scraps? yeah.* And I'll give the gal playing Giles Nathan props - she had the Repo Man coat and mask and everything down. Also the chickie doing Blind Mag? Hawt.

Okay, we might have gone for the express purpose of enjoying cute girls in gothy outfits. Maybe.

Got home at 3am and slept in until 1. Ooops. Guess I needed the sleep.

Despite the late start, I've had quite the productive day. Went swimming, went shopping, watched Torchwood and Thundercats, played furniture tetris with [ profile] avalon616 and [ profile] cell23 and a very pretty but large/unweildy desk, and even got a bit of stargazing in, so it's not like I lost the day or anything. Oh and I finished beading The Witch:

She kinda came out looking a bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones this time. I'm okay with this. Alas, fun part is over - now comes the tedious icky bit where I cast her off the loom and weave all the warp threads in. In case you couldn't tell, "finishing" a piece is my least favorite bit. I also haven't figured out quite how to "finish" her either. Some experiments with mats and frames might be in order.

I bought new pots today. At some point tomorrow morning I have to nip down to Annies for more dirt and repot the tomato plants one last time, since they're getting a bit out of hand. After that I have to split up the cukes into the tomatoes' old pots so they have some breathing room. Goo (the strawberry) is very happy where she is, flowering like crazy and putting out fruit right and left. Still rather boggled that not only did I manage to keep six plants alive this summer, five of them put out edible stuff. Kinda psyched that one of the tomatoes is just about ready to slice up and nom, in a "HEY I GREW THAT" sort of way. Still on the lookout for a black coleus I can take a pinch off of, though. May have to make a field trip to Amherst or Smith and scour their landscaping for some one day. Either that or wait until the next time I go to NY - there was a planter not too far from the Megabus pickup point that had the EXACT type of coleus I want, but I didn't have a bottle of water on me last time I was there. Next time, Gadget. Not gonna post the plant pictures, but if you want to admire my tommy-toes, here's my OMG! PLANTS picasa album.'s late. I should stop nattering about plants and other inanities and think about going to bed... or something.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ~~ Adopt one today!

* The scales are tipped in my favor to begin with since at the last minute I opted to forgo the practical but still cute ankle boots for patent leather knee hi platform heels. Half the compliments I got for the cosplay were for the boots alone. My feet and calves were KILLING me when I got home and everything below the waist was sore from being in them all evening, but it was so worth it for the compliment whoring factor.


Apr. 1st, 2011 02:56 pm
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Haven't done one of these in a while. But I didn't really like my other Lana icon much. I'm a lot happier with this one.

Happy April Fools. Or, if you're like most of the grouches on my f-list, including me, Let Me Know When It's Over April Fools!

I'm rather glad that the April Fools snow we got was nowhere like as bad as the April Fools snowstorm of 1998 (I think) where after a mild, snowless winter OMGSURPRISE 3 feet and Smith wasn't gracious enough to close campus, even through none of the professors bothered to show up. Fun shit.

Youtube's viral 1911 vids are pretty cute, as is Google's Helvetica gag, Wikipedia's front page, and the Dragon Cave turning all its dragons to carrots. WoW's Crabby the Dungeon Helper got an actual audible snort out of me (but I'm one of those people that were amused rather than annoyed by the Office Assistant). Less impressed with Gmail motion. bellarisa's troll on facebook was actually really funny once I stopped having a heart attack. Otherwise, April 1 this year is kinda bleh, which is fine; anytime anything of note happens on this date it tends to not go well for me, so I'm genuinely okay with bleh.

In other news surviving the first day without coffee with lots of water, a cup of tea and extra strength tylenol. Getting work done and planning projects for the weekend, and since the weather's finally eased up, trying to psyche myself into getting laundry done, though that will very likely fail. Whatevs, not like I have to have anything nice clean before Sunday morning.

I'ma go find and hug a kitty now. She will hate it. I don't care.

Adopt one today! ~~ Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Apr. 1st, 2011 02:56 pm
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Haven't done one of these in a while. But I didn't really like my other Lana icon much. I'm a lot happier with this one.

Happy April Fools. Or, if you're like most of the grouches on my f-list, including me, Let Me Know When It's Over April Fools!

I'm rather glad that the April Fools snow we got was nowhere like as bad as the April Fools snowstorm of 1998 (I think) where after a mild, snowless winter OMGSURPRISE 3 feet and Smith wasn't gracious enough to close campus, even through none of the professors bothered to show up. Fun shit.

Youtube's viral 1911 vids are pretty cute, as is Google's Helvetica gag, Wikipedia's front page, and the Dragon Cave turning all its dragons to carrots. WoW's Crabby the Dungeon Helper got an actual audible snort out of me (but I'm one of those people that were amused rather than annoyed by the Office Assistant). Less impressed with Gmail motion. bellarisa's troll on facebook was actually really funny once I stopped having a heart attack. Otherwise, April 1 this year is kinda bleh, which is fine; anytime anything of note happens on this date it tends to not go well for me, so I'm genuinely okay with bleh.

In other news surviving the first day without coffee with lots of water, a cup of tea and extra strength tylenol. Getting work done and planning projects for the weekend, and since the weather's finally eased up, trying to psyche myself into getting laundry done, though that will very likely fail. Whatevs, not like I have to have anything nice clean before Sunday morning.

I'ma go find and hug a kitty now. She will hate it. I don't care.

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*insert crabby whining about [ profile] cell23's flight home being cancelled due to snowstorm*

I know I know, it's fine, I'd rather have him safe in DC than trying to travel in this mess, and he'll be home tomorrow, but still, ugh, *WHINE* my house is too damn quiet without him, even with music/news radio on.

There, okay I'm done now, stop throwing up.

In other news, I bounced out of bed at 8:30, worked pretty much all day, handled a crisis, and conducted more interesting experiments in Asian cuisine. (ETA: I apparently make a pretty damn good egg drop soup.) Also got the kitchen cleaned up finally. I'm apparently doing something right this week. And apparently bell rehearsal is still on, which I'm mostly yay about except for the venturing out in the cold part, which I'm not a fan of doing right now.


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