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The kids are over this weekend and this is how Kidzilla has taken to opening up non-conversations with me. It's adorable. It's basically "I wanna hang out and talk with you because yay but I have absolutely nothing to say." Bless that girl.

I've gotten a bit more reflective on the passage of time this weekend... I think it started last week at the Owl when I was holding [ profile] stormslegacy and [ profile] coureton's baby and he was grabbing strands of yarn in his chubby widdle fists and either pulling or stuffing it in his mouth cause teething is no joke. (An aside, wtf he's three months old and like... six months ahead in development, yikes.) I've been having a lot of flashbacks to when small blonde was even smaller and pretty much would interact with me and my hair the same way. And now she's bearing down on 11. Both kids are just interesting little people now, every so often I'll just pause and go wow. I get to watch these kids grow up. I get to help these kids grow up. That's an awesome thing. And not just because I have a bazillion and three embarrassing stories that I'm collecting for when Wee Beastie brings home a romantic interest. ;) It's just moments like this morning as I'm typing this and overhearing them in the other room huddled around an ipad singing along to Weird Al's "Word Crimes". (We'll overlook that it's probably the 347th time I've heard that song this weekend.)

In other news, I have several creative projects trying to get my attention. Since I can't pick one I've been defaulting to Minecraft. I'm in the middle of two major builds (finishing off the castle and one inspired by Chand Baori) and I always swear that when I finish whatever I'm on I'm gonna put Minecraft down for a bit but lol no. But I do need to work on a few other things for a change.

J and I have been emailing again. This is both a good and a bad thing. Of course I'm expecting him to have an attack of the feels, freak out and disengage at any moment so I'm trying to treat it as an ephemeral treat, like getting the occasional NY street hot dog. The upside of that is we were talking about an old project we had partially been working on together years ago and that I'd started developing again on my own by myself. Yet another creative iron in the fire.

It just keeps snowing out here in the Northeast. It's apparently Boston's turn for an ass-reaming by Old Man Winter and while we're not getting spanked nearly as bad out on our end of MA, we've still been getting quite a bit and there's more on the way. I swear if it keeps up like this I'ma go out into the driveway in a blue dress and get my Idina Menzel on.

Valentine's Day Approacheth. I have... feels about that. I have a weird kind of holiday burnout right now - I'm not sick of holidays because I fucking love them, but what I am sick of is holiday backlash. I feel like this year I've really let the varying cries of Fuck Christmas! Fuck Super Bowl, and Fuck Valentine's Day! get to me. There are very valid complaints and deconstructions to be had about any/all of them, don't get me wrong, but most of the vitriol isn't coming from a place of honest critique, but rather 5th dentisting for the sake of 5th dentisting. Anyway, considering I have the annoying personality quirk where one criticism of something I enjoy "ruins it forever"* for me getting through this winter has been somewhat more of a challenge than usual. Strongly considering just quitting facebook between Thanksgiving and Presidents Day next year so I don't have to deal with it next year.

Hilariously, I don't have anything even remotely planned for Valentine's day itself. On the date itself Drew and I are going up to Athol for a memorial gathering for his Dad, and then I have to work Burlesque, and then depending on what my wallet looks like next week the day after we're going to drive out to the Flea. Maybe. I still haven't properly decided on that. I might drive down to see htl_1126 instead, lol. Most of the leadup to it is mocking the shit out of the massive FSOG marketing because eek.

Well. That's all the news for now.
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