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  • Last monday I rolled a 1 on a paralell part attempt. Actually the amount of fail may be better expressed as the legendary old World of Darkness triple botch. I pulled into the space completely wrong and managed to wedge both my right tires against the curb in a way that nearly made it impossible to move the car at all, let along pull out of the space. I also had maybe three inches of clearance between my bumper and the car in front of me. Suck, but the only reason I mentioned it is that I very nearly had a meltdown over it bad enough that when I calmed myself down an hour or so later (yes, long after I'd managed to escape the godforsaken space and part somewhere easier), both cell23 and I decided I needed to call the doctor and either have my meds addressed, be referred to someone or both. Several emails later (yes, my doctors respond to email and it is awesome), I have an appointment on the 18th, and am on day three of taking double the dose of Wellbutrin I was on. Things are better, but that may just be the higher dosage messing with me.

  • The husbeast and I carpooled down with House Henderson-Jenkinson yesterday to visit the McGurks and for the lady half of the six to go shopping. This turned out to be a lovely saturday spent with chosen family, and it ended with cell23 and deliriumdeva roasting chicken and veggies for the lot of us, so we had a lovely family style dinner to have together as well. And I got tipsy on this purple vodka stuff that tastes like syrupy Dimetapp and is all purple and swirly, like someone pureed a unicorn and made it into booze. Viniq, I think it's called. Certainly the prettiest booze I've ever imbibed.

  • It was finally honest to goodness warm today. HUZ-fucking-ZAH.

That's about all I have to consciousness for.
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