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So I've got my entire iTunes Library on random. Like you do when you want to listen to Music but aren't really picky about what. This song just came on.

I know, I know. Tee hee Milli Vanilli. I think it's long been okay to like their stuff again, regardless of who's actually singing. But this isn't about them, this is about noticing the rhythm line in it. You know, Boomp padoompah, boomp pah. With maybe an extra oon-tsss oon-tsss over the end. It occurred to me that this particular rhythm line was everywhere in the early 90s.

I could keep going, but it's kinda like being able to sing Pachabel's "Canon" to almost any rock song. You get my point.

Here's what I'm wondering - does it have a name? Like the Amen Break?

Edit: Apparently "Tom's Diner" and a few others were sampled directly from "Keep On Movin".

Edit again: Poking through Soul II Soul's sample list, there's a break in Graham Central Station's "The Jam" that sounds very similar.

Edit again: Mystery solved! It's the break from a song called, hilariously enough, "Ashley's Roachclip" by the Soul Searchers. Sample in question begins at 3:33. I guess it's the Roachclip break then?

I love stuff like this.
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Out of many reasons I'm sorry to see the Eleventh Doctor go,* one of the main ones is that I hardcore love his "GERONIMO LETS GO ADVENTURING BECAUSE I'M AWESOME" theme - Murray Gold's "I Am The Doctor."

There are several reasons I love this piece. One, it's really fun to drive to. For similar reasons, it's also just... impossible to sit still listening to it. It's one of those pieces that kinda picks you up and runs away with you giggling.

The other reason? [music nerd time] Other than some transitional sections, it's in 7/8. Murray Gold, you have my attention and quite possibly my undying affection, I'm not sure yet. I do love me a weird time signature though, and septuple meter is a fun one.

A weird thing about it though, especially when hearing it by itself (not underscoring a Who episode in other words) I always had the nagging sense that it was reminding me of something else. Worse, it was something that I knew I'd also liked a lot that maybe I'd heard a loooooong time ago? Never quite got a handle on what it was though.

Of course tonight, at total random, what it was that it reminded me of popped into my head unbidden and fully formed, like damned Athene in reverse. Which is actually sort of appropriate because what had been dancing on the edge of my memory was the opening to Yanni: Live at the Acropolis.

...see what I mean? Those two pieces could be siblings. Not to mention "Santorini" is also written in 7/8.

It makes sense that both pieces are twigging the same region of my brain. Or rather that "I Am The Doctor" is poking me in the deeply buried place where "Santorini" became lodged after a couple of years of Live At the Acropolis being the PBS go-to pledge drive staple back when I was about 13, and my mother subsequently playing the CD around the house A LOT. Not that I minded too much, I actually rather liked that album. Pretty sure I have a copy somewhere (or did I steal Mom's?), though I haven't listened to it in decades.

In related news, I've actually found myself enjoying the retooled iTunes radio quite a bit (and enjoyed it quite a bit more after figuring out how to stop the annoying THWIP! noise from happening before every track). What sort of led to this post was that I found a "station" called Soundtrack and Theme Orchestra Radio and goodness knows if there's one thing I love, its movie scores. Been rather surprised by what that station is coughing up between the obligatory selections from Williams, Elfman, Zimmer, Shore, and Goldsmith: The first Transformers movie might not have been the greatest thing in the world, but the score was apparently quite underrated to the point where I'm considering picking it up. I also have to wonder if there's a handbook to scoring movies, as the same tropes crop up over and over - soaring strings, low brass and bass for menacing evil, snares for anything military, high brass fanfare followed by timpani for big dramatic finishes, to name a few. I could write an entire dissertation on John Williams' work all by itself - that man has a French horn fetish so hardcore he can't be near a brass section unsupervised. And I think we've all heard the joke about Danny Elfman's scores for Tim Burton movies essentially summarized by "lala lala lala lala diddly diddly diddly diddly bwomp bwomp bwomp bwomp." (It's not that bad... okay, yeah it is, lol. But I love his stuff anyway.)

...I'm sure I was going somewhere with that, lol. But it's late, so of course I've lost my point. Ehh, bedtime.

* other than the fact that he's essentially "my" Doctor - I came into Doctor Who at the beginning of his run, backtracked to 9 after the first series of 11 and have been jumping around the classic episodes at [ profile] cell23's whim.
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What is Love? (Haddaway)

  • Love Will Come To You (Indigo Girls)
  • Love Is Rare (Morcheeba)
  • Love is a Song (from Bambi)
  • Love Is Here To Stay (Ella Fitzgerald)
  • Love Is Like A Bottle Of Gin (Magnetic Fields)
  • (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave (Martha Reeves)
  • Love Is Blindness (U2)
  • Love Is Strong (The Rolling Stones)
  • Love Led Us Here (from Muppet Treasure Island)
  • Love Will Keep Us Together (The Captain and Tennille)
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
  • Love Is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)
  • Love Is A Losing Game (Amy Winehouse)
  • Love Is Strange (Wolfsheim)
  • Love Dont Love Me (Eric Benet)
  • Love Is Such A Crazy Thing (Pink)
  • Love is Like Jazz (Magnetic Fields)
  • Love Makes The World Go Round (Madonna)
  • Love Will Never Do (Without You) (Janet Jackson)

I'd need to actually listen to the songs and shuffle them around to make some kind of aural sense (that Joy Division/Captain and Tennille transition is too perfect to break up though), but I'd put this on a CD.

Back to the thing I actually was trying to do with iTunes before I got sidetracked....
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ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : Wee Beastie is grounded from anything with a screen this weekend. Dis gon be rough. #passwordsandunplugs

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : Also when I'm freaking out on Sunday because I forgot where I hid the power cable to @cell23's box, tell me it's in my altar drawer.

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : On the other hand part of me is kinda looking forward to the growls of frustrated 5 year old when he inevitably ties to be slick and fails.

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : and that part of me is probably why the world should be glad I don't do this full time. #troll #yourchildrenwell #stepmamashell #slowlygoby

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : Aw shit, earwormed myself. Fuck it. ♫ Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you you would cry, So just look at them and siiiiiiiiiiigh ♫

ARBT ‏(@anagramofbrat) : ♫ ...and say U MAD BRO? ♫ *guitar strumming*

Weird things sometimes happen when I think out loud on Twitter.

But yeah, lil'Man is on technology lockdown. (Schoolwork issues.) He isn't going to be happy this weekend. And neither are we. :/
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Still plugging away at my goodreads challenge, though the last few weeks I've shoved books aside for beading. I may have to give up and switch to audiobooks if this keeps up. Or take more bus trips. I can't bead in a moving vehicle. Well, at least not one that isn't reasonably stable. I could probably manage it on a train. But I digress. Books.

43. Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1) (LaFevers, R.L.)

44. Bossypants (Fey, Tina)

45. The Winter Sea (Kearsley, Susanna)

46. How to Be Black (Thurston, Baratunde R.)

47. River God (Ancient Egypt, #1) (Smith, Wilbur A.)

48. Ready Player One (Cline, Ernest)

49. Incarceron (Incarceron, #1) (Fisher, Catherine)

50. Summon the Keeper (Keeper's Chronicles, #1) (Huff, Tanya)

51. The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #1) (Ryan, Carrie)

52. Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1) (Bardugo, Leigh)

53. Beauty Queens (Bray, Libba)

54. The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) (Chima, Cinda Williams)

55. Going Solo (Dahl, Roald)

56. A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel (Larson, Hope based on the work by L'Engle)

57. Are You My Mother? (Bechdel, Alison)

58. Home (Morrison, Toni)

59. The Oracle's Queen (The Tamír Triad, #3) (Flewelling, Lynn)

60. Unwind (Unwind, #1) (Shusterman, Neal)

61. Lion's Blood (Lion's Blood, #1) (Barnes, Steven)

62. The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) (Lynch, Scott)

Goodreads likes to inform me that I'm 5 whole books behind right now, but this can be easily remedied by shotgunning through a few kids books next time I'm at the Jones. There are a few AG series I haven't read, for example, and they're very short.

Of the above list, all were pretty good to excellent. Of particular note, How To Be Black had me in stitches while skewering some painful racial truths, The Forest of Hands and Teeth was surprisingly terrifying for a zombie novel aimed at tweenagers, and Unwind was... HIGHLY DISTURBING to the point of giving me very bad dreams for a couple of days after I finished, but a good read none the less. The last two books on the list perhaps suffer from a little bias since I read them recently, but both Lion's Blood (an alternate history novel dissecting the American slave trade if Northern Africa had become the dominant culture instead of Europe) and The Lies of Locke Lamora (a heist/caper/revenge story set in a Renaissancey fantasy city) both came HIGHLY recommended and did not disappoint. My only criticisms of the above books would be that Beauty Queens, while damn funny at points, was sledgehammer heavy handed with its point, A Wrinkle in Time, while beautifully drawn, did not really bring anything new to the familiar story, and Home, while pretty good as a novel on its own merits, seems like a lazy forgettable effort on Toni Morrison's part; she can do so much better.

Also I just got wind that there is a new Vorkosigan book out! MUST. READ. I don't care that it's more Ivan Vorpatril than Miles. I like the dumb fuck, a him-centric book should be entertaining.


NBC: Jesus fuck, NBC what the HELL are you doing to your Thursday lineup? That said, the only show that seems to be maintaining its quirky excellence would be Parks and Recreation, which has not disappointed. It remains hysterical while both maintaining its political commentary and allowing for the growth of its ensemble. Well, except maybe for Jerry. Poor, poor Jerry. Also spoiler )

Alas, 30Rock by contrast, is definitely slipping and I'm rather glad it's ending this season, before it entirely jumps the shark. While it still once in a while gets a WTF laugh out of me ("I ordered a Black Coffee - by that I mean a Sunkist!") it's clearly past its sell-by date.

Don't get me started about the delay of Community.

BBC: Oh it HAS been a while since I made a TV post, huh? Yes, we did see the most recent half season of Doctor Who. Overall? Ehhhh. I did NOT like the finale, honestly. I loved the concept of it - New York City has enough creepy gothic statuary around that a Weeping Angel story set in the city should have been terrifying, but instead it just seemed kinda goofy in an old horror movie sort of way. "Asylum of the Daleks," by contrast, was suitably Dalek-y and the plot twists well done. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" was a fantastic bit of fun (Can I have me a Nefertiti?), and aspects of "The Power of Three" were good, namely the various talents of the Cubes and the way the month names were embedded into the scenery - a nice carryover from Sherlock, I thought. But overall... ish. The second half of series seven hopefully will be better.

The third season of Downton Abbey was a little bit less of a hot mess than the second. The series does seem to be at its best when upstairs is fretting about money and downstairs, namely Mr. Carson, is fretting about the placement of plates at dinner. I like that Edith seems to finally be getting some development besides plain, bitchy sister, someone needs to severely beat Robert about the head and shoulders with something heavy and I continue to want to nibble on a scantily clad Michelle Dockery while wanting to be the Dowager Contess when I grow up. Oh Maggie Smith, how I love you.

Other TV: [ profile] cell23 has finally managed to get me to sit down and watch through Adventure Time with him, and holy shit, this cartoon and its incredibly adorable surface masking a deeply disturbing, nightmarish reality. Not quite caught up to air yet - still have to watch season 4. But those of you who know? THE STAG HOOVES. DYEEEEAHHHGH! That's all. Also I kinda want to weight train so I can cosplay Susan Strong. Is that weird?

The most recent addition to my TV watching list is American Horror Story, which [ profile] cell23 marathoned a bit over Thanksgiving and which I caught up to over the past couple of days. Man, what. This show. We're only seven eps into season one, so no spoiling, but... yeah, there be some fucked up shit up in that show. But I'm surprised to find myself enjoying it. It seems to combine all the things I liked about Beetlejuice, The Ring, Twin Peaks, The Sixth Sense and American Gothic, which I realize is an odd amalgam of work but trust me, watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Still haven't caught up on either Mad Men or Sons of Anarchy - I may fix the latter over the next couple of days as I look for beading background noise.

Seeing as [ profile] renegadethumper and [ profile] deliriumdeva gave us the blu-ray collection of Rome for a wedding present, we're throwing a viewing party on Sunday for the first two episodes and recurring it until we get to the all too soon end of the series. It will be my fifth go through of watching it, but I love the series THAT MUCH okay. Still mad HBO cancelled it, but Game of Thrones is making up for a lot of that. Speaking of which:

Cannot. Wait.

Haven't been doing much of these owing to time and money, which sucks because there is actually stuff out already and coming out that I REALLY want to see. Wreck it Ralph. Rise of the Guardians. Life of Pi. Skyfall. The Hobbit. Les Miz. On The Road. Django Unchained. ARRRRGH. Cannot wait for this job to start so I can do at least the $5 tuesday shows again, man.

I did manage to see Lincoln, as I mentioned in my big long thanksgiving weekend post. It was an excellent bit of movie; I thought Daniel Day Lewis did a great job in making this often weirdly imposing historical figure human and relatable. However the movie, in my opinion, was completely stolen out from under him by Tommy Lee Jones, whose forceful and wickedly funny Thaddeus Stevens was a performance. I mean, Lewis made the most out of a mostly quiet and nuanced character, but I think it does get overshadowed by Jones' likeable gruff blowhard. Really, if there were more instances of calling Representatives on opposite party lines slow-witted nincompoops, I'd voluntarily watch C-SPAN.

I did come into the movie with a fair amount of bias, actually - I wasn't initially intending to see it in theaters, mostly due to various columns I had read due to its opening basically condemning the film and its subject matter as a lot of white people patting themselves on the back for abolition. Well, that's an oversimplification, but once pointed out, it is rather impossible to not see how narrow the focus is on this film and how by focusing so tightly on lincoln and several key politicians during the passage of the 13th amendment, you completely omit the contributions of others who helped get that passed, leaving the only role for black people in the movie open is that of the freed people staring adoringly up (or down, depending on shot and location) at their white saviors when in truth, black people were doing a HELL of a lot of work towards their own emancipation, thank you. It is hard to put that glaring omission aside in the course of the movie and one could argue that it shouldn't be put aside at all. At any rate, it did leave me with some conflicts regarding my own enjoyment of the film, ones that are probably important ones to have. There are other columns that have expressed this far more eloquently than I have, I direct you to Kate Masur's piece in the NY Times and Corey Robin's blog post about it.

I've been listening a LOT to's fairly new online radio station, Radio BDC. It is a good station overall, plays a lot of slightly off the beaten path alternative and generally runs screaming away from the autotune abuse that is the current pop scene. On the bad side, it does tend to shove quite a bit of Mumford and Sons down your throat. Successfully so, as I have managed to take a begrudging liking to "I Will Wait" just by dint of it getting LODGED in my head for hours on end. On the other hand other bands that tend to get heavily played over there are Metric, The Cure, New Order and Muse. Yeah, not going to protest too heavily about that.

I find myself trying to find heavy female vocal-centered groups to listen to to counteract the fact that Florence + the Machine have grown on me like a fungus. I like her stuff, but I've seen the vids for "Dog Days Are Over" and "No Light, No Light" and they plus the entirity of her new song "Kiss with a Fist" make me headsmash in the same sort of way that the multitudinous Amanda Palmer clusterfucks do. Art is seriously no excuse to not think about the imagery you're playing with, folks, fucking seriously. People have suggested Bat for Lashes to me and I've liked what I've read and heard of her so far. I also quite by accident picked up an unholy addiction to playing Grimes' Visions on loop, with special emphasis placed on "Genesis" which is a creepily catchy electronica track. I also keep meaning to check out Kimbra, as I love her vocal in "Somebody I Used to Know" (gods, is that song a personal kick to the feels), but more cause I'm curious as to if she does the weird hand dancing on everything she does. It sort of reminds me of the people that would stand in the corners of the dance floor at Haven and do flowy goth para-para instead of, well, dancing.

Also it's after thanksgiving. BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC, BITCHES. I have a feeling I'm going to be playing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" a bit this year, seeing as it's one of the few songs comfortably in [ profile] cell23's actual range and he brings the full on baritone realness to it and I turn into a small puddle. Who'da thunk I'd find lines such as "Your hearts a dead tomato squashed with moldy purple spots," so sexy... I mean, I also kinda want to jump him when he's singing the Trololololo song too. I like low ranged men, okay? sheesh. Allow me my strange twitterpations. Could be worse, I could be reading 50 Shades with no irony whatsoever. Oh, maybe I should shotgun through those too. For the lulz, of course.
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I'm not sure how it came up last night while over at the Geoffroy's, but I think I was singing "Shaving Cream" to the kids in an attempt to keep Lil'Beast from singing the word "Butts" over and over during dessert. (We'd gone over to have dinner... I have Things To Say about the meatballs that invariably turn up in that house via Anna's grandfather. Mostly along the lines of PUT THEM IN MY FACE NAU KTHX.) Anyway the conversation shifted to Dr. Demento, whom the kids hadn't heard of, but I think the idea of there having been a radio show entirely dedicated to silly songs appealled mightily to them. Anyway, at some point Dave dug out the 20th and 30th anniversary Dr. Demento collections and graciously let me borrow them. Ripping them onto my iPod right now.

The downside of this is that the conversation reminded Lil'Beast of "Fish Heads" which I'd taught both kids last year. Oh, how that folly bit me in the ass. Lil'Beast proceeded to sing the chorus of it. Repeatedly. For half an hour straight. At the top of his lungs. Nothing like a five year old to ruin one of your favorites.

Okay, he didn't ruin it, but man, I think all of us were ready to kill him after a while. Quite sure the silence left in the house by us going home was more a relief than haunting, though.

Always a little boggled when I'm reminded that "Fish Heads" is almost as old as I am. Also that one of the guys went on to play one of my favorite science fiction characters about a decade or so later (Lennier from Babylon 5), not to mention played Will Robinson from Lost in Space as a kid. lolwhat small universe.
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While looking at the calendar this week I realized to my horror that next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I... what? Already? Where the hell did the year go?

I'm generally not a fan of Holiday Creep, except for the fact that it allows me to buy Halloween stuff on clearance three days before Halloween. However I'm horrified by the prospect of Black Friday creeping into Thanksgiving day. Some people like having dinner with their families, you know. Not everyone, mind, but some people. I suppose my level of care is at best remote because I neither work in retail nor ever shop on Black Friday (prefer making humungous Amazon orders the monday afterwards, thank you), but that just seems wrong to me.

Still, there are things to be said about the upcoming holiday season, since it's apparently sooner than I thought and thus I can allow myself to enjoy it in a week. Nyaker's Pepparkakor is available again, for one. Talk about a ridiculously delicious way to get fat. Overabundances of pumpkin desserts, turkey and ham. Wow, I haven't made pumpkin bread once this year, I should fix that. The Hess trucks are out, even though I'm kind of underwhelmed by this year's. (Honestly, the remote control helicopters at 7-11 look like more fun, but me being a collector I'll probably acquire this year's truck at some point anyway.) And I do rather unabashedly love holiday music - though four notable exceptions to the usual holiday rotation should be noted:

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Because every girl wants some roofies and date rape for Christmas.

"Wonderful Christmastime" - This one is just stab-everyone levels of annoying.

"Mele Kalikimaka (the Hawaiian Christmas song)" - Cultural appropriation much? Also every version I've ever heard is just so SMARMY sounding!

"Christmas Shoes" - just... fuck you. Pretty shoes so your dying mama can look stylish in her casket? Hate to tell you kid, but they weld the bottom of the coffin shut before the service and don't bother putting shoes on the corpse anyway. YOUR HOLIDAY SENTIMENT IS WASTED.

But yeah, everything else? sure, bring it.

We have a tree this year too, though I got it on post-Christmas clearance last year, well before we brought home Monsieur Mangetout à Poil. I guess we'll see how he does. May have to soak a ghost pepper in water and spray it down before I plug it in.

In non holiday related news, I saw Dr. Tassoni today for the first time in over a year, fully expecting to get yelled at for letting that long of a gap exist between appointments. I instead got more of a guilt trip and an admonishment to consume more iron (yay chronic anemia). No change in meds for now. Whee blue horse pills. :P Also big ups to [ profile] deliriumdeva for saving me after my PVTA fail today by running me to Florence and back and then later finding my misplaced wallet in her car. Oops, lol.

[ profile] bloodandsmoke, [ profile] thedavin and I met for a long delayed Drinktank, which I always do enjoy. I seriously need to sit down with the various pieces of Guardians and Gods scattered around my computer and stitch it more or less in order so I can see what I've got and what gaps need filling in. But the guys have been enjoying the bits I've brought in so far, so I'm encouraged. I'm also slightly less worried about how to get the plot to its next point, which I've been stuck on lately. Most of the bits I've been writing are still very much Introduce These Characters or These Settings and I've been feeling very much lately like I should be getting on with something, plot-wise. I feel like the guys gave me the outside permission to roll around in the world I'm building some more and not worry too much about plots going splode, though some hilarity may ensue with at least two characters and a stolen baby.

While I'm not doing NaNo, the counters work just as well for bead counts.

400 / 25500

Not taking or posting pictures for a little bit because nothing interesting is happening yet - I'm 50 beads into row 3 and it's still just solid uniform yellow.There's not even enough in there yet to keep the thing from twisting up on itself into a strange U shape. It'll stiffen up the more rows get added. But yeah, it's slow going. I can't even think about this piece in terms of rows really - I'm mostly just taking it ten beads at a time and then breaking it up frequently to go do other things. This keeps me from getting overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project, and also since I've started to notice a little soreness in my left shoulder and wrist, heading off the repetitive stress injuries at the pass. Hopefully anyway. But yeah... this is going to take forever. Tentative goal is to be done by New Years. At least the next row I actually get into the actual pattern instead of solid blocks of color so that should liven it up some.

and now bed, since I have to get up, look pretty and drive down to Holyoke for office skill testing. Yeeeesh.
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Cookie for knowing what I'm referencing with the last three words. Obviously my name is not Elizabeth.

Been a pretty packed 24 hours, all told. Yesterday evening we got invited to [ profile] deliriumdeva's for what began as a crafting and wine night ([ profile] avalon616 and [ profile] deliriumdeva were constructing bits of their Halloween costumes) but expanded to include watching The Fifth Element with [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] renegadethumper. Much later in the evening, after the boys had excused themselves, I don't even remember how it even came up, but I broke into a snatch of "On This Night of A Thousand Stars" from Evita for SOME reason, and [ profile] deliriumdeva was all OMG I KNOW THAT SONG. It turns out that we both had serious childhood obsessions with cassettes of the 1979 Broadway cast. The one with Patti LuPone. And Inigo Montoya. And that ridiculous guy playing Peron with a terrible accent. (Rolling all your Rs and singing/talking through your nose =/= authentic Argentinean accent. It is, however, hilarious and would make a good drinking game.) Anyway after this discovery [ profile] deliriumdeva found the entire album on grooveshark and we had ourselves a bit of a singalong/nostalgiafest over our boozy crafting. Made it through the entire album too. I don't think I ended up going home until almost 3am.

Today I had a FUCK IT PAJAMA SATURDAY moment. It began with witnessing the dramatic and sticky end to [ profile] cell23's attempt at making rum inside a pumpkin - the pumpkin kind of imploded and got a hole in it, so we had this thick, sticky yet delightful tasting pumpkin spice syrup with raisins that needed disposal. While [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] deliriumdeva absconded with the remains of the disaster to find something to bake with it (they ended up with a not at all bad tasting bread pudding) I plunked myself on the couch to watch The Sound of Music, as it was due back at Captain Video later on in the evening. However it's already a bazillion hour long movie, and watching it was made slower because I would back up the musical numbers and watch them again with commentary. (Yes, I'm the movie dweeb that watches every single special feature/documentary/making of thing/horde of horrifying trivia about the movie included in DVD box sets. That stuff is like crack to me, and now that we have a blu-ray player it's only going to get worse.) On top of this, I had to keep pausing first because our neighbors were being DRAMATIC in the cul de sac, then [ profile] esotericscribe came over looking for costume fixings, then [ profile] avalon616 came over to be all Sexy Darth Vader at me (I'm not kidding, that's what she was dressed as.) So I got almost to the part where the movie explodes into an orgasm of OMGNAZIS and [ profile] cell23 came back with an invite to dinner and froyo with [ profile] oneforellis and [ profile] bloodandsmoke, so we all trucked down to Taco Bell (le sigh, the places I will go for my husband and friends), then to FroyoWorld, who have an amazing blood orange sorbet and a pomagranate tart flavor on tap this month. Nom.

After we got back I dashed out to Captain Video, as I was mistakenly under the impression that they closed at 9 and it was about 8:40 when I left, and I needed to return last week's DVDs. (They actually close at 11 on Saturday, good to know.) I ended up renting The Sound of Music again so I could finish it, and since it cost less to rent 5 movies than to rent 3, I also picked up Persepolis, Evita (last night's sing-along put the HUNGER in me) and blu-rays of Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin, neither of which I've managed to see yet. So, providing the electricity holds out this week, I'll be quite entertained. I've missed the experience of going to an actual video store to get movies. Its an experience not long for this world thanks to Netflix and other streaming media, but I'm rather happy to have one last holdout in which to wander through an endless forest of movie potential. It's not the same online. For one thing Netflix streaming doesn't have the bazillion hours of bonus material with their movies. ;)

Anyway, I came home and finished The Sound of Music. Man, the older I get the more douchenozzley Rolf becomes. I realize in all the bazillion times I've watched the movie it's been the same performance by Daniel Truhitte over and over again, but I swear, every single time I see it Rolf just gets worse to the point where I want to yell at Liesl for even wanting to sneak out in the rain to see him, let alone doing it. HE'S AN ASSHOLE, GIRL! HE'S GONNA TURN YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY OVER TO THE NAZIS IN ANOTHER TWO AND A HALF HOURS JUST YOU WATCH! HE'S NOT EVEN CUTE! HE'S GOT THAT KINDA HITLER YOUTH FACE YOU WANNA PUNCH! PUNCH IT GIRL PUNCH IT!

Yeah, um, come on, y'all know I'm not exactly sane.

During Ladies crafting wine and musical night and during the movie I actually got quite a bit accomplished. Apologies in advance for the crappy iPad pictures, my camera battery died and I have no earthy idea where I've put the charger for it. >_<

Bowser's hanger is all painted and mod podged finally! Instead of flat wood, he now has bright shiny 1up mushrooms. All that's left on him is installing a hook so he can actually, you know. Hang.

Well, look who made it off the loom in time for Halloween! I finally got her warp threads all woven in on one side today and so was able to finally free up the loom. About 1/3rd of the way through on her other side. I have zero idea what I'm going to do with her other than frame her, but man, its nice to see her this close to done after staring guiltily at her on her loom for over a year.

I've also begun Test #2.

This one's gonna take a bit longer than the last one because it's twice as wide, and I have other things on my plate that needed/still need to be attended to. Again, most of the point of this patch is to see if there's enough distinction between the yellow and pale lime - while I was eventually able to see the difference in the photograph from my last entry, I still can only barely see it in practice - which makes actually working with the two colors side by side a pain in the ass. We'll see how old Christopher here fares when I'm done with him.

And now it's almost 3am (again) bedtime. Tomorrow, and apparently the rest of the week, nothing but hey ho, wind and the rain. Damn you, Sandy.
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Yesterday was at times awesome, sad, uncomfortable, exciting and amusing. Overall, it was busy. Lots of running around to be done.

Anyway, gyn appointment was uneventful, and hopefully will remain so after the vaginapocalypse of 2010. (Okay it wasn't that bad. But colposcopies are a bitch and I do not want another one.) Other than the fact that he has to do uncomfortable things to my ladybits every so often I really like Dr. Patton. Also man, I tell you. You mention that your marital status has changed recently and you get entire offices of people in scrubs fawning all over your ass, if yesterday's and the day before's shenanigans were any indication. Wellp.

Aside though - I wonder what inspires a man to become a ladybits doctor this day and age? I'm not trying to be sexist here, though I'm aware there's a bit of bias coming through. I suppose there are lady urologists who get the same question. Really anyone, honestly - I just sorta want to walk up to folks and be all like "so, what was the moment you decided YES I WANT MY LIFE TO BE LOOKING AT PEOPLE'S JUNK ALL DAY EVERY DAY?"

For the record, I could never be a urologist. Don't get me wrong, I love your outdoor plumbing and what it does for me gentlemen (and a few ladies) but on the grand scale of all the beauty in the natural world, the male genitalia is maybe a notch or two above the duck billed platypus.

Also picked up my meds on my way home for the first time in... wow, almost a year now? Oh, medical insurance, you are wonderful. Hurray for being back in the land of $15 for a scrip instead of ten times that, and that's for a generic. We won't talk about my brand name gut pills.

Since I was super excited about getting my test beads yesterday I found a little change purse to slip the vials, needles and thread into and actually started/made a surprising amoount of progress on my test pattern while jumping various buses to and from the doctor. Between snatching beading time on the while, a bit during the opening acts at the concert (more on that later) and a little bit before bed, I got about four rows done.

I've gotten one more done since this morning and so far seeing the colors "in action" so to speak, I'm super in-love and excited.This is going to be an amazing project. It's also going to be a mind blowingly LONG project. At the rate I'm going, the fastest I can get a bead in is 50 seconds. Even if I get my pace up, once I get up to the full sized patterns, that's going to be 2.5 hours-ish per row. Yikes. Here's hoping my usual problems with attention don't kick in once I get started on the big project.

I haven't forgotten The Witch either. Been making myself work on casting her off this week during TV/movie watching tiem. It's slow, but it's happening. There will be pictures once I get one side off.

In supply news, I heard from Northampton Beadery yesterday. The Beadery prices are about in the neighborhood I'd expect after last week's online comparison shopping. A little on the high side, even, but you have to factor in a) no shipping b) local indie business. And I like them, so I'm okay with tossing them the occasional bead order instead of popping online to do it. (I'll keep delibeads bookmarked for emergencies - I was very impressed with their order turnaround.) However I apparently won't need to be placing any bulk orders for a bit because [ profile] harinezumi went to the fucking Miyuki FACTORY yesterday. O_o Yeah, you know what, I have awesome friends.

Midway through the day I got a text from my sister, apparently sent to all of us, reminding us all to celebrate and cherish Mom's memory. She passed away eight years ago yesterday. I had a rough few moments, but mostly of the "wow... it really has been that long" variety and not of the "I miss my Mommy" sort. I mostly shook it off and went on with my day, but it did drop my sails a little bit.

After bells, I went down to Northampton with [ profile] cell23 to see Electric Six at the Iron Horse with [ profile] omgwtfaninja and his Manzypants. I like Electric Six well enough - not enough to call myself a super fan or anything, but I've got ten or so of their songs on semi-heavy rotation on my iPod and most of the other stuff I've heard of theirs I like. Well. While the boys say it wasn't their best live show, I enjoyed them immensely and after experiencing Dick Valentine shenanigans in person, I can kinda see what is is on which [ profile] omgwtfaninja and [ profile] cell23 base their "stage personas." (Example, lol.) I was kind of expecting to not recognize most of their set seeing as I don't think I've heard any of their more recent stuff, but they decided they were going to play straight through their first album and meader around in Greatest Hits territory, so it turns out that they did seven out of ten of the songs I have of theirs and all of the ones I really like. Win. Bonus to getting to watch [ profile] cell23 and [ profile] omgwtfaninja (who really do have the most adorable bromance I've ever seen) rock out for the entire set ([ profile] cell23 has been complaining on twitter about how he isn't 20 anymore and Dick Valentine broke him) and getting to hang with the adorable Manzypants for a while. (oh, [ profile] head58, not that you read LJ anymore, but Neal says hi.) And as always I left the Iron Horse with the self-admonition that I really need to get out and see more concerts. Not only do I love that particular venue, but they have a knack for booking people I actually like. Alas, I never manage to go, for whatever reason - $$ and lazy mostly. Need to fix that. Not now, obv, but down the line. Kinda like I'm always saying I need to go to the movies more too.

Still a mindfuck to me being introduced to people as [ profile] cell23's wife. An enjoyable one, no mistake (public recognition, y'all know I love that shit), but I do wonder when and if that "Wait, what?? OH YEAH" reaction goes away.

Bah, why is it almost 1pm already? I HAVE THINGS TO DO and I haven't started any of them. >_< BAH. Oh, well, I don't need to sleep, right? :/
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Pretty sure I've posted this before. DON'T CURR. Alejandra and I have just been CACKLING MANIACALLY over this video for the last hour or so.

This thing is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Also I never noticed that she and I have identical laughs before. That's a little unnerving.
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Apparently the Beastie Boys have lost one of their number today.

Aside - whatever happened to that spot-on "Sabotage" video cut from Battlestar Galactica footage? Couldn't find it anywhere.


Apr. 5th, 2012 09:10 am
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Okay, EVERYONE mishears this as "I'M SIMON PEGG! AND I LOST MY LEG!" right?

Anyway, yes. In less than 24 hours, a caravan of Squire nerds will indeed be shipping out to Boston, not to find wooden legs, but to furiously overdose on game swag at PAXEast. Am I excited about this?

Not even a little bit.
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Ana Tijoux - "1977"

First heard: a recent episode of Breaking Bad.
My Spanish is spotty, so all I had really was the rhythm and sound of the words along with the sampling to go on. That and it went very well underneath the scene it scores.

5 more )

Just kinda amuses me how much of my "new" music comes via TV shows and ads these days.
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Old school Valley goths'll understand why I'm more likely to lose my shit and fire up ALL the industrial/synth/goth in my collection on Tuesdays. 'Course this week I've been on a synth binge since Sunday. Discovering that there's a club in the midwest somewhere dumping their old playlists onto demonoid hasn't exactly helped, nor has Pandora's industrial channel, so for the first time in a while i've had some new (to me, anyway) stuff to listen to. How the hell had I been going to Haven intermittently from '96 almost on up to its demise last year (when a club night goes to one Tuesday every 3 months, it's dead, who are we kidding) and completely missed "Annie, Would I Lie To You?" i have no idea, but it must qualify as a minor miracle.

It's funny, I have most definitely outgrown the "eyeliner! eyeliner! Interminable angst!" and "Bloody flowers and thornkisses!" bits of gothiness, but the music has definitely stuck with me. VNV Nation, Covenant, Wolfsheim, Assemblage 23 and Apoptygma Berzerk are all in my top ten groups, which, if you consider the fact that that's five bands right there, says something. Something about stompy stompy üntz üntz music just... eh, resonates is a bad word for it, but it does fit. Also it's WICKED fun to drive to. Do yourself a favor and don't be in the car with me if Das Ich's "Destillat" (specifically the VNV Nation remix) is on. The speedometer will quite probably crack 95mph, and you quite probably will die.

An interesting side effect of the goth rabies was staying up late(r) after working until damn near midnight on job #1 stuff (ugh, responsible adulthood) talking music with [ profile] cell23 after catching him singing a snatch of Beborn Beton (goth rabies is apparently highly transmissable) and being momentarily flummoxed. Cue an hour or so going through my music collection and discussing the aesthetics of groups like Front 242, London After Midnight and Einstürzende Neubauten, and how I still have a lot of unlistened-to garbage floating around from the dumping of other people's music collections over the years. (Inexplicably, I still have an album or so's worth of [ profile] morlock's ICP. Yeah, what, IDEK.) And then we got into weird/outsider music, including Wesley Willis and Songs in the Key of Z and the various out-there music that's come to my attention via various mix tapes [ profile] extrajoker and I have exchanged over the years ("She was chopping broccoli!"). It was nice - [ profile] cell23 and I tend to get lost in our own separate spheres/rooms/computers so being able to connect and giggle over common music taste was an unexpected treat.

Man, I really should do my podcast again sometime. All this blather about various and sundry just makes me want to dive right back into the Mixmeister mines.
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Theme: Zombies/Undead

No More Kings - Zombie Me
Rockapella - Zombie Jamboree
JoCo - Re: Your Brains
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting
Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine
Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash
Morgan Freeman - Bath in a Casket



Mar. 2nd, 2012 12:16 pm
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I needed the ugly yell laughs this caused.
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The weathermen have said to expect 1-4 inches of snow for the last three days. Other than a sprinkle that was gone by 10am? no snow. Temperatures dropped and errthang, but nothing fell from the sky. At least it sorta feels like winter out there - other than the freak snowstorm around Halloween we haven't really had any winter weather of note this year.... which of course means we're going to get five feet around beginning to mid-April. I'd not be surprised if we got snowed into PAX.

Anyway. So life, not much really to report at the moment. I've been fighting off a chest cold for a little over a week; today I'm ready to declare the battle lost. Mostly because I can; I'm done with today's bell performance (which went much better than previous ones) and I've got nothing planned for the rest of the day. I did want to get productive things done with the time, but considering how I feel right now, I'm declaring fuck it and reserve the right to hide in my nice warm bed with library books and the iPad relentlessly consuming media and occasionally whining pathetically at [ profile] cell23 to get me things so I don't have to move. Considering what the last couple of days have been like with regard to social, family and wedding stuff commitments, I'm not too surprised my body is all "No, seriously, bitch, lay down and rest a spell."

Course, I can't complain, other than being punctuated by coughing the past couple days had their really good moments. Friday I spent running around doing wedding shit (more about that in a separate entry because there is a LOT of blathering to be done about that) and yesterday I spent first up in Athol at [ profile] cell23's uncle's birthday brunch, and then later we went to Moti's for dinner and all I can say is oooooooh, Persian lamb stew nom nom. After that there was the Bon Appetit Burlesque's Love/Hate Show and, well, boobies. Also there is something incredibly happy about ending your day by being sassed (and then hugged) by an adorable drag queen in a wedding dress. I seriously have more than a little bit of a crush on Hors D'Oeuvres, I'm not even going to lie.

It was during the second half of the show that I (and indeed, everyone else in the audience) heard about Whitney Houston. this got long. )

Anyway. About that lying down, resting a spell and feeling miserable... Waiting to Exhale has been on my Netflix queue forever, maybe today's a good day to actually watch it.
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I have a list of songs I like to sing in general and/or have gotten reasonably good at. At least in the shower/karaoke/rock band/washing dishes/my own head.

Fuck You (Cee-Lo Green)
When You're Good to Mama (the Queen Latifah version, not the Gwen Verdon one)
Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots)
Two Points for Honesty (Guster)
Hey Big Spender (Peggy Lee)
Change (Tracy Chapman)
I Try (Macy Gray)
Jeremy/Alive (Pearl Jam)
One for my Baby (Lena Horne)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (Cass Elliot)

Bonus track: Elephant Elephant (Evelyn Evelyn)


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