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Haven't gotten much work on Vulpix done this week - hoping to fix that a bit after I post this. Seems like a good thing to do while I binge-watch Orange Is the New Black and since my hands will be occupied I won't be able to reach into the screen to strangle Piper. But I did work on a pattern for possibly my next bigger project.

Yes, it scans. (Go ahead and try if you can.*) Hopefully it still will once I bead it.

The pattern's still missing something, not sure what. Obviously I'm going for a look similar to an embroidered/cross-stitched sampler. (Hell if anyone out there wants to cross-stitch this, let me know and I'll remove the skewing I had to do to accommodate a not-quite-square bead.) I think I may just be missing a bit of texture in the QR code bits just to make it more interesting, but I'm not quite sure how to fix it. Maybe an inner drop shadow? IDK. :P

At any rate, this project is a ways off. But it will be nice not to work in five shades of puke green for a change, and also nice to have something approximating an original design to hawk, as opposed to these admittedly massively cool nerdy projects featuring copyrighted** characters.

* It says "Home Sweet Home," for those of you who can't scan QR codes. Was not kidding about the whole stereotypical sampler thing.

** ...copywritten? That's wrong, right? I keep wanting to say that instead.
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Just finished row 14. I don't know if this project is actually going faster, but it sure feels like it is. Probably has something to do with really short rows, especially in comparison to the last thing I did - 74 across as opposed to 170. So getting to see more progress after an evening's work is definitely a plus. Especially when said progress is a break in the boring stuff and finally getting to the top of Vulpix's pretty head-curls.

1064 / 4864 beads. 21.9% done!

Starting to regain my faith in humanity finally, though did have a minor setback on that front when an ad for a local market car dealer aired during the news. They apparently thought a low budgeting marketing tie-in with The Lone Ranger was a good idea and did this with some bargain basement Native American stereotyping. Because yay racism! But then after beading myself out of a GRR RAWR, watching a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black with [ profile] cell23 (unsure what I think yet, or whether I like it; giving it a few more eps to decide) and witnessing Twitter being collectively awesome I think I'm back down to the general dull roar of "well, all right, I'll shoot y'all last during the apocalypse." Mostly.

in other news, holy flaming asshair of Satan, it's hot this week. Stupid heatwave. Almost can't wait for the Vineyard next week purely because the temperature will not top 80 all next week there. Ocean air and all. Whew!
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My lord, what a week. I need to make a bigger catchup post at some point and I promised to elaborate on why the red and white = signs all over facebook and twitter a few days back made me hulk out with rage instead of being all happy YAY SOLIDARITY WHEE like it supposedly should have, but things have been kinda accelerating in the fucked up department all week and so... behind on posting. But I will say the following:

  • A happy and blessed Easter, Passover, full moon, Spring, whatever y'all observe.

  • I passed the halfway mark on the Tetris dance on Friday. Pictures and more elaborate yay bead post to follow.

  • Hospitals remain dull and nervewracking places. (I'm fine, I was visiting.)

  • Love and squee is amidst life suddenly going chaotic, your mother-in-law makes sure to tell you that the Easter bunny brought you a carrot cake. Damn.

  • In TV news...
    • Doctor Who was pleasantly devoid of suck. Oh sure, it had to Moffat a little here and there, but thankfully it was merely an eye-rolling amount of Moffatting, not a "FUCK THIS SHOW" amount.
    • GAMMATRONS TONIGHT NNNNNNNNNNGGGGFFFFFFF WINTER IS HERE. No seriously, it is. New England is in some strong denial about the officialness of Spring. But still, ridiculously excited for the new season.
    • Almost caught completely up with Lost Girl and it still fills me with delightfully frothy silly squee even if it stretches my suspension of disbelief to snapping point.

  • The plastics are down and there are cats in our windowsills again. Also [ profile] cell23 has been walking Ash. Yes, he's been walking the cat. Think about this. Ash's transition into a small overly fluffy dog continues.

  • [ profile] head58 has lent me the complete scores for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Awyiss, I have something new to amuse me during data entry. I've been meaning to musically go through the original Star Wars trilogy (and maybe the score to The Phantom Menace, one of the few redeeming qualities of that film) because the scores are practically beasts unto themselves, and I am always kind of blown away by John Williams' work, his fetishistic worship for French horn and low brass aside. Plus I need to amass things to listen to at work when my entire music collection bores me to tears. May take up an audiobook habit. (Taking recommendations for that, btw.)

That's honestly about all I've got in the life of Andee. At least the public/nonpolitical post bits.


Feb. 9th, 2013 01:49 pm
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Super Bowl had its share of annoying ads (ugh, GoDaddy...) but of particular one was a long montage of pictures/video of vintage rural Americana overlaid with a voiceover of a speech about how God made farmers.

I could see why people liked it, I guess? but I think this rebuttal from Funny or Die nailed why it rubbed me the wrong way.

Other thing of note about that ad? Blatently stolen from a youtube vid made by

Good job, Dodge.
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We close the year with a colossal fuckup, lol. Explanation in a bit. First, progress.

Sorry about the picture blurries. Still working on the light situation in my room. It's... not ideal. Also experimenting with hanging the stuff on the wall for pictures. So far not so much a success. Anycrap, its looking fine there. 'Course this is after I spent a couple hours cutting and ripping out about two rows (and almost an entire day worth of work) because in my excitement in finally reaching the top row of little musician dudes, I miscounted how many beads over the first one was supposed to be and well fuck everything about that- pretty much all the counting thereafter would have been fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. In retrospect I probably could have altered the pattern a bit to fix it, but meh, at least one rip-out is sort of inevitable in this sort of project. Now that it's done I'm okay about it, but ugh, it was PAINFUL having to tear the mistake out. Moral of story, count and recount and recount before stitching! >_<

Still happy with this project though, despite the setback and really really psyched about getting to the interesting bit of the pattern finally after nearly what, two months of work? Even having only a fraction of it done, it looks pretty awesome, and goodness knows doing this for hours on end has given me a fabulous excuse to catch up on tv series I've fallen behind on - just finished up season 2 of The Borgias, earlier I'd finally caught up with the last season of Sons of Anarchy and am about to jump into the last season of Mad Men. Still I look back on how when I started this thing and I was all "yeah, I'll totes have this done by New Years!" ha ha nope, not even close. At this rate, we're looking at April for a completion date, especially if I slow progress on this down enough to make room for some other irons I have in the fire - namely working on Guardians and Gods via the 750 words project. I'd like to get back into the habit of writing something fictional every day. Hell these days I'm even out of the habit of just writing something about my life every day, which is weird for me, but that's the way of the nets - long form social journaling is truly going the way of the dodo. Which isn't to say I won't keep doing it. But anyway. This damn story needs to get out of my head and onto "paper" and out into the world and I need to sit on my butt and make that happen.

Between rows of beads, anyway. :)

7336 / 25500
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I can't talk about Newton, CT, really - I have a jumble of layered feelings in relation to it, but I will say that I find it a little... disturbing...? that I found myself trying very hard to hide my sniffles and leaking eyeballs at Paperman/Wreck-it Ralph tonight, while earlier when [ profile] htl_1126 informed me of the death toll as of then (up to 27 dead, most of them children) I felt almost nothing other than "...again?"

I may well have turned the corner into complete sociopathy, y'all. Not okay about this level of numbness.

But positive things. Not just because I'm selfish, but because good news on a dark day is a good thing right? [ profile] cell23 took me out for a date tonight, which did all sorts of squirrely blushy things to my face and bad things to my head and other bits, seeing as he'd had to dress up for work today and left the suit on purely because he knew I'd like it. We did indeed see Wreck-It Ralph tonight and much as I expected, I loved the shit out of it. Yeah, about a month late but it meant that we sat in an empty theater while everyone else went to The Hobbit. I wouldn't know where to begin squeeing about everything I loved in that movie, all the little details and nods and winks that Disney snuck in that you'd miss if you blinked, because there were many of them, but the main thing I actually take my hat off to Disney for is that other than the gender stereotyping inherent in the licensed characters appearing in the movie, the movies was pretty refreshingly light on the gender bias. (Hell, now that I think about it, it even passes the Bechdel test.) Mainly the thing I appreciated regarding this was that the audiences' window into the player experience of the movie's world was a girl - She never gets a name, but you see her roaming the arcade trying to play everything regardless of genre, and her game of Hero's Duty leads to some... amusing commentary of game violence. But the thing that really got me was when she tried to go on to play Sugar Rush, which I swear, all the scenes set in the that game gave me diabeetus of the eyeballs, wow, she was barred by two older boys monopolizing the entire cabinet.

Seriously, in a world where I get annoyed by having to remind my MIL that her granddaughter likes LEGOs just as much as her grandsons, that consideration makes me happy.

The main consequence of this is a burning desire to shotgun all four seasons of ReBoot! the last year and a half I've actually never seen even, which is crazy to me because there was a time when that show and its awesomeness (well for 1994 - that animation, while groundbreaking at the time, didn't age well... would not say no to Mainframe Entertainment redoing the first few seasons to look more like the last one) was My Major Fannish Thing. Case in point:

BTW, greasepaint is balls.

I think one of the things that annoyed me in all the conversations, blogs and reddit posts about Wreck it Ralph is the mistaken assumption that it's the first example of something attempting to portray the video game experience "from the inside." I'm not saying ReBoot! did it better - some aspects of that show were made of laughable fail (cough, Enzo, cough). But it did present some interesting concepts that worked within its internal continuity, like games being contained in cubes that would drop on the city randomly and if the citizens trapped within couldn't defeat The User (or Player One, if you will) that section of the city contained within the game would be destroyed.

Hilariously, Disney was the cause of ReBoot! pretty much ending its run in the US, seeing as they bought ABC while it was airing and wiped out their preexisting Saturday Morning Cartoons block to make room for its own programming. Seasons 3 and 4 eventually aired on Cartoon Network, but it never got the same amount of exposure its early episodes did, which is a pity, as once they were no longer so rigidly constrained by Standards and Practices, the show went from being okay/reasonably good to OMGWTFAWESOME. Alas, no one saw it. :/

Wellp, I have a working DVD player now, and the box set at last check, was only $47. Maybe it's finally time to drop some cash on getting it. I'll save some space for Wreck It Ralph on the shelf next to it, as it deserves.
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This has been a high anxiety week for some reason and it sucks. :( It may have something to do with the amount of coffee I've been drinking lately, honestly, but the problem there is that i'm at the point of caffiene dependancy where if I don't feed the beast, the headache is murderous. Unsure at this point which is worse.

The other problem is pre-job jitters, I think. I've never had to wait this long between "here have a job" and "here's your first day." Plenty of time to get supertwitchynervous about it.

Underlying the anxious is a measure of frustration. I took a break from the Tetris Dance piece in terms of beading and poked at a side project in the meantime. I was sort of inspired by the super classy thanksgiving we had and I thought I'd try out a design for napkin rings, figuring each ring would be smaller and quicker than the bigger project. Except between super twitchy week and not really feeling the piece once I started it, it turned out to be something of a disaster. I miscaculated the size when I designed the pattern first off, so the ring was too big. And after that it was all downhill - made a major mistake in the pattern in the third row, decided to push through it... and then came to a point in the beadwork where somehow I'd added an extra bead without noticing, thus completely throwing shit off. Plus I wasn't really liking where it was going. So I called it quits about 1/3rd of the way through and went back to the other project. Perhaps at some point I'll revisit the napkin ring idea with a smaller pattern, and maybe not work on it while exciting shit is going down on Sons of Anarchy.

Oh yeah, caught up on that finally. Yeeeeeeeeegh. That show is going to a very grim place.

Anyway here's the failed ring. I know it doesn't look like anything's wrong with it, but... yeah. Trust me, I done fucked it up. You can probably spot where in the second pic if you look hard enough.

Pattern for it (and three others), BTW is here.

Problem with taking the break from the big project? Lost my momentum. I've only done 2/3rds of row 26 yesterday, and didn't touch the needle today owing to being distracted by the suddenly very important task of organizing/consolidating various picture collection. (Also laundry.) This snowballed into the monstrous chore of assembling, scanning and organizing what I have thus far in terms of wedding pictures. There are a crapton of those (last count 158), and I haven't even gotten the ones from our official photographer yet. Still, I rather love what we've gotten so far, and have put out a call for more of them from people that brought their cameras. I like having the multiple perspectives on the same event. Plus I'm on a quest - I'm hoping beyond all hope that someone caught [ profile] cell23's expression as I came down the aisle. I swear, his mouth dropped open, it was amazeballs. But so far, no one's gotten it yet.

Anyway. THE STORY THUS FAR (pretty sure the slideshow updates as more gets added):

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Still plugging away at my goodreads challenge, though the last few weeks I've shoved books aside for beading. I may have to give up and switch to audiobooks if this keeps up. Or take more bus trips. I can't bead in a moving vehicle. Well, at least not one that isn't reasonably stable. I could probably manage it on a train. But I digress. Books.

43. Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1) (LaFevers, R.L.)

44. Bossypants (Fey, Tina)

45. The Winter Sea (Kearsley, Susanna)

46. How to Be Black (Thurston, Baratunde R.)

47. River God (Ancient Egypt, #1) (Smith, Wilbur A.)

48. Ready Player One (Cline, Ernest)

49. Incarceron (Incarceron, #1) (Fisher, Catherine)

50. Summon the Keeper (Keeper's Chronicles, #1) (Huff, Tanya)

51. The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #1) (Ryan, Carrie)

52. Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1) (Bardugo, Leigh)

53. Beauty Queens (Bray, Libba)

54. The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) (Chima, Cinda Williams)

55. Going Solo (Dahl, Roald)

56. A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel (Larson, Hope based on the work by L'Engle)

57. Are You My Mother? (Bechdel, Alison)

58. Home (Morrison, Toni)

59. The Oracle's Queen (The Tamír Triad, #3) (Flewelling, Lynn)

60. Unwind (Unwind, #1) (Shusterman, Neal)

61. Lion's Blood (Lion's Blood, #1) (Barnes, Steven)

62. The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) (Lynch, Scott)

Goodreads likes to inform me that I'm 5 whole books behind right now, but this can be easily remedied by shotgunning through a few kids books next time I'm at the Jones. There are a few AG series I haven't read, for example, and they're very short.

Of the above list, all were pretty good to excellent. Of particular note, How To Be Black had me in stitches while skewering some painful racial truths, The Forest of Hands and Teeth was surprisingly terrifying for a zombie novel aimed at tweenagers, and Unwind was... HIGHLY DISTURBING to the point of giving me very bad dreams for a couple of days after I finished, but a good read none the less. The last two books on the list perhaps suffer from a little bias since I read them recently, but both Lion's Blood (an alternate history novel dissecting the American slave trade if Northern Africa had become the dominant culture instead of Europe) and The Lies of Locke Lamora (a heist/caper/revenge story set in a Renaissancey fantasy city) both came HIGHLY recommended and did not disappoint. My only criticisms of the above books would be that Beauty Queens, while damn funny at points, was sledgehammer heavy handed with its point, A Wrinkle in Time, while beautifully drawn, did not really bring anything new to the familiar story, and Home, while pretty good as a novel on its own merits, seems like a lazy forgettable effort on Toni Morrison's part; she can do so much better.

Also I just got wind that there is a new Vorkosigan book out! MUST. READ. I don't care that it's more Ivan Vorpatril than Miles. I like the dumb fuck, a him-centric book should be entertaining.


NBC: Jesus fuck, NBC what the HELL are you doing to your Thursday lineup? That said, the only show that seems to be maintaining its quirky excellence would be Parks and Recreation, which has not disappointed. It remains hysterical while both maintaining its political commentary and allowing for the growth of its ensemble. Well, except maybe for Jerry. Poor, poor Jerry. Also spoiler )

Alas, 30Rock by contrast, is definitely slipping and I'm rather glad it's ending this season, before it entirely jumps the shark. While it still once in a while gets a WTF laugh out of me ("I ordered a Black Coffee - by that I mean a Sunkist!") it's clearly past its sell-by date.

Don't get me started about the delay of Community.

BBC: Oh it HAS been a while since I made a TV post, huh? Yes, we did see the most recent half season of Doctor Who. Overall? Ehhhh. I did NOT like the finale, honestly. I loved the concept of it - New York City has enough creepy gothic statuary around that a Weeping Angel story set in the city should have been terrifying, but instead it just seemed kinda goofy in an old horror movie sort of way. "Asylum of the Daleks," by contrast, was suitably Dalek-y and the plot twists well done. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" was a fantastic bit of fun (Can I have me a Nefertiti?), and aspects of "The Power of Three" were good, namely the various talents of the Cubes and the way the month names were embedded into the scenery - a nice carryover from Sherlock, I thought. But overall... ish. The second half of series seven hopefully will be better.

The third season of Downton Abbey was a little bit less of a hot mess than the second. The series does seem to be at its best when upstairs is fretting about money and downstairs, namely Mr. Carson, is fretting about the placement of plates at dinner. I like that Edith seems to finally be getting some development besides plain, bitchy sister, someone needs to severely beat Robert about the head and shoulders with something heavy and I continue to want to nibble on a scantily clad Michelle Dockery while wanting to be the Dowager Contess when I grow up. Oh Maggie Smith, how I love you.

Other TV: [ profile] cell23 has finally managed to get me to sit down and watch through Adventure Time with him, and holy shit, this cartoon and its incredibly adorable surface masking a deeply disturbing, nightmarish reality. Not quite caught up to air yet - still have to watch season 4. But those of you who know? THE STAG HOOVES. DYEEEEAHHHGH! That's all. Also I kinda want to weight train so I can cosplay Susan Strong. Is that weird?

The most recent addition to my TV watching list is American Horror Story, which [ profile] cell23 marathoned a bit over Thanksgiving and which I caught up to over the past couple of days. Man, what. This show. We're only seven eps into season one, so no spoiling, but... yeah, there be some fucked up shit up in that show. But I'm surprised to find myself enjoying it. It seems to combine all the things I liked about Beetlejuice, The Ring, Twin Peaks, The Sixth Sense and American Gothic, which I realize is an odd amalgam of work but trust me, watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Still haven't caught up on either Mad Men or Sons of Anarchy - I may fix the latter over the next couple of days as I look for beading background noise.

Seeing as [ profile] renegadethumper and [ profile] deliriumdeva gave us the blu-ray collection of Rome for a wedding present, we're throwing a viewing party on Sunday for the first two episodes and recurring it until we get to the all too soon end of the series. It will be my fifth go through of watching it, but I love the series THAT MUCH okay. Still mad HBO cancelled it, but Game of Thrones is making up for a lot of that. Speaking of which:

Cannot. Wait.

Haven't been doing much of these owing to time and money, which sucks because there is actually stuff out already and coming out that I REALLY want to see. Wreck it Ralph. Rise of the Guardians. Life of Pi. Skyfall. The Hobbit. Les Miz. On The Road. Django Unchained. ARRRRGH. Cannot wait for this job to start so I can do at least the $5 tuesday shows again, man.

I did manage to see Lincoln, as I mentioned in my big long thanksgiving weekend post. It was an excellent bit of movie; I thought Daniel Day Lewis did a great job in making this often weirdly imposing historical figure human and relatable. However the movie, in my opinion, was completely stolen out from under him by Tommy Lee Jones, whose forceful and wickedly funny Thaddeus Stevens was a performance. I mean, Lewis made the most out of a mostly quiet and nuanced character, but I think it does get overshadowed by Jones' likeable gruff blowhard. Really, if there were more instances of calling Representatives on opposite party lines slow-witted nincompoops, I'd voluntarily watch C-SPAN.

I did come into the movie with a fair amount of bias, actually - I wasn't initially intending to see it in theaters, mostly due to various columns I had read due to its opening basically condemning the film and its subject matter as a lot of white people patting themselves on the back for abolition. Well, that's an oversimplification, but once pointed out, it is rather impossible to not see how narrow the focus is on this film and how by focusing so tightly on lincoln and several key politicians during the passage of the 13th amendment, you completely omit the contributions of others who helped get that passed, leaving the only role for black people in the movie open is that of the freed people staring adoringly up (or down, depending on shot and location) at their white saviors when in truth, black people were doing a HELL of a lot of work towards their own emancipation, thank you. It is hard to put that glaring omission aside in the course of the movie and one could argue that it shouldn't be put aside at all. At any rate, it did leave me with some conflicts regarding my own enjoyment of the film, ones that are probably important ones to have. There are other columns that have expressed this far more eloquently than I have, I direct you to Kate Masur's piece in the NY Times and Corey Robin's blog post about it.

I've been listening a LOT to's fairly new online radio station, Radio BDC. It is a good station overall, plays a lot of slightly off the beaten path alternative and generally runs screaming away from the autotune abuse that is the current pop scene. On the bad side, it does tend to shove quite a bit of Mumford and Sons down your throat. Successfully so, as I have managed to take a begrudging liking to "I Will Wait" just by dint of it getting LODGED in my head for hours on end. On the other hand other bands that tend to get heavily played over there are Metric, The Cure, New Order and Muse. Yeah, not going to protest too heavily about that.

I find myself trying to find heavy female vocal-centered groups to listen to to counteract the fact that Florence + the Machine have grown on me like a fungus. I like her stuff, but I've seen the vids for "Dog Days Are Over" and "No Light, No Light" and they plus the entirity of her new song "Kiss with a Fist" make me headsmash in the same sort of way that the multitudinous Amanda Palmer clusterfucks do. Art is seriously no excuse to not think about the imagery you're playing with, folks, fucking seriously. People have suggested Bat for Lashes to me and I've liked what I've read and heard of her so far. I also quite by accident picked up an unholy addiction to playing Grimes' Visions on loop, with special emphasis placed on "Genesis" which is a creepily catchy electronica track. I also keep meaning to check out Kimbra, as I love her vocal in "Somebody I Used to Know" (gods, is that song a personal kick to the feels), but more cause I'm curious as to if she does the weird hand dancing on everything she does. It sort of reminds me of the people that would stand in the corners of the dance floor at Haven and do flowy goth para-para instead of, well, dancing.

Also it's after thanksgiving. BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC, BITCHES. I have a feeling I'm going to be playing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" a bit this year, seeing as it's one of the few songs comfortably in [ profile] cell23's actual range and he brings the full on baritone realness to it and I turn into a small puddle. Who'da thunk I'd find lines such as "Your hearts a dead tomato squashed with moldy purple spots," so sexy... I mean, I also kinda want to jump him when he's singing the Trololololo song too. I like low ranged men, okay? sheesh. Allow me my strange twitterpations. Could be worse, I could be reading 50 Shades with no irony whatsoever. Oh, maybe I should shotgun through those too. For the lulz, of course.
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I have gotten sucked into the AAAGH MY CHILDHOOD trap of watching Sesame Street vids on Youtube due to a friend posting "my name is you" on FB and OH MAN did it go downhill from there. Captain Vegetable. The Haircut Song. The Ladybug Picnic. "One two three FOUR FIVE six seven eight NINE TEN eleven twelve." And then there are the Yip-yips.

I find it impressive that this has been making me laugh nigh unto peeing myself for more than 30 years at this point. Seriously, the blue one goes "OHHHH! Chicken!" and I just lose my ever loving shit. Jim Henson, man.

In other notable news, I had dinner with [ profile] htl_1126 tonight at the Hangar, which essentially is like us going to church to catch us some boneless chicken Jesus and we hadn't done it in a while. So much food, oh god. And endless "ha ha I'm drinking for 3" jokes. So glad to see her though - way too long!
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Apparently the first two eps of Avatar: Legend of Korra are available on iTunes, or at least that was the explanation [ profile] cell23 gave me for how it magical evil internet mind forced its way onto my iPad and thus onto Monstervision.

Y'all. Y'all. Somewhere in some obscure file is a document outlining the limits to how much ass can be kicked inand by a kids' cartoon and another one explaining just by how far Legend of Korra surpassed them.

Seriously, I'm all over here like

quick thoughts, cut for possible spoilery goodness )

One bonus was that [ profile] cell23 enjoyed it as well, which was a nice surprise considering how ehhhhh he is on A:TLA, but it makes sense once he pointed out that Shaolin steampunk was kind of awesome and also that the vaguely 1930s-ish urban setting of A:LOK is very much golden age /birth of the superhero i can kinda see why this series would appeal to him more than the mythic journey to save the world setting of A:TLA.

I almost feel like A:LOK is aiming for an older audience this time around. While the animation style and the slapstick are still intact from the previous series, i feel like the series has matured, and not just because Korra is clearly a few years older than Aang was and is more her own person at the beginning of the show, where Aang and his buddies were still pretty much kids struggling to find themselves oer the course of their journey. There is also a sense of underlying grittiness to the setting which i hope to see more of... And i like the idea that Hooray, the world's been saved, now what? Worlds don't stay saved forever, alas. Which is why i kinda like [ profile] cell23's idea that this is going to be more of a superhero tale than a "traditional" legend.

ANYWAY. Tl;dr, Legend of Korra is pretty much as awesome as it was promised to be.
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Ana Tijoux - "1977"

First heard: a recent episode of Breaking Bad.
My Spanish is spotty, so all I had really was the rhythm and sound of the words along with the sampling to go on. That and it went very well underneath the scene it scores.

5 more )

Just kinda amuses me how much of my "new" music comes via TV shows and ads these days.
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Haven't done a consumable media post in a while, eh?

Things I need to catch up with:
  • the last season of Sons of Anarchy. I started it, stalled out.

  • Mad Men. Haven't watched the last couple weeks yet.

  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I liked the 10 eps I watched. Haven't gotten around the rest yet.

  • Beavis and Butthead. I missed a few eps of this, keep meaning to head back and catch them. I really enjoyed what I've seen of the reboot.

Things I HAVE been watching:

30Rock seems to have taken a hard left this season, and I can't exactly pinpoint what all is different and whether I like it or not. There are aspects I enjoy - much less Tracy Morgan, Kenneth trying to survive outside of the Page program, KIRSTEN SCHAAL (even if her character frightens me) but... hm. The rest of it seems like it's flailing towards something else and not quite getting there.

Community HAS RETURNED AND IT IS AWESOME. That and I always enjoy John Goodman in whatever he does.

Parks and Rec is on hiatus right now, and I miss it. It was one of those shows that I wasn't sure about whether I liked or not initially, since when it started ALL of the characters irritated the shit out of me except for Ron Swanson. With the exception of Anne and Tom, the rest of the cast has grown on me and I've gotten rather invested in Leslie's campaign for City Council while still trying to manage her team of amiable doofuses at the P&R department. So... we'll see when that comes back.

Law and Order: SVU: still quietly mourning the lost of my Meloni-meat, but I admit, liking the fact that Olivia now has a someone she can, well, knock boots with in a requited fashion. I wasn't sure about the new additions to the cast - while the blonde and her poor-me, I gamble problem is pretty forgettable, I like Detective Muro and my OMG is my deployed wife cheating on me?? angst a lot.

Have not managed to get into Downton Abbey yet. It will happen, my unrequited Maggie Smith love will not be denied, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Black Books: we're almost through this one on Netflix. Oh Bill Bailey, I knew there were more reasons to love you besides "Love Song."

RuPaul's Drag Race: I've watched seasons 2 and 3 and have backtracked to season 1. While I enjoy the silly bitchy camp of it all, there is something about how drag/gay culture, plus gender and its expression is portrayed here that I find vaguely not okay. It may be the current of misogyny/transphobia that runs under the show at all times, which is more than a little interesting considering it's a contest between 13 men over who can dress up and act like a woman the best. What. I'm sure there's an essay in there, but it's for someone a little more versed in the issue to write. Meanwhile I'm enjoying it, both as entertainment and also as research, as my character for [ profile] verbena76's Vampire game is a Russian Tzimisce drag queen (damn! I meant to find Paris is Burning... later), but with that undercurrent of yick running through it. IDK.

Breaking Bad: [ profile] cell23 and I are well into Season 4... man, this show. I think the best summary of watching this character blunder and flail through the show is "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Looking forward to how they wrap Walter White's messy little life up at the end of season 5, which is supposed to be the final one.

I will note that once someone pointed out that Giancarlo Esposito played Buggin Out in Do The Right Thing it's been very difficult to unsee it, despite him being older and the two characters being vastly different. This has led to more than one inappropriately timed quip of why there are no black people on the walls of Los Pollos Hermanos.

Another note? I love the camera work on this show; it tends to get out there and experimental from episode to episode but it's always effective in conveying the mood of any particular scene, trademarks being showing the view from various household appliances or inside objects (looking up at a character from the bottom of a boiling pot of water was one of my favorites), and occasionally mounting the camera on an unusual place or a strange angle, like last week when there was a camera attached to the blade of a shovel slung over a character's shoulder.

Last note, the soundtrack is fantastic. There isn't an overwhelming use of music, but when it is used, the choices are pretty amazing. There is one episode that introduces The Plot Thus Far via mariachi band, which is just... funny.

Game of Thrones: Wellp, Season 2 has started. Ooog. HBO has its work cut out for them - in addition to having to keep up with the characters established last season that we've gotten to actually care about, it's introducing about fifty bazillion more. Even having read the book, if I hadn't read all the stuff leading up to the premiere, I would have been all "wait what? who the fuck is that? Back up, I'm lost." Sunday's ep was pretty much a continuation of the "Here's what happened last season" summary at the beginning of the show, more of a "here's what's happened in the meantime, oh and fifty bazillion more characters for you to keep track of." Overall, slow confusing start. But hopefully since they've spent the first hour establishing everyone (well, almost), the next few eps'll get a bit meatier and more exciting. Meantime it's fun cackling over non-book fans speculating wildly about who these people are and what's going to happen next. UR TEARS, LET ME TASTE THEM.

That's pretty much it.


Mar. 14th, 2012 11:07 am
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Temperatures for the next little while are expected to stay between 60 and 70 F. There are peeper frogs out at night. The cat is going more apeshit than usual and spends hours either at the open back patio door or in the newly de-plasticked living room window. Or trying to make a break for it when we open doors. Expecting her to resume her rocket powered charge through the patio screen at any moment.

Met with Lesley Arak last night to talk wedding photography. Have some lists to make.

It's pi(e) day. I don't think I will get any tasty pie today, but it's only 10:30am, who knows what lovelies the day might bring.

I took a mental health day yesterday to rest up and deal with the brain weather, though that was quickly explained by the onset of ladytimes. Feh. Thankfully the cramp fairy has the month off, but her spot seems to be filled by the EAT EVERYTHING fairy. I tell you what, this whole having an appetite thing is awful. I just want to eat ALL THE THINGS all the time. I would appreciate a happy medium between pig out and nonconsensual fast.

I baked cheddar biscuits though. Nom nom nom.

Anyway, the brain weather seems to have settled a little bit, though I clearly still have some ex-related angries that need to be either put to bed once and for all (not likely) or cheerfully beaten back into their little boxes until later (probable). No real point to stressing myself about it until I find some way back onto my wellbutrin.

Somehow after swearing that I wouldn't freelance anymore I found myself helping one of the campus cops with his photography web site after work on Monday. Oh well. Extra money is never a bad thing.

I have a date tonight with CuteGirl - we are seeing The Artist. We'll see how I do w/r/t terrified lesbian sheep tendencies.

Still struggling with creative projects and the actual working on of them.

I have accidentally an aloe plant. One of the techs upstairs was putting this pot of aloe shoots out with a "TAKE ME HOME" so I was all what the hell, I used to be really good at growing aloes. Actually I have to get cracking on this year's gardening projects. Now that it's warming up I need to empty out and wash out last year's pots and decide what things I want to grow besides tomatoes. Also repot Spidey, he's looking a little sad.

[ profile] cell23 and I are into the fourth season of Breaking Bad now. OMG this show. I can't even.

I have also broken my resolution to only have three books out from the library at a time. I met Lesley at the Jones last night and the temptation was just too great. Right now I have parts 3 & 4 out from Bujold's Sharing Knife series, Justine Larbalestier's Liar, Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest*, and Justin Cronin's The Passage out right now. Also reading Stolen continents : the Americas through Indian eyes since 1492. Occasionally I have to break up all the YA and fantasy stuff, and this book so far is pretty good. *sigh* because I really have oodles of time to read. Feh.

I feel like I need to use the time between now and PAX hermited up until I get more stuff finished, or at least until I feel like I have. Except the damn weather's all COME OUTSIDE AND SPEND TIME IN ME. I suppose I ought to enjoy these precious few days of springtime before the trees all wake up and start filling the air with their abominable itchy fornications.

* intrigued, as this series seems to have the same cover artist as the first three Kushiel books.
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Little less exhausted now, lol.

I started yesterday morning by sending [ profile] cell23 off to his 24 hour D&D adventure with the usual suspects at the Fortress of Atramoria, then finished up both my hair and the second season of Luther. Mmmm, Idris Elba... *drool* I am no longer unkempt; my hair is now shot with threads of a glorious cherry cola fire type dye lot, though this time it was definitely a case of the color being pretty over the yarn being easy to work with. Lighter, softer yarn = smaller twists = more time. Ow, my hands. I really need to just stick to worsted weight, no matter how pretty the color.

Yes, I took a picture. I don't particularly like it, but hey it was taken at 2am after a fun but exhausting night, bite me. (The one on my facebook is better.)

Dear gods, I have a giant forehead. I think actually that qualifies as a sixhead, actually. Really need to stop yanking my hair back in between yarn stages I think. Also, my actual hair has gotten all kinds of long. I usually don't tie off the yarn until a half inch or so after my actual hair stops when doing this, and so now the twisty parts of my hair fall a bit past the shoulders now. I still can't wrap my mind around the idea of my hair actually growing without snapping off into split end hell around my chin, but I'll take it.

As an aside, if anyone out there (and this better be all of you) is a Muppet fan? Even if, like me, you hate Elmo with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, check out the Kevin Clash documentary on netflix, Being Elmo. It's great. You may even cry.

After hurr was done, I met up with [ profile] aersi for skirt shopping adventures, which were fairly short in the end because I found a perfectly fluttery, too-short skirt for burlesque at Goodwill, which was the first place we stopped. I found a more respectable work/interview skirt as well. I'm weirdly elated that from the waist down I'm still comfortably fitting into L sizes. There are limits as to how tiny I can get and still retain my sanity, plus I LIKE having a booty, thank you! After that we hit up Old Navy and then went to McD's to indulge a mutual mcnugget and shake craving and also so [ profile] aersi could get herself the My Little Pony happy meal toys. I swear, pony fandom has completely eaten my friends list, lol. (It is an adorable cartoon for the most part.) We also drove up into the wilds of Deerfield in search of the Bridal Barn*, since they also carry my dress brand and I wanted to comparison shop. Fleh, $200 more. Course, 200 more vs driving all the way ass down to CT. *whine* decisions. Oh well. It wasn't an entirely unfruitful trip - I now have a business card with swatches of my wedding colors stapled to it, and [ profile] aersi and I spent about half an hour alternately squeeing, giggling, and recoiling at various tuxedo styles. Man, I tell you what, Western tux styles. Yeah, I got nothin'.**

Caught a nap, overslept, then hauled somewhat scantily clad ass to Northampton to kitten/"whore" at Bon Appetit Burlesque, which was just as much if not more fun than just attending the show. Basically the MC, Hors D'oeuvres‡ has "Hors Whores" that set up props for each performer and clean up the stage between acts as well as occasionally help the performers out if they need it while they're on stage. Backstage? It's pretty much stage managing, which I haven't done since high school drama and wellp, I found out that I actually miss the backstage theater running around shit. (There are reasons why Noises Off is one of my favorite plays.)

While running around in extremely impractical boots (yes the same ones I posted earlier - dear gods, my feet today!) I got to fangirl squee all over my favorite performers, including Dot Mitzvah and Nikki LeVillain, help out with a couple of acts, buy drinks for Hors, and freak out all over the cue and stage setup books. At the same time, while most of the squirekids were either held up at home due to Sunday work commitments‡‡ or the 24 hour D&D session†, this was one of those shows where I saw a crapton of people I don't usually see, so there were drinks bought for me by [ profile] grinninfoole, squee and hugs from Hobiecat Kitzmiller, and best of all, a completely unexpected appearance by The Cute Girl. (leather jacket? fishnets? yes please!)†† I also made a little bit of money - didn't realize kittens got a cut of the tip buckets, so that was a bonus. I helped run around and clean up after the show and drove home, enjoying the now-rare luxury of a nearly deserted I91 and some good music on the radio.

I overslept a bit again this morning and had to rocket out the door to make bell rehearsal on time. We sounded good, even if I picked up the wrong bell right at the end of our piece (D'oh!) and then I came home and crawled back into bed with an unconscious [ profile] cell23, where we slept in until 3 instead of doing the running around we'd planned. *womp womp* Oh well. Sometimes decadently lazy Sundays are needed.

tl;dr, it's been something of an excellent weekend. And WTF 6:30 and still being daylight out? This better not mean it's pitch black at 6am again, damn it...

* which I unfortunately conflate in my head with the Bedding Barn. That makes interesting imagery, let me tell you.

** Also zoot suit styles. You know, in case your ideal wedding is a recreation of the Smooth Criminal video, in which case I say your wedding is invalid unless you can get your entire party to do this.

‡ Pronounced kind of like if you were saying "Whores Divorce" in a very snooty Park Avenue accent.

‡‡ Though consider, one of the guys from Sirlesque not only had to drive back to Boston after the show (and I know they didn't hit the road until a bit after midnight), he had to be at work at 5am the following morning. That is some dedication to the craft for you.

† I may have to sit down and compile a post of tweets from that - they were wheeze inducing, especially starting around hour 13.

†† *shifty eyes* we may have a date to see The Artist on Wednesday night. Eeeep! Also I need to find more footnote symbols. Or just number the damn things next time.
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...when you realize how much of your fragile little psyche was shaped in childhood by commercials? Yep, had one of those this morning when I put The Preciousssss on random at work and Bobby Darin singing "Mack the Knife" came up near the top of the list.

"Mack the Knife" is a pretty awesome song. It's kind of a gateway drug into the messed up little world of Bertolt Brecht, if you're inclined towards interesting pockets of music geekery and not so much into pop/jazz standards of the early sixties. The problem is that if your brain was at a certain stage of malleability/development around 1989 (which mine was) and you watched probably too much TV than the experts deemed healthy at the time, this is probably the first thing you think of when you hear it:

A big scary moon face wearing sunglasses that's only slightly less creepy than the Burger King. Who can't lip synch to save his life. (RuPaul would be telling him to sashay away after three bars.)

I have similar problems with Beethoven's "Für Elise" because of yet another steller ad from Mickey D's.

I still know every single one of these words. There's a fleeting wish for a little brother included with that so I could spitefully deny him french fries. Hands off, they're mine, all mine ALL MINE!!!!!

Well, I suppose I have [ profile] cell23 now, but he buys his own goddamn fries.

You know what else I still know all the words to after all these damn years?

Man, the McDLT, talk about taking a person back. :P I remember having the little plastic record of this back in the day and thinking it was just CRAZINESS that they could etch things on a skinny strip of vinyl and your record player would totally PLAY THEM. CDs were still expensive space tech at the time.

I suppose a greater comment about the impact of advertising on children can be made here considering how far up into the delicate nooks and crannies of my brain the ads from one company in particular (and one pushing fast food at that) have lodged themselves and remain long after I've grown up, but I'm not making it right now. Instead I just amusedly shake my head (and my fist) at how McDonalds has warped my fragile little mind and to some extent my music taste.

I will note, however, that I now have a POWERFUL craving for McNuggets.


Jan. 17th, 2012 10:11 am
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So during Morgan Freeman's Cecil B. DeMille award montage on Sunday's Golden Globes, they sneaked in a clip from his stint on The Electric Company:

NEGL, I let out this sound that was somewhere between a scream, a giggle and a squee. I totally remembered this song, even though I was probably a little younger than I was in the icon the last time I saw it.

Okay, the awesome that is Morgan Freeman aside (and no, no one was tickled, damn it) what the hell was with children's educational programming in the 70s and the whole vampire thing? was there a study conducted that showed little kids learn better if the lesson is delivered in mock-Transylvanian? Or, like everything else, should we stick to blaming drugs?
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I've been sort of working on this post on and off on my iPod for months now; it was getting ridiculous. So in no particular order, what have I been watching lately?

Torchwood: Miracle Day
Well, at least there was Barrowman Booty. )

True Blood
having been driven utterly batty by the events of Harry Potter, Aunt Petunia crosses the pond, adopts several accents and suddenly gets all hardcore badass with the witchery. )

Doctor Who
not exactly spoilery but cut anyway. )

Watched the first season of this on Netflix. I love me some Louis CK but oooh, this show. It's funny, don't get me wrong, but it's funny in a relentlessly and brutally punching you in the too-close-to-home spots so that you laugh to keep from curling up in a fetal ball and devouring pints of ice cream. Not for the faint of heart or sanity, for sure.

Side note: [ profile] cell23 pretty much recreated the route Louie walks in the opening titles while we were in NY just for shits and giggles. Also to see if anyone good was playing the Comedy Cellar that night.

Breaking Bad
I was not actually expecting to like this show, but after [ profile] cell23 and I tried the pilot out on Netflix I'm kinda hooked. Though I hope Bryan Cranston's resemblance to Edward James Olmos stops twigging me; my brain kept supplying Stand and Deliver and BSG jokes throughout the episode.

Sons of Anarchy
This season lost my attention at episode 5; I'll get back to it at some point. Somehow club internal drama and Juice's contrived racial angst wasn't quite doing it for me... Which sucks because the season opener was jaw dropping, followed by four episodes of ho hum. Feh.

...should run away from home and become a pirate king more often. Just sayin.

Beavis and Butthead
FIRE! FIRE! Heh heh heh heh cool )

Thundercats/My Little Pony
Yes, as you all know i've hopped the pony bandwagon. I'm shocked at myself. But i wasm't really expecting much out of the reboots of either of these cartoons and have been pleasantly surprised by both. Need to finish up both series (thus far) but liking what I've seen.

Look out! Blogons! )

Whew, does that cover everything? I think so.
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It seems I only had spoons and brainspace for the cooking bits of my aspirations for this weekend, but that's okay. After the frenzy of chopping and cooking tornadodom early yesterday afternoon I seemed to need the downtime and rest while stuff was actually doing the whole cooking thing, so I have no real regrets other than the usual nagging "I have to work tomorrow and the house is a mess and I haven't gotten anything done!" litanies, and since the last item is blatantly untrue (WTF, brain, were you absent all weekend?) and the house is actually better looking than usual owing to [ profile] cell23 and I cleaning the kitchen, picking up around the living room and getting the bags of recycling out of the house yesterday, I'm cheerfully ignoring the little voices and resting on my laurels.

The tomato sauce came out the pot this morning after seventeen hours of cooking (!) and was quite yummy, though had more of a chili note than a pasta sauce underpinning to the taste. More wine, garlic and sugar needed I think. A jar of it is in the fridge in anticipation of a pasta night later this week (maybe) and several containers of it are in the freezer. I then cleaned out the pot and filled it with the split pea soup components I'd assembled yesterday, three large smoked pork neck bones (yeah yeah, insert your favorite southern black stereotype here) and a couple quarts of chicken stock; eight hours later there was some seriously delicious soup waiting to be boxed up and frozen for lunch. That came out perfect - other than swapping out turkey neck for pork, it tastes pretty much exactly like Ruthy's. (Maybe better, but don't tell her that! Or Dad for that matter!) Even dinner last night was damn tasty, being my usual OJ chicken fancy dinner standby, and I think I've finally solved the dilemma of getting the gravy for that to thicken up in a reasonable amount of time (how long have I been making that? five years? sheesh) and since I made a whole tray of breasts a couple of those are portioned out and boxed up for lunch too. My goal really is to quit nickel and diming money on food, be it lunches, dinners or snacks; it adds up alarmingly fast (I do like to eat when intestinal drama permits it) and when I do the math at least 3/4s of where my money disappears is down my throat. (shut up.) Need to cut that shit out if I'm ever going to a) save b) pay down anything. Hopefully between the split pea and the potato leek soup, the chicken and pasta, I'll get that in better control, at least for the next couple weeks.

Still need to figure out what I'm going to do with the last few tomatoes, cause I need to do something and no bites on anyone possibly taking them. I ended up freezing the carrot greens; maybe I'll just blanch, puree and freeze for later? I suddenly wish I'd paid attention when Carole was teaching herself to can vegetables. :/ A project for next summer maybe, depending on whether I decide to do the whole tomato vines in pots thing again. Also kinda wish I had a juicer.

I wasn't cooking QUITE the whole time this weekend - [ profile] cell23, [ profile] deliriumdeva and I did make a trip down to the diner late last night for coffee and light fare and shooting the shit with [ profile] lysscat, which there was plenty of because the diner was dead for a Saturday. You guys, there's this Greek coffee frappe on the menu that not only is delicious, but had so much caffeine that I was sorta seeing funny auras around stuff after drinking half of it. *chuckle* not that [ profile] lysscat didn't try to warn me that I'd probably start vibrating after drinking one, but at the time that seemed like more of a recommendation than a deterrent. Still is. Whee.

Speaking of interesting effects on brain chemistry, I am current buzzed nigh unto tipsy; in celebration of getting a prodigious amount of slow cooked stuff done, I cracked open one of the licor43 nips and had that celebratory cocktail I'd been craving since first having this stuff at Christmas. And oh.... dear fates, it's just as good as I remember. And as potent. I now know why two glasses at Stanley's had me more than a little wobbly for a while - this sweet sneaky shit is 62 proof, which is murder to a lightweight like me and yeah, I notice that my already miniscule tolerance to alcohol has vanished along with my weight so I'm being good and only having one tonight. I'll save the other nip for when I need a treat with a punch.

[ profile] cell23 seems to be on a "so many drugs were involved in the making of this movie" jag on Netflix - over the past few days I've sat through most of both Hunter S. Thompson movies (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Where the Buffalo Roam) and today, Cannibal; the Musical. (I don't necessarily blame drugs for that one - Trey Parker and Matt Stone kind of naturally excrete crack into their bloodstream from some gland or another.) Also rewatched Hot Tub Time Machine, since cell23 had never seen it and it's just amiably silly enough to survive a second watching a year or so later. Currently behind on all of my TV watching other than Doctor Who. Still need to make a media consumption post at some point. Argh.

I think right now I need to eat something to soak some of the Cuarenta y Tres out of my blood though.


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