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ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : Wee Beastie is grounded from anything with a screen this weekend. Dis gon be rough. #passwordsandunplugs

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : Also when I'm freaking out on Sunday because I forgot where I hid the power cable to @cell23's box, tell me it's in my altar drawer.

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : On the other hand part of me is kinda looking forward to the growls of frustrated 5 year old when he inevitably ties to be slick and fails.

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : and that part of me is probably why the world should be glad I don't do this full time. #troll #yourchildrenwell #stepmamashell #slowlygoby

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : Aw shit, earwormed myself. Fuck it. ♫ Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you you would cry, So just look at them and siiiiiiiiiiigh ♫

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : ♫ ...and say U MAD BRO? ♫ *guitar strumming*

Weird things sometimes happen when I think out loud on Twitter.

But yeah, lil'Man is on technology lockdown. (Schoolwork issues.) He isn't going to be happy this weekend. And neither are we. :/
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I post this every year and it still cracks me up. Especially the "YOU LIKE IT WHEN I SPEAK YOUR NATIVE TONGUE" part.

Video, obv, NSFW. Don't even bother pretending to be shocked, I know some of y'all have a copy of 50 Shades under your beds. And the rest of y'all have much better BDSM literature, lol.

Loaves 3 and 4 of the pumpkin bread are in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Gobble gobble gobble.

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Jun. 4th, 2012 07:58 pm
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I'm honestly kinda bummed to hear Eduard Khil passed away. If you are unsure who that is, well, "Trolololo lo lololo lololo hohohohoooooo" should give you a clue.

He seemed like a sweet old guy that seemed to be genuinely amused and a little touched by his sudden, late in life Internet fame and was even having fun with it.

Interesting Fact/Cool Story Bro Time: the song is actually titled Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой which loosely translates as "I'm very happy to be returning home at last." I hope he is.

At some point where I'm not freezing and cranky and headachy and overtired, I should post a ramble about how one of the many reasons I have ladyboners for Russian classical/choral music is that instead of the emphasis and melodies being placed in the higher registers like most Western European music, Russian exquivelents tend to skew towards the baritone-bass range instead, which leads to a completely different sound and flavor. And I do dearly love me a warm, rich lower register. May also explain why any song sung by Leonard Cohen, Paul Robeson, Johnny Cash or Peter Steele (among other people) will get my attention rather... quicker... than other vocal ranges.
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I think everyone's morning could benefit from a little Winnie the Pooh worshipping Satan action.

I still sing "Yak's Blood, yak's blood, holy holy yak's blood" to myself on occasion. I have problems, I realize this.
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I completely blame [ profile] devilishdestiny for reminding me this morning that a lot of popular shoe brands allow you to customize your shoes now on their web sites. My morning has pretty much been wasted playing with make-your-own Chucks and Timberlands while silently thanking The Great To-Whom-It-May-Concern that Reebok didn't offer the same service for high top Freestyles, seeing as I'd actually probably buy those. Except Reebok TOTALLY DOES. Damn it.

So as a personal deterrent for customizing something I'd actually buy* I've been having an unholy amount of fun designing utterly hideous sneakers. I'm actually rather proud of these two:

Taste the Rainbow:

As @justdowd pointed out on Twitter, Punky Brewster might have been seen wearing these once upon a time. Hell, my 7th Grade to College Freshman self would totally love the shit out of these, not going to lie.

A tribute to

Well I mean, when's the last time you can think of that a web site (and a horrific one at that) inspired some seriously ugly footwear? I wonder if buying and wearing these would qualify me for some kind of performance art grant?

(The really scary thing? The shoe is astronomically less ugly than the web site that inspired it.)

Yeah, I have problems. Deal with it.

I do need to at some point, seeing as my current freestyles have no tread left... but will probably be sticking to my usual basic black, tempting as the purple accented options are.
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HOLD UP there's an LJ community dedicated to snarking on The Baby-sitters Club???


([ profile] bsc_snark, cause I KNOW I'm not the only one. *side-eyes the likely suspects*)

In other squee news, just got off skype with Kidzilla who has a brandy new hole in her smile due to a lost front tooth. Its pretty hilarious-looking. Will have to get more pictures of it this weekend.
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...well, its nice to know the spirit of Dschinghis Khan is alive and well?
anagramofbrat: (ew) know, I think I've finally found a subgenre of electronica I actually dislike. And y'all know I like everything.

Also wtf.


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